Rise of kingdoms: lost crusade latest version Download

Rise of kingdoms lost crusade latest version Download
Rise of kingdoms lost crusade latest version Download
together sometimes bigger Papa persuade what’s going Rise of kingdoms: lost crusade latest version Download  on boo boo what’s up there’s gonna be a review video of a game called rise of Kingdoms I am not going to go through everything this is not a beginner’s tutorial I’m just gonna tell you if I with the game or not isn’t that nice feel like critics are very critical it was Dumb and uh I want to keep it simple what I play the game or would I not and cut through all the other garbage and nonsense where things go too in depth right so this is a mobile game

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you can get on PC the biggest thing is can you play this game free to play or is it a pay to win game and essentially what I will say is it is possible to play this game free to play you’re obviously not going to be the strongest person in the game but what I have learned about this game is that it is much bigger than yourself alliances are are crazy the world is huge you have Scouts that you have to try to discover more and more about the world you there’s a campaign you can fight other people for resources on the map I mean
it’s just it’s huge it’s big and I’ll try to make this video a little bit more organized and some of the other ones in the past but trying to do a tldr in the beginning of this you have different commanders that you can unlock that have different abilities that excel in different things like some commanders are good in campaign mode some commanders are good at PVP some commanders are are killing NPCs on the map so they all do different things they have different skill trees different talents you can build them differently
all right it’s a really fun game it actually is and again pay to win is obviously the way to go in the game unfortunately but there are a lot of free to play players and they are actually tremendously valued in this game if you’re part of an alliance for furthermore full disclosure I’m not being paid for this video I don’t know who the developers are I don’t really care about them and this video is all just based on how I’ve been playing the game and if I like it or not so I want to first start highlighting
the differences between the civilizations obviously they have different things that they excel at I’m sure more experienced players know when to use certain civilizations or whatever they’re called the only thing that’s annoying about this is that you got to pay a lot of money in order to switch you got like one or two free I don’t know how often you can get them for free I know they cost quite a bit of gyms like ten thousand in order to change so it’s not like you can just change this up whenever you
want if you’re a free-to-play player it’s the only downfall to this whole entire system now when you first drop into your kingdom area you can’t you can’t see like all this all right is because I I’ve sent scouts out to unlock the map so this is really what it looks like when you first start the game this is a different Kingdom but it gives you a general idea so you have these Scouts and you got to send them out and as you do it unlocks more and more of your kingdom and it’s extremely
important because it shows you where very important parts of the map are where the bosses are and where the MPCs there’s different types of bosses and different types of uh NPCs out there different types of resources and then if you’re going to get into a fight with another Alliance you need to know where you know where they’re located so I found this to be a really cool feature and it takes a very long time very long time to unlock everything I say you just go in blind that’s what it is it’s like a
Rise of kingdoms lost crusade latest version Download
Rise of kingdoms lost crusade latest version Download
blind date with a lot of people all at one time and just to uh show you some of the stuff right like let me show you some of the stuff that’s happened at all times that’s my clan member marching somewhere I have no idea where they’re going but you can see all these different people these different resources that are on the map that you have to send your people to in order to gather but there’s way more than that there’s things called sanctums that can provide benefits to your whole clan that you have to go and
Conquer uh there’s Barbarian keeps there’s different types of bosses and it’s not just one thing I mean the map is massive massive and there’s many different things that you can do and you do different things at various stages and it also depends on how strong you are in this game unless you’re a mega whale it’s really hard to do things by yourself so a lot of stuff is coordinated by your alliance which I’m going to get into in a second this is a very heavily focused Alliance game in my