The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2024

The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2024
The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2024

The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2024

The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2024 you quite possibly have the best console in history right in your hands with a ton of must play games you can’t miss but never fear because we’re here to show them to you so you don’t miss out on any grab yourself a pen and paper hit the like button subscribe to our Channel and turn on notifications cause we’re going through the top 25 best games for Nintendo switch links Adventure on koholan island feels like a dream you don’t want to wake up from Link’s Awakening is a classic Zelda

game remade from scratch on the Nintendo switch making it seem like you’re playing with a toy model the game’s not very long but its development is brilliant emotional and will be forever wrenched in your memory this time Bowser hasn’t tried to kidnap the princess in Paper Mario the origami King Mario has to save Peach from King Ollie who wants to turn the world into origami not only is it a very original concept but the circular combat system will make each battle a puzzle with multiple Solutions that’ll make you feel


  • like a genius the massive geralt of Rivia made it onto the Nintendo switch with a decent
  • portable version of The Witcher 3. finally letting us enjoy an amazing open world RPG
  • that made history The Witcher 3 will keep you entertained for more than 50 hours with a
  • fantasy story that hooks you from the gecko the best-selling game of all time is also one
  • of the best for unleashing your creativity and enjoying with friends in Minecraft you can
  • live and build your own worlds for Solo or Co-op Adventures the Nintendo switch version
  • even has its


own Super Mario theme for exploring the cubic Mushroom Kingdom the creators of Bayonetta made a spectacular action and sci-fi game called astral chain on the Nintendo switch where twin protagonists joined the police force of the Ark Humanity’s last Refuge after the arrival of chimeras from another dimension using the astral chain you’ll control the legions in combat to uncover the truth behind The Invasion no one expected it but the multi-award-winning Persona 5 made it onto the Nintendo switch with its Royal version leaving one of the

The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of

best RPGs in history on the console in this game Joker and the Phantom thieves of Hearts must infiltrate the minds of wrongdoers to make them confess to their crimes Persona 5 is great and its prequel is too Persona 4 Golden and it’s also a Nintendo switch if you want to check it out valve’s puzzle Masterpiece came to the Nintendo switch’s portal companion collection including the two classic games for the series this remastering for switch is perfectly adapted to the console and will challenge you to solve

puzzles using physics and a teleportation system by creating portals the complete main Xenoblade Saga is available on Nintendo switch featuring excellent RPGs made by Nintendo and monolith soft from shulk’s battle against machines to Noah and Mio’s struggle for time in Xenoblade 3. these full Adventures will Captivate you if you like fantasy worlds and original Deep combat systems you can play any of the three games independently although you will understand much more about their story if you go through the whole

Saga in order retro Studio took the Metroid Saga into three dimensions on the GameCube with outstanding results the switch has been lucky to have a revision of Metroid Prime that’s absolutely fantastic it looks stunning and puts you in the shoes of Samus Aaron investigating Planet Talon 4 and the Mysterious substance Faison this first person shooter also masterfully mixes adventure action and platforming if your name is Luigi and you get gifted a dream vacation in a hotel don’t trust it the last resort

turned into a nightmare for Luigi in Luigi’s Mansion 3. a co-op game that can also be played solo where you have to investigate a building full of ghosts with small doses of action and puzzles the game is super diverse long lasting and especially enjoyable with friends but in case you don’t want something that’s so engrossed in horror Super Mario 3D World and Bowser’s Fury’s a safer bet with classic 3D Super Mario platforms all these games can cost quite a bit of money so if you don’t want to spend a

dime remember to check out our video on the best free Nintendo switch games Capcom outdid themselves with monster hunter rides for Nintendo switch in this game you play as a monster hunter arriving in Kamura to save the Village from the Rampage each game map is a giant area that gives you enormous freedom of movement thanks to the wire bug making it easier and more accessible than ever to hunt monsters in Monster Hunter don’t lose sight of the online multiplayer mode though with sunbreak the gigantic DLC you gotta play if you

like the base game of Monster Hunter rise from the depths of the ocean to a city in the sky Bioshock collection presents you with a gritty and sci-fi shooter like few other exploring two utopian cities in remote parts of the world using firearms and special powers the game does have some small doses of horror although that’s not really its strong point and this collection includes the full Trilogy all adapted for Nintendo switch Retro Studios makes another appearance on this list with a game very different

from Metroid Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is a classic platformer where levels in gameplay are meticulously designed to offer a unique experience not only is it constantly varying and surprising the player but it also uses the levels in Worlds to tell its story plus it features funky so that up to two players can enjoy the adventure together either on easy or hard mode Nintendo took all the time in the world through a new 2D Super Mario and the result was Super Mario Bros Wonder a platformer that feels like it’s straight

out of a dream Mario transforms into different objects to clear stages gains new powers and up to four people can join the fun it’s definitely more challenging than previous 2D Mario games but it’s made for all types of players and if you’re looking for even crazier challenges remember Mario Maker 2 in its insane online levels and here’s another game from Super Mario’s Creator vikman 4 reboots the series so anyone can enjoy its brilliant Universe in Pikmin you take control of an astronaut who crashes on an unknown

planet and must rescue Captain Olimar and a handful of other astronauts it’s a strategy game where you command a squadron of tiny creatures called Pikmin with the help of a little dog Ochi easy and accessible for all audiences as well as highly entertaining but if you’re out for a harder challenge Pikmin 1 2 and 3 are also available on switch by the way did you notice that there are no indie games on this list well that’s because there’s so many good ones that we had to make our own list be sure to

check it out the infinite Mario Kart Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the best switch games being the definitive version of Mario Kart 8 for Wii U with 48 bass tracks double that if you buy the DLC it becomes one of the largest arcade racing games in history featuring more than 42 characters and dozens of combinations to create Vehicles perfect to enjoy either Solo or with friends both online and offline now for the game that saved many many people’s minds during the months of lockdown and that was Animal Crossing New Horizons much

The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2024
The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2024

more than just a life simulator in this Animal Crossing game you arrive on a deserted island to start a new life the game operates in real time so if it’s night where you live it’ll also be night in the game planting flowers helping neighbors or building your own mental Refuge are some of the things this wonderful virtual World allows you to do if you thought Nintendo had games with a deep story you gotta check out Fire Emblem three houses this massive strategy experience puts us in the shoes of my life a professor at Garrick Mack
school as he Witnesses the three reigning factions in the country rise against each other over the years choices play a very vital role in this Fire Emblem almost splitting the game into three different stories depending on the house we choose if you’re already fans of the Fire Emblem series don’t lose sight of engage which brings together many characters from the franchise in a somewhat Bland story but with a lot of fan service and a highly refined battle system in the absence of Final Fantasy Square Enix brought Dragon
Quest 11s to Nintendo switch as a version with exclusive content from a gigantic churn-based RPG the unmistakable art of Akira Toriyama wraps you up in a story where the protagonist is destined to destroy the world or maybe not it’s a very traditional Japanese game with tons of side quests does tons of charming characters and outstanding quality Super Mario Odyssey came to Nintendo switch as a 3D platformer where of course you have to rescue Princess Peach and prevent her marriage to Bowser the game’s about interacting with small

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