TimeSplitters Studio Officially Shutting Down

TimeSplitters Studio Officially Shutting Down
TimeSplitters Studio Officially Shutting DownTimeSplitters Studio Officially Shutting Down

TimeSplitters Studio Officially Shutting Down

yo what’s up everybody I’m Keem lawanson and today’sTimeSplitters Studio Officially Shutting Down   daily fix of gaming news open world survival game the day before had such a disastrous launch last week it’s developers already shutting down there are also rumors the studio behind time Splitters might be closing its doors as well and if you think there’s an official chronological order to The Legend of Zelda games well series producer AG Alan Numa has some words for you this is your daily [Music] fix [Music] presented by Pringles it’s been a long and bumpy road
leading up to the release of the day before the open world post-apocalyptic MMO was at one point the most wishlisted game on Steam following an impressive early reveal but gradually the hype turned into skepticism wondering if developer F fantastic would deliver or could deliver on its ambitious Vision well we finally have an answer no no no come on now y’all knew the answer was going to be no geez give me a break anyways less than a week since the game launched into Early Access the studio has announced it will be shutting down

TimeSplitters studio Free Radical Design

and doesn’t have the necessary funding to continue its support the day before had over 38,000 concurrent players when it launched on December 7th the same day as the game awards and as of this video that player base has dropped below 4,000 now from the looks of things a lot of folks who were playing have been keeping busy leaving negative Steam Reviews instead and the day before is already one of the top 10 worst reviewed Steam games of all time in a statement posted on X formerly Twitter y’all know that
  1. place anyways a fantastic wrote quote the day before has failed financially and we lack
  2. the funds to continue all income received is being used to pay off debts to our partners
  3. now the statement goes on to say the team really wanted to release new patches to
  4. reveal the full potential but can’t afford to do so the servers will stay online for the
  5. foreseeable future but they’re plagued with issues as is and the game itself is a buggy
  6. broken mess that doesn’t begin to resemble the experience that got

TimeSplitters Studio Officially

players excited in the first place a fantastic statement claims quote we didn’t take any money from the public during the development of the day before there were no pre-orders or crowdfunding campaigns we worked tirelessly for 5 years pouring our Blood Sweat and Tears into the game which is all very touching but it still cost each player $39 to get into Early Access if you listen really carefully you can hear the sound of tens of thousands of players demanding refunds now something tells me we haven’t heard the end of this story and

what do you’all think of all of this now I had a sneaking suspicion that this game might not deliver but did not expect the developer to close up shop so soon and related news free radical design the studio behind time Splitters that was reformed in 2021 to create a new entry in the series maybe closing as well a VGC reports that the studio is the latest Target of company wide cuts being made by embracer group subsidiary play on in an internal email sent out by Lars Jansen play On’s VP of worldwide Studios and talent he stated the

TimeSplitters Studio Officially Shutting Down

following quote as we move through the consultation process and face the potential closure of free radical design on 11 December 2023 I want to express my gratitude for your commitment and the remarkable work you’ve done and still keep doing this is a challenge ing time for all of us but especially for you and our focus is to support you as much as we can during this transition now the consultation he refers to is a requirement of UK employment law which demands that before cutting jobs companies are required to spend 30 days
examining any redundancies and trying to find alternative Solutions now there is a possibility a third party might swoop on in and acquire free radical in that time but the Outlook isn’t great now more than half of the Studio’s 100 employees have updated their LinkedIn status to say they are seeking new employment opportunities now best of luck to them either way now after a $2 billion deal fell through earlier this year embracer group has laid off 904 members of its staff around 5% of its Workforce Now with this latest
TimeSplitters Studio Officially Shutting Down
TimeSplitters Studio Officially Shutting DownTimeSplitters Studio Officially Shutting Down
  • development it seems like the number is only going up and finally on a considerably
  • lighter note while working on tears of the Kingdom producer AG Alan Numa wasn’t too
  • hung up on the idea that the Legend of Zelda games need to be connected by any
  • official timeline and speaking to us here at IGN anuma said quote we have these major
  • players in each game with Zelda and Ganon and Link and they each surface and play
  • their roles in potentially slightly different ways in each title but personally I don’t like to put too much stock in the
chronology of the series because from the design perspective that can kind of box Us in and limit where we’re able to take the story as we continue making games in the series and so I do think it’s something that is best for people to interpret on their own hyru Historia an official Nintendo approved book of zeld theore was published in 2011 which revealed a branching timeline which begins with Skyward Sword and splits into three alternative timelines following aaren of time creating a champion another book published in 2017
suggests that everything that happened prior to breath of the wild has faded to myth now between that and anuma stance maybe it’s best to treat the Zelda games less like George RR Martin books and more like fairy tales or mythology anyways that was your fix of gaming news for today December 11th 2023 if you haven’t yet head on over to ign.
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