xbox game pass ultimate free redeem code

xbox game pass ultimate free redeem code
xbox game pass ultimate free redeem code
yo what’s going on YouTube today xbox game pass ultimate free redeem code I’m going to show you guys how to get the Xbox game pass completely for free this is not going to be a trial this is going to be basically a six-month code that you guys can use on the Xbox game pass I got this on PC but it works on um XBox as well basically what you can do is go and get like any game you want so you want for or Motorsport basically just come over here instead of buying it okay you literally just come over here and it should say install press install and
then you get the game for free install it so I’m going to show you guys how to do this don’t pay for this you’re going to save yourself basically $10 to $15 per month with this method and by the end of the video you’re going to get it all righty guys I’m let’s start the video all right guys let’s show you guys exactly how to do this what you want to do is get on one of these as you guys can see I’m screen sharing um iPhone Android doesn’t really matter and we’re going to be able to get this um 6 Monon
Xbox game Pass coupon and I’m going to show you how to do it so head over to this website here it’s called devil so you spell it d v i l c u p typee that into the address bar should look like this guys and just type into the search bar just type in Xbox game pass and you’re going to see Xbox game pass free codes just tap on that and what it’s going to do is load to this page and this is where you’re going to get the six-month coupon code for your Xbox game pass so what you want to
do is go ahead and press Show game code and as you guys can see the code here is is actually locked so what we’re going to do is unlock the code and I’m going to show you exactly how to do that right now so simply just press unlock code wait for this it’s going to be look a bit weird but just wait for it to load guys should be all good all righty so once that’s loaded it’s going to take you to this page like I said um and there’s going to be a list of things here you need to do so there’s
going to be um three of these codes you need to go ahead and unlock I mean three of these things you need to get in order to unlock the code um so there’s ones here like Tik toks you just go ahead and get Tik Tok it’s like I said it’s super easy um and if you’ve already got Tik Tok don’t obviously do Tik Tok um but this is just one that you can do right now so let’s go ahead and do this one right now okay we’ll get that one cool now these are going to have some instructions like this one says
  • family is reach level 10 um so you’re going to want to go ahead and actually do
  • that and complete that guys so let’s go ahead and get this family Island one now
  • like I said the they have instructions so you need to complete them in order for you
  • to actually do this um so I’m just going to update that um so I’ve already got it
  • downloaded so wait for this to start and like I said you want to do at least three of
  • these guys for this to work um and let’s do Travel Town let’s do that one up there
like I said it needs you need it this one wanted us to get level 9 in travel town so in order to save some time guys I’m actually going to go and complete these and skip that for you um because it will take about 10 minutes but you are getting about $60 worth of Xbox game pass for about 10 minutes 10 to 15 minutes of work depends how long you do it but it is completely for free so what I’m going to do guys is I’m going to wait for these to finish downloading and installing I’m going to come back to you

xbox game pass ultimate free redeem code
xbox game pass ultimate free redeem code
guys in about yeah 10 minutes or so once I’ve completed all these so stay tuned all right guys so we’ve gone ahead and completed all of those didn’t take too long what we’re going to do now is head back to Safari and I’m going to type back to devil coupons so I’m going to typee it in d e v i l c o u c o u p o NS and now that we’ve completed all those what we should do go to the search bar type in Xbox game pass and we should now have all those coupon codes actually unlocked so I’m going to go here press
Show game code and there it is there so we can go ahead and redeem this code this will actually now redeem on the Microsoft store these guys only have one time only um so go in and make sure you guys are going ahead and getting this code um it is very very important guys um so I’m going to get redeem this for another 6 months I don’t know how many codes are going to be left by the time you’re watching this but go check this out guys free Xbox game pass no credit card no trial just like that thanks so much for

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