Trailer GTA 6 Rockstar games

Rockstar Games Gta 6 Trailer leak
Rockstar Games Gta 6 Trailer leak

Trailer GTA 6 Rockstar games

What’s Up Everybody and Welcome trailer gta 6 rockstar games Back to Another Video So Guy Finally the time has come, people have been waiting for this day for thousands of years, meaning it had reached to such an extent that people thought that this day would never come but then Guys that day has come today is GTA 6 day finally today after 10 122 years we are getting GTA 6 I mean not getting GTA 6 for a second GTA 6 is not launched but today we got to see the first trailer of GTA 6 And Shit Can You Believe It GTA 6 Brother has become a meme, I am telling you the truth, it has reached such a point that I

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Had expected GTA 6 to come after 1012 years, meaning GTA 6 will not be played by me, but my children will play But Then Guys, today at 7:30 pm the first trailer of GTA 6 is going to come and man I am very excited because if you guys don’t know. I’ve played a lot of GTA in my life, meaning I probably haven’t played GTA 5 that much in the videos, but I’ve played ass thuff a GTA a lot in my life, I’ve played a lot since I was a kid, GTA 3, GTA Y City, San Andreas, GTA 4, GTA 5, everything. Have played and I like till now or that time when the trailer of GTA 5 came and I sat and watched it.
youtube0 It must have been a long time ago, I thought I was at that time in 11 standard and today that thing is going to be back with me so guys what are we going to do today we are going to experience the complete history of GTA so today we are going to do GTA 6. Before watching the trailer, I want to watch all the GTA trailers. I will start with 1997 GTA 1. When GTA 1 was launched, I was 3 years old and I think whenever its trailer came, I was even younger so I played GTA 1 that type. I haven’t played it but I played it later to experience GT 1 so now

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Let’s go and watch the trailer of GTA 1. Okay so this is the trailer of GTA and if you have played GTA and then GTA and was in top down view. Our 3D world was in GTA and not in Aayi Ban Vot Zamane Mein 3D was in very few games and GTA. Like open word 3d games so I think I think there was no game that time pe aisa oh brother I mean there is nothing in the trailer just vehicles moving police running speed speed yes these people are telling that you can speed in this game You can play and this character of GT 1 is not good, he changes clothes, oh shut up, I thought he was a blue colored character, so I thought he was from GTA.
YCD’s Tommy is but no he changed his clothes o o here’s the rocket of a game lame shit I can’t imagine guys in 1997 if you are getting such a game then I don’t know I mean I don’t know exactly how it is in those times boss I am in that Didn’t play games on type button, I think so it was very advanced for that time, that means it is literally open world, you can do anything, see, open world games have become very common these days, but then in that time, that means in that time. I mean, in my childhood, when I was young, open world games were such a dangerous thing.

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You used to ask like this, brother, do you know any open world game, then there is nothing in the trailer of GTA and GTA. In the trailer of GTA and GTA, these people just played such a loud music in the background and just showed a little game play like this and Its name was just Grand Theft Auto, so in that context, obviously this was the first GTA game, so there was no need to call it GTA Vat, it was just Grand Theft Auto, so now we are going to move ahead and in 1998, GTA came. 2 And at that time I was 3 years old Oh one second shit if I was 3 years old in 1997 I was 3 years old in 1998
How about guys my match is very bad I think I was 2 years old in 1990 7 and when GTA 2 came then I was 3 years old oh this is dangerous man I mean GTA 1 came in 1997 GTA 2 came in 1998 People are the children of those times What was the fun, man, we are being scammed. Our GTA 5 was released in 2013 and GTA 6 is being announced in 2023. The game is not even being released. They are saying empty words that our next GTA game will come. It’s going to be after 10 years and in that era, look at two GTA games in two years. Alright guys, this is the trailer of GTA 2. So brother, how much is the game play in GTA?
The logo of the game has changed in the beginning. A love Rockstar Games came here for the first time and the game came here, I don’t know, I don’t know and this is the studio which Rockstar bought and made Rockstar North. These people used to work on GTA. DM I Think o New York City one second, what kind of game’s trailer is this, hey the trailer of a game is of a movie, oh brother realistic game play oh my God people are saying that GTA 6 will be realistic, look, GT was ahead of the times in 1998, so realistic means a very real life game. Play this game and you can’t tell the difference between whether it is real or fake.

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Brother, the car also had a sunroof. Guys, I’m surprised. Some more realistic graphics have been made. One thing to check is this GT [Music] Is it GT? Brother, the guy in the ad says GTA 2, look at these graphics are much better than GTA 5. Exactly my point is this. And we feel that the graphics of GTA 6 will be good, look at GT2, what are the graphics, but one second, one second, one second, before you guys get scammed, let me tell you, this is the game of that era in which games They used to sell it like this, meaning if you look at the box of the game, you will see a brother in the box.
Seeing that dangerous box, you will say what a dangerous game it is and when you take out the CD from the box and put it inside the computer, install the game from the CD and run the game, then you are completely ruined. So if you go to the shop to buy GTA 2 in 1998. So you will see a box like this, but after installing the game, when you run it, this is the game GT 2, this is the game with very realistic graphics and I mean the graphics are much better than GT 2, but it is just sketched in the trailer. Friend, in those times literally this would have happened, I mean, it has happened to me too, I was in a bachan shop.
Omi had gone with my father and after seeing such a cover photo of a game, I thought, brother, what a dangerous game, what a realistic game, the guns are looking dangerous, the guys are looking dangerous and I bought that game crying and then As soon as I came home, I installed the game, I also don’t remember the name of the game, Badwa game, literally, it was such a rubbish game, it meant a very rubbish game, it meant rubbish, it meant how rubbish it was, it was completely rotten and dirty, it meant someone. It was such a dirty game, it was such a dirty game, it was such a dirty game, it was the only game I ever played.
No and this thing should not reach my parents because they thought at that time that brother, that game is very good and that game was actually expensive too, so now we are going to move ahead in 2001, 1999, 2000, 2001, this time next. It took 3 years to launch the game. Rockstar showed its mettle by taking 3 years to launch GTA 3 and Rockstar is still following the same tradition. At that time it took 3 years, now it has taken 10 years and I feel like GTA 7. It will come after at least 20-25 years, meaning if we think that GTA 6 will come in 2025, then GTA 7 will come in 2050.

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Will come and then I will be 50 years old Rockstar please bring Larat from GTA as soon as possible So now moving towards GTA 3 and this GTA game I have played a lot in my childhood Okay so in GT 3 we will go to Liberty City Rockstar Games Presents [Music] Oh brother, I still remember what terrible graphics this game put on me at one time, meaning if I tell you honestly, first I had played GTA YCD, then I had played GTA 3, so GTA Y Sati and GTA 3 means hold on, I played it simultaneously. Have played and in those days when I had these graphics, my mind was so fast
I was very excited to do it because before this I had only played Microsoft’s games, so in comparison to all of them, this is an actual 3D game. In this game, you can go anywhere as per your wish by hitting left. I think the new gamers these days are fond of this game. Open world thing is taken very lightly but what was it in those times, you go wherever you feel like, you have to hit left, you hit left, you hit right, you hit right, you don’t have to do missions, you don’t do it. Do this for me you be a maiden anything you want oh brother this man I think this is the first GTA
It was a 3D game and man, I honestly don’t know, at that time I was about seven years old, I was five or six years old, but I don’t remember it, but I played it after some six years, so I remember that one for me. So this game was very dangerous, I definitely think that when the trailer of this game came, when this game was announced by GTA, then only those who will download it, this game does not mean that it will break the minds of people in such a way that on time. And this is Grund Thuff 3 Alright Guy so now we’re gonna move on to 2002 one second from 1998 to the next game
I didn’t spend a year, then just a year after 2001, the next game came, Rockstar, what is this happening, it means guys, GTA 7 can come in 2026, no, I am kidding, it will never come like this, so in 2002, GTA Vice City came and This is a game which I think everyone has played and everyone has played this game a lot. This game was the first GTA game in my life and as I told earlier, I was crazy after playing this game. My brain exploded like this. I asked what game is this? So let’s go and watch the trailer of GTA Wa. Oho Miami GTA Wa City and this is this this is this same.
Suddenly I thought that this is going to happen in GTA 6. Oh man, this game is reviving so many childhood memories, it means it was not just a game, it was literally a part of my life, it means once upon a time, I played this game so much. I have played this much, meaning I have played from morning till night. I think at that time, if nothing else, I must have played these games for at least 1215 hours a day, meaning it was 1.25 hours of vacation, so my holiday was 1212 1515 hours. I played this game and this I have so many memories in the game that I have today, looking at the graphics of this game, I am feeling like but age.
  • I said at that time these graphics were very dangerous for [music] brother oh brother so now GTA starts in my life from this game so if we start it from here then when I played the first GTA game in my life I was in primary, I think this is about 2, 4 or 5 years old, then I played GTA YCD for the first time and after that I think after a year I played GTA 3 and now moving forward in 2004 when the next game of GTA came and If I have played any GTA game the most in my life, it is this game. This is GTA San Andres, meaning I have played this game.
  • I have played so much, I have played so much, I have played so much, I mean literally I cried for this game, I mean, I did not get a laptop at home to play the game and I cried for this game, I mean, I am joking. Literally, I was rolling on the ground and crying, brother, please give me a laptop, I want to play a game. I still remember that day, I was rolling on the ground crying, brother, give me a computer, give me a laptop, give me a game. I have to play, I have to play the game, I have to play the game and I have done a lot of scandal to play this game, so GTA S Andres
  • When I came to know that GTA San Andreas was a very heavy game, hence GTA San Andreas was almost not going to run on the laptops of that generation and no one even had GTA San Andreas, so my friend told me that I was told that the second part of GTA Vice City is available here in the gaming cafe and they never allowed me to go to these gaming cafes from home, so I played the first game of GTA Sign Dress in my life in such a cafe. Going to Sumdi and the most special thing about going to Sumdi in childhood, I got caught, did my mother know?
  • I got fucked, mom came there, mom slapped me there, dragged me to the house and on the way, got 10-20 more slaps on my butt, yes, that day I did GTA Y Sati for the first time. Played the second part for 15 minutes and I enjoyed it a lot and after that for the next few years I thought that it was the second part of GTA YCD until one of my friends brought it to me and said that brother, I don’t have GTA San Andreas. If you want to play, tell me the game, I took it, I installed the game, I said, Hey, this is GTA vice second part and I have a lot of it in my school.
  • I was insulted because I called it the second part of GTA YCD and everyone laughed at me. Okay so now let’s go to the trailer of GTA San Andres. Oh this song sing abe ya rap [music] wa i th in the trailer. These people used the rap version, but that version never came in the actual game, oh brother, look at its graphics, look at its graphics, cell y g k a z b rht
  • Brother, what was this music my favorite music? I mean, when I used to launch the game, I used to listen to this song before launching the game, I let it settle completely and I have to listen to this music, I have to listen to the music of the starting [music]. Brother, I have played GTA SA a lot and even today if anyone asks me which is my most favorite GTA game, then it is GTA San Andres, neither is GTA 5, nor is it GTA Y, nor is it GTA 4. The most favorite GTA game is GTA San Andres because the first story of this game was very good.
  • Secondly, the map of this game was such a fun map, meaning there were three big cities which were completely different and I had expected that GTA 5 which was being launched was San Andres only, so I thought that GTA 5 Something like this will happen in me also, there will be five-six big cities but then these people have given the rights by making just one small city but I hope that in GTA 6 these people do not bring a map with one city, there are many such three- If we bring four different cities, some islands etc. then it will be fun to visit the places. Now GTA 5 is actually a fun game, it is a very good game.
Rockstar Games Gta 6 Trailer leak
Rockstar Games Gta 6 Trailer leak
But the map of this game is very boring for me personally, that is, there is a city in it, there are mountains, there are villages, just roam here, roam there, that’s all, so now let’s go to 2008, when GTA 4 came, I mean GTA 4. This is a game of that era when the graphics of the games were getting better and the size of the games was getting bigger and when I had the first internet then GTA 4 was one of the first games which I actually downloaded and I had to download it. I think it took 1415 days and after that I realized that GTA 4 will not run on my laptop because GTA 4 is so heavy.
So before GTA 4, we had GTA San Andreas whose story was very good, its game play was very good and now the next GTA game was coming in which the graphics of the game was going to be even better and obviously it was visible in the trailer. So let’s go and watch the trailer of GTA 4. Okay, in GTA 4, we are going back to GTA 3 and Liberty City. And brother, what are the graphics, I mean, what are the graphics. I did not play this game in 2008, I came in 2011. Or I may have played the game, but when I played this game, it was in 2010, so it was during that time.
These graphics were very dangerous for the time [Music] Man, what fun was it to drive inside this game, to fly the helicopter [Music] Oh brother, this is just the trailer, these people have made a small version of GTA 4 Gave a similar look but I think I had also released another trailer of GTA 4, looking for some peeps, looking for spy, these days these graphics are not looking so good, but at that time, what were the graphics looking. This means literally there is a reflection on the vehicle o o so I remember when I saw GTA 4 for the first time, it was at that time.