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17 Essential Tips & Tricks - Roboquest
17 Essential Tips & Tricks - Roboquest

Roboquest Essential Game Tips & Tricks calldutygames

are you new to robo quest and looking for tips to improve your gameplay are you struggling to progress do you just find yourself constantly dying do you find yourself lost not knowing what to do well if you said yes to any of these questions then look no further and this guide will provide you with 17 valuable tips and tricks that will help you navigate through the game what to do how to progress and dominate the road of ro request whether it’s mastering movement optimizing key bindings or understanding


the importance of punches and power cells these tips will give you a solid foundation to start your journey through robo quest by the end of this video you’ll [music] become i will leave time stamps in the description below to help you navigate through the video with that being said let’s get into it in robo quest movement is a key tool that will ensure your survivability during runs whether it be going through a zone solving a puzzle or fighting a boss your movements will have a direct impact on how far you get


through each run you can slide in this game the slide ability is crucial for avoiding enemy attacks and positioning yourself for better shots you can slide in any direction with the use of the crouch button so all you have to do is move in any direction and as you’re moving you hit the crou button and you’ll perform a slide you can also bunny hop with the slide mechanic to bunny hop you need to sprint into a slide and then jump before your slide ends right before hitting the ground you hit slide which will activate the slide


right when you hit the ground and then you just repeat this process to keep bunny hopping always make use of your bunny hops outside of combat to be efficient with your time you’ll also want to make sure you’re always moving during combat to make yourself a harder target to hit practice using these mechanics effectively to become agile as you progress through the game you unlock upgrades known as gadgets that’ll drastically improve mobility for now you do not have those gadgets so you’ll need


to utilize what you have therefore i suggest you to make the controls easier for yourself by changing your key bindings having the right key bindings can drastically improve your gameplay and to make your runs feel a lot smoother even though your default settings are a good starting point there’s a few adjustments you really should make the key bindings you use will be determined on whether you use a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad everyone has different equipments but the idea behind the proper keybinds are to make



your actions exel possible and to be as efficient as possible keep in mind i am on keyboard and mouse so here are my key bindings i have my auto reload on always and sprint mode to auto i switched my crouch button to be mouse 4 easily accessible that way i have my primary ability set to q and my secondary ability set to e i switched my interaction button from e to f if there’s any secondary buttons that you don’t want to use and set it to a key that you don’t use around already for me that’s backspace because there’s no way


to unbound actions in this game your base camp serves as your safe zone where you’ll spend all of your time and you aren’t in a run there’s a bunch of things you can do here such as say your difficulty change your class upgrade your robot and upgrade your base camp keep in mind you’ll need wrenches in order to invest in upgrades on your robot and base camp at the base camp you can also invite or join other players to do runs cooperatively this next tip may be a little controversial but it will save you a ton of


frustration if you find yourself struggling too much and not progressing at all just consider lowering the difficulty if this is the case ling the difficulty gives you a great opportunity to learn the game without getting punished for your mistakes allows you to experiment with the game or just to complete quests that may seem impossible at higher difficulties you may not even realize you can do this unless you took the time to explore the base camp just keep in mind the game is intended to be played at normal difficulty don’t


crucify me for this tip but it’s a great option for those who are new to rogal leges or aren’t very good at fps games wrenches are a key currency that allows you to meta progress through the game and slowly make your base class stronger than when you first started the game you’ll get wrenches by progressing through the game and completing zones on higher difficulties it’s important to always use wrenches and investing into upgrades that you need the most maximum health should be your first if not one


of your first upgrades and then moving to upgrading max into robots in essence runes will improve the quality of your runs over time power cells are another currency in robo quest that have a direct impact on your runs as this is what you’ll need to upgrade your weapons change weapon affixes purchase perks and it also opens that one door that requires 25 power cells which you don’t need to worry about until you have a better understanding of the game it’s essential to only invest power cells into things that will improve your own


or builds they re times where i spent all of my power cells on a weapon just to find a better weapon dropped by an enemy shortly after prioritize saving power cells then getting perks then buying class upgrades then upgrading weapons and buying weapons it’s mostly situational but it’s something you’ll be able to decide on with more experience in the game i didn’t even realize this was a thing until i was 10 hours into the game when you use your onhand weapon and switch to your offhand weapon your

weapon that is now in your backpack will automatically reload this is visualized at the bottom right of your screen this means that you can constantly shoot as you utilize this mechanic this also makes combat feel more seamless and fluid so definitely take advantage of this feature if you’re enjoying the video so far be sure to drop a like and subscribe learning how to use the map and how to navigate in robo quest is absolutely essential especially if you’re trying to complete quests and unlock classes or items you may need to


progress through the game hitting tab on your keyboard will pull up the map as you would in ar rpgs this makes the map easier to see and also helps you figure out where you’re going more easily when using the map you’ll eventually notice that some areas are either purple or orange these are colorcoded zones which are to indicate points of interest the purple color zones are corrupted areas that require some level of platforming that have a chest with a reward at the end of it the orange colored zones are

areas that have puzzles you need to solve in order to get through them or to progress through a quest the other part of navigation is choosing which doors to go through in each safe area after completing a zone some of these doors are locked which require a key or other prerequisites to unlock take your time to explore each level thoroughly and collect as much load as possible this includes weapons upgrades and resources that can enhance your character’s abilities you’re heavily incentivized to explore as there are hard to find quest


items and data log scattered throughout each zone rebel quest offers various abilities that varies between each class that can turn the tide of battle make sure to use them strategically and at the right moment to maximize their full impact these abilities can be altered with the use of upgrades that you get when leveling up abilities have the potential to completely change gameplay depending on the decisions you make it’s important to consider this as you’ll need to adapt your run to fit any change


you make to your abilities keep in mind you can experiment with your classes and abilities at base camp to help you get a better grasp what each ability does as you progress through the game make sure to upgrade your weapons whenever possible this will give you significant advantage in combat most of the time you won’t need to upgrade your weapon until you find the one that synergizes with your build there’s upgrade you can buy at base camp that will give you the option to use power cells to reroll the



fixes on your weapon which gives you every weapon you finds more viability experiment with different weapon types and define the ones that suit your play style some weapons may be better for crowd control while others excel in single target damage you never want to have two weapons that do the same thing or do the same kind of damage as you’ll find yourself not doing either enough crowd control or dps in a boss fight having the right balance is key there’s also different weapon types in terms of the kind of damage they do elemental aix

weapons and ammo type but this is a topic that deserves its own video pay attention to enemy patterns observing and understanding enemy attack patterns is essential for survival learn their behaviors and adjust your tactics accordingly at first you won’t know any enemy attack patterns nor how each enemy can impact you enemies can either do direct damage to you or do crowd control to you in other terms enemies can stun block you blind you alter your movements pull you to them or etc at first they may seem overwhelming with all of the


enemies attacking you at once so you’ll need to focus and to learn each enemy’s patterns one at a time unfortunately there’s no quick way to do this repetition is key as you level up invest skill points into upgrading character’s abilities it’s easy to not notice you have available upgrade so keep an eye on your health bar as that’s where the notification will be this will make you more powerful and versatile in combat when choosing your upgrades try to focus on upgrades that will improve your main

17 Essential Tips & Tricks - Roboquest
17 Essential Tips & Tricks – Roboquest

mode of damage which can be either your weapons or abilities or even both some of grades have some counter effects so it’s something you’ll have to commit to if you’re struggling on your own feel free to grab a friend just keep in mind there’s a cavat to this if you’re trying to go through a loged door both players need to have the key that opens it however xp is shared between players when playing with friends you need to communicate and coordinate your actions combining different abilities and


strategies together to synergize will greatly increase your chances of success try different combinations of weapons upgrades and abilities to create powerful and unique builds that suit your play style don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect build that will help you dominate in robo quest there’s many different ways to build but you should find upgrades perks and weapons that complement your play cell and ways you enjoy for me that was focusing on the javelin ability which originally only starts off with two


thorough b javelins but i found a way to get up to five fire damage dealing javelins that all explode when i activate stealth it won’t always work out exactly how you want but how you adapt to what you get is what matters like any game mastering robo quest takes time and practice don’t get discouraged by initial failures and keep improving your skills my first time playing rob quest was really rough and so i took a few days away before reattempting the game follow these tips thoroughly or watch the video again if you have to and


you’ll be on your way to becoming if you want to see more videos on request then don’t forget to sub subscribe and drop a like if you found this video helpful and with that being said i will see you in the next video peace