Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Launch Expected Soon 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Launch Expected Soon 2024
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Launch Expected Soon 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Launch Expected Soon 2024

my friends, a month ago, neither did I use Samsung-Ro, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Launch Expected Soon 2024  nor was it official, nor was there any name on the backend, nor was it called directly, like s24, nor was it called on the backend, nor was a code name given to them. And the code name of s24 series or s24 aa, they have given the name of URE so that in the back end we can talk quietly about who is making all the etc. and we don’t even know about it. First of all, a leak had come out and the image had come out. Now you people must be thinking that whoever created that image is a dummy.

samsung galaxy s24 ultra 5g,

If you had shared it then it was not a dummy, it was an actual phone. If you look carefully in that leaked image, you can also see Always On Display where the timer is being shown. Now if you see the camera lens also there, right? So, seeing the lenses made for dummies, you get to know that they are of no use at all, they are not that refined, those things because most of the ones which are made for dummies are made for cover, that is, in China, they were made for dummies first. They come out so that their covers etc. can start being made. How is it looking now? The S23 Ultra Series is the same as it is designed now.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Launch Expected Soon 2024

You are getting to see the same in Apna S24 Ultra also, there is no change here but there are some changes like here we used to get a curved display, now that curved display has reduced, now it is completely almost flat. Secondly, here it used to be aluminum frame but even now, as far as leaks are concerned, as far as I understand things, it is going to be titanium which we will not get in iPhone 7 and 24P, only in Ultra we will get titanium. You will be able to see a gray color in the leaks and that color will appear and

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You will also get to see three more colors in it, so there are four new colors like yellow, this time you are getting to see something new, so tell me whether you like that color or not, S24 is available there, we have 8GB. 256 variant will be available plus 12GB variant will also be available in which 512 and one 1TB storage will be available and out of the four colors, there will be black and grey, you have seen there and there will be a violet color and one of yellow and this will be this. You can say that the bar is completely bezel less, even if you compare with this bar, you will get very less bezels, because there is not a single screen.
  • There is a protector, a leak of it has also come out and in that too we are getting to see
  • the same black border with less bezels. Even if you see the actual leaks, even a render
  • video has also come out where that too with very thin bezels. There is s24 ultra series in
  • it, which is going to be basically, you will see some very good improvements on most of
  • the AI ​​and as far as I hear, the best AI function till date will be found in any phone, that
  • s24 series. It will be inside even ultra if you have also used a in mast on google2
But what happened in that AI was that you modified some things and made changes in some things, then first it got refined by Google2 and then came back to you in which you can tell people that this is the Internet. It used to have a requirement but this snap7 3 is going to come especially for these s20 series, here it will not be snap7 3 as much as I am sure snap7 3 will be for g, now it has this capability to do some more next level work regarding a. It will take about 40 seconds for a phone to get infected with anything.

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It will work, but whatever it does, it will do like things on the back end. I have heard the things in the front end, when the reality comes in my hands, then I will know that as far as this 8 Jan 3 is capable, it is in process, that is, everything is in your phone itself. It will process, there will be no need to send it outside, now as in AI, only you know who plays the major role, like Google has become 2, Chat has become GPD, Li has become 3 and Mid Journey has become, this is the combination of all, somewhere you are. People will neither understand it nor it will be even to him by recording the entire conversation through AI.
Can transcribe meaning can show as a text if there is s24 and 24 p there definitely the battery numbers have improved if you compare it with last year but there is no s24 ara there But no improvement has been made, that is, the battery in it is still 5000 AA, it is still 5000 AA, there is no increase in it, as you will see at the present time, most of the phones like 1plus 12 are providing 54 AA battery. S24 P and S24 A will not support 45 watt charging but the S24 will not be there.
You will see only 25 watt charging and there will be another major change which will be S24, there will be a panel of 120 Hz, the rest of the refresh rate will be inside the plus and the one which is our ultra, there will be a change of 144 Hz display, which means as many leaks have come. You will be able to see accordingly and the biggest thing is that the brightness of the display here will go up to 25500 nits which is this s23 ultra, here we have a telephoto lens which comes of 10 megapixels but as far as it is There are rumors that this 10MP Nana may disappear and here we get a 5 megapixel tele photo lens.
Now you will get to see that there are some such reasons too, let me explain to you why I am saying this. Remember the periscope lens of S23? If we look carefully, it goes all the way inside and it is not in a slightly squarish type. It is true that there was a leak regarding the S24 A, the periscope lens there has been made a bit round in shape and the same thing is currently with me in a phone called Vivo.
com there it is also rounded so due to which it can happen here within s24 aa it may not be 10x but may be 5x if I keep those leaks in mind or it can also happen that it is 3x There was a tele photo lens, it may be 5x, these may be some changes, now 10x is not needed, 5x is good, you guys tell me, yes, I liked the photo of 10x better, it should be meaningful, so please share your opinion in the comment. Well, one thing is simple to understand that this was a squarish periscope lens, so here it was 10x m and if it was not squarish, if it was round as per the licks key, then it would be as close as possible.
It is going to be only 5x but let me tell you one benefit, what will happen if the 10x zoom lens goes away, what would have happened is that at the present time, neither in the S23 series, you are within the ultra, nor within 4k 60, when you take videos, neither is there. But you can take video from 1x to 10x zoom, but you could not take ultra wide, but now if this thing is possible then if a 5x scene happens then it is s24 within ultra96, not ultra wide. It will easily go up to 5x, even 10x, digital etc. will come out, whatever it is, that means ultra wide will also be included in it, all the lenses will be included in it.
You will be able to shoot inside in 4K 60. We will go to see it, so we will not find much changes in such looks which people had gone to buy last year too. I have seen the same thing. In the matter of looks, it happens that people think that Same is the design of last year because people have become habituated to seeing new things, but isn’t it marketing these days? You guys understand this brother, whatever videos you are watching, you will get the same designing, just yes, it should be a conversation with a display. Now a little flutter will go into the lips and the chin will become a little thinner and maybe
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Launch Expected Soon 2024
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Launch Expected Soon 2024
When it will be made of titanium, the weight of the phone may become a little lighter because of that, I am guessing this because brother, after seeing the 15 series, I have already felt that the phone definitely becomes lighter, so what happens now? What is the method that most of the brands are following, that is, they are keeping the designing same and just bringing slight improvements in it, so the same is going to happen here also in these like 6.
2 has now arrived, let’s see whether they will make any changes in it or not and one thing is that there is a camera part, which means the quality is at the level here, understand that its level is here, so this time it will be taken here. We will definitely improve a little and especially in the video recording too, so brother, these were all the licks that came out and whatever I found, whatever I found, one by one, I have shared them with you all. Tell me as per your opinion which one you prefer s24 ultra series or s24 series and what should be the pricing of these phones according to you.
It means that s24 is 4 pcs and what should be the pricing of ultra. If you look at the present time, it means you get s23 for around 1 lakh. When it came, it was around 125000. So is its pricing now Rs 130, 35 or 40? She can reach up to 5000 likes. Do share your opinion once. Tell me your thoughts. If you like the video, then like it. Hit 5000 likes on like, the rest can comment your opinion. See you in the next video. bye for