Seltos Killern Creta 2024 Price, Specs, Images, Colours

Seltos Killern Creta 2024 Price, Specs, Images, Colours
Seltos Killern Creta 2024 Price, Specs, Images, Colours

Seltos Killern Creta 2024 Price Specs Images Colours

Hello guy and welcome back to the team, Seltos Killern Creta 2024 Price, Specs, Images, Colours this is the all new cr. Let’s quickly talk about what is available in the exterior, what is available in the interior, when is this lunch, now only a few months are left for this lunch, so all Features we are going to cover, subscribe the channel right now, friends, press the bell icon, take [music], then go right away, let’s talk about the front look of the car, which has been completely changed, it is looking very nice. It is looking very different, here you get a big sized grill in the front, in India spec you get a camera in the front.

Seltos Killern Creta 2024 Price, Specs, Images, Colours

Because 360 ​​camera is available, you will get radar sensor, you will get many features, you will get automatic braking, lane keep assist and whatever features we have, all the D features are centralized here, you will get these three elements, you are seeing, this is daytime running light. Which is given in a very big size and also here you can see the head lamp, it is given in the upper beam, the lower beam is given in high beam and along with it, turn indicators are given which are in halogen. And in the front look here you can see the skit plate which joins with the grill.

Seltos Killern Creta 2024 Price, Specs, Images, Colours

It looks quite different and you can see the side profile. Same in the side profile, you will get 17 inch alloy wheels here, diamond cut front rear disc brake, six airbags, ABS, DBD, hill start assist, traction control, all those safety features will be available along with additional aids. You will also get the features below the OVM, you will get a camera, puddle lamp and turn indicator is available, here you will get panoramic sunroof like earlier, roof rails will be available, fun antenna and there is dual tone color here, apart from this there are many more. The new colors are

Seltos Killern Creta 2024 Price, Specs, Images, Colours

This is the rear look of the vehicle that will be introduced. LED tail lamps will be available which now come till here in the new facelift. The jokes are looking quite different. You can see the slightly different styling from here till here, the styling is going like this wave type. So the tail lamps are looking different, rest of the rear look is more and less same, you get the badging of Kata, you get big size boot space, there is spare tire below it here and also you will get 6040 split function here. A hook is found on that side you will see the lamp and a 12 volt power socket now add
Seltos Killern Creta 2024 Price, Specs, Images,
This has been done and let’s talk about the engine options, here you will get a 1.5 liter turbo petrol engine with all new manual automatic gear box, the remaining two engines are 1.5 liter diesel engine and 1.5 liter naturally petrol engine. They keep getting you same continued [Music] And now finally let’s check guys [Music] Interiors So this is Ilv’s Musk Perfume This was my first car perfume fume which I purchased around 4 years ago and its fragrance That’s one of the best, very manly, very very
Seltos Killern Creta 2024 Price, Specs, Images, Colours
It has such a strong fragrance that if you get it, you will be entering the car in a very bad mood. Then this perfume will refresh your mood. Dry fresh technology has been given here, it does not even leak. The perfume is flow adjusted like this. Can do more comfortably, lasts for 30 to 40 days, so just evolve the session.
com visit buy this perfume it is worth it when you reach with car keys then automatic or RVM open then welcome function guy is available here so as soon as you get the keys lock unlock engine start and tail gate switch like now We get smart key less entry is available. Turn on the car, this is the welcome function and place the keys here. So Guy, this is the look of the dashboard. Different interior options will be available here on Edge. The variants are so Turbo. If you buy Black Normal then you get Dual Tone Black and Beige and here you get Ambient Light.

You will get different color ambient light. The ambient light will be available on all four doors, that too with 64 color options. You will get to see ambient light, so this is the front door. Complete leather finish here, you get leather cushion finish, speaker available here. There are two bottle holder door pockets, all the power window controls which are available in India spec, you will get them as well as power door lock switch, electrically adjustable force, foldable Ravi with auto folding function and you can also see that the design of the door handle has been made quite different. went and also in

Tweeters will be found here, traction control switch here and head lamp leveler and gauges here. You can also see the Apole Street here. There is a change in the rear also in the rear seats, along with this, everything like panoramic sunroof will be available and electrically adjusted power. Seat here is adjustable force but we will get electrically adjusted force so first of all friends you will get something like steering wheel here you will get leather a steering wheel and here you have audio controls and calling controls and here you have ID controls and this is cruise control adapt cruise control ads all features
  1. You will get automatic braking aids, lean departure, turning and so on, tilt adjust angle
  2. steering wheel and telescopic adjust angle which is not given here. Telescopic adjust
  3. angle is still not there in India spec. You may not get it in the upcoming facelift as well.
  4. Here are the wiper controls, here are the headlamp controls, whichever one you use,
  5. you will know exactly which mode it is and friends, you will get the instrument cluster
  6. like this, like the one from Alcazar as we told you, here the dual trip meter shows this. Is
You get outside temperature display, digital live speed distance to MT and also here you will get information about tire pressure and general settings like overall illumination, we can increase and decrease it, all that is available along with it. Here you will get three different modes, just like you get in El Qajar, similarly in the non-same Creta, three different themes will be available, which you can change according to the drive mode and the guys infotainment system. 10.25 inch size will be available here

seltos killern creta 2024 model

The one available in the broad market is an 8 inch infotainment system, but this system will not be available which is currently available, the same will be available with all the features. You will get, you will get Bose’s system with eight speakers and also automatic. AC here is manual AC so you get automatic AC. Wireless charger is USB A type. You get charger here on that side. There is a 12 volt socket given for infotainment in the center and also if you put reverse gear then here is You will also get blind spot monitor friends as well as front rear
Seltos Killern Creta 2024 Price, Specs, Images, Colours
Seltos Killern Creta 2024 Price, Specs, Images, Colours
Sensor and 360 camera along with electronic parking brake here you will get to see, you will get the function of auto hold, friends, also here twin bottle holder space is given with illumination, there is blue color light inside which is very beautiful. It looks good, there is a separate space here to keep keys etc. and this is the arm rest, cushion arm rest is given here which is not sliding and the storage inside is quite good and available and the glove box here is very good. You will get a big size glove box with cooling function and a T-mirror is given in the center.
Here you get halogen lights, obviously in Indian spec, you get LED lights, SO switch, telematics seats, this is rear door illuminated controls, again you get speakers, bottle holder, this is rear seats, so now you get three adjustable heads. The dress will be found in the center which is the head dress and will be added to the new caretta and also here you can see tons of cup holder space available in the arm rest, pockets on the back of front seats and rear AC vent USB type charger here. And here are some more storage areas and this is the look of the dashboard.