Redmi k70 Pro Price in india By amazon

POCO F6 Pro aka Redmi K70 Pro
POCO F6 Pro aka Redmi K70 Pro

redmi k70 pro price in india By amazon

Okay friends, we had done the video of k70 e, redmi k70 pro price in india By amazon its elder brother has come to us k70 Q. Yes, now under what name will it come in India, I am not sure, maybe it could be po6 gt6 pro1 Q. Those who will do the unboxing and first impressions. This is obviously imported from China, so there are going to be some differences. This is going to be a quick unboxing and first impressions. By the way, a lot of videos are coming. Friends, they do so many videos, they ask you only one thing, if you like the video. So like and subscribe, if you don’t want then do that and many people will come.

Redmi k70 Pro Price in india

Let’s watch the videos, you like them but if you don’t subscribe then do do it. Well first of all, SIM card tool documentation and like it was in K 70e, the case is of dark color, TPU and camera module also looks very similar. Have the phone looks the same but looks slightly heavy. I am interested in the comparison with K70 because it had a 5500 mAh battery but it looked light. It has a 5000 mAh battery but it looked slightly heavy. Yes, now we will wait and see.
  • But there is 120 watt charging. K 70e had 90 watt charging. It has 120 watt charging. If Type A to Type C cable comes, yes that’s it. Now let’s see the phone. By the way, friends, k70 had a plastic frame, the frame in it is metal. If it comes then maybe it will be slightly heavy because of that but it seems a little heavier to me than that, I am not sure, the one which was 199 grams with bigger battery, this seems to me closer to 200 grams, let’s see, let’s see, it is 210 grams. Means that is very interesting yes so 10g more than what I was thinking so slightly on the heaviest side
That is definitely right. Well friends, I think a trend which is going to happen is that the camera module is going to get bigger and bigger and in the FS of 2024, you will see a bigger camera module. There is something similar in it too, as I have said, it has a glass plastic sandwich design. It has a glass metal sandwich design. If I talk about ports and buttons, then all the ports and buttons are there and yes it is also there, the speaker grill is not visible on top, but inside this earphone you get a speaker, there are stereo speakers. By the way, the display is also exact meaning the bezels etc. are thin.
Its younger brother K70 is similar to it, has thin bezels, has a very thin screen, has a 6.67 inch 2K 120Hz AMOLED display, has the support of LG Vision and HR1 Plus but the biggest thing is that this might be the brightest display in any of 2023. Why do you know that there are four 1000 nits brightness in the smartphone, the peak brightness is 4000 nits, it came at a price below 2000 yen, so in India it will probably come around 27 26 27000, so its base variant is 12256, it is going to come around 3299. If you convert then it is 37 38000 and remember that the chipset that comes in it is the latest one.
 Redmi k70 Pro Price in india By amazon
Redmi k70 Pro Price in india By amazon
Greatest 8 Jan 3 Yes, below 40000 8 Jan 3 If you are getting that, that is crazy, I mean when 8 Jan 3 was launched, friends, I thought that whatever phone comes on top of this, it is going to be expensive, it will come below 50000. The price to performance ratio is going to be tremendous but if I talk about the specifications then the base variant is 12256. But it goes all the way up to 24GB RAM. Yes, the top variant will have 1 terabyte storage and
It is going to be of 24gb ram lpddr5 is a ram type ufs3 storage type so the works the battery is 5000 ml epi it has 120 watt charging so k70 had a bigger battery it had less charging it has a normal battery 5000 that too big i would say 5000 m er But the battery is 120 watt charging, it will be fully charged in under 20 minutes and it is 8 Jan 3. Friends, what can I talk about the performance, I mean, you will be able to do gaming on the highest settings, whatever you want to do, whatever you throw at it, it will Work no problems and if I talk about the score then the score comes above 2 million, this is our base variant.
  1. If you buy the 24GB variant then maybe it will go up to 2.1-2.2 million but yes even on
  2. paper and in real world 8G 3 performs extremely well friends, if I talk about it then
  3. again it is the Chinese variant but here it comes which is based on A14 is now a variant
  4. from there, so they come with a lot of apps etc. When it comes to India, we will see
  5. what is going to happen, but I don’t think there will be many bloaters etc. Hyper Oh,
  6. friends, if you have not seen the video then definitely go and watch it. This is a much
  7. improved version of Karun Sab. All sensors come in the display.

Redmi k70 Pro Price in india hindi

Fingerprint sensor works well, connectivity options are all 5g, 4g sub bands etc. Again this is Chinese variant, so don’t know which 5g band will be supported after coming to India, NAC is Air Blaster, all of them are available for multimedia. Stereo speakers come, friends, there is support of Lab Atmos, the audio is also good, it is also great for multimedia, and the display is 4500 nits brightness, friends, that is crazy, 4000 nits brightness is there, that is crazy, seriously, I mean think, HD lab vision etc., everything is there, so multimedia. For
Heaven is awesome friends, this phone is now friends k70 k series which is generally known for performance not for camera, now in k70 e also we saw the same that it has tremendous performance but average camera but I will tell you what k70 pro50 + 50 P12 is a 50 megapixel primary sensor, 12 megapixel ultra wide and 50 megapixel telephoto which gives you 2x optical zoom. In videography you will be able to shoot 8k with all 4k 6 AA and further in selfie there is 16 megapixel infact k70. k70 k70 Q All three come with 16 megapixel selfie sensor

Redmi k70 Pro Price in india

But it does not do 4K, it does 1080p at 60fps. If you compare it with 70, its senior brother is not the younger brother, it is the biggest brother, it is the elder brother, so friends, it has 50p 8p 2 camera setup. It has 50p 50p. Well friends We have taken many photos etc. in original quality, if you want to see the link description of G Drive.
Go and check it out I would say it is a good camera setup Yes and again Price 45000 40 In the price range of 45000 I think this is a decent camera setup 50 P 50 P 12 If I go for portraits Talking about it, it gives really good portraits, cutouts etc., which is edge detection, colors are very good, yes, if you take selfies etc. then skin tone, which is very beautified, etc., especially with selfies, but again like I said, when it comes to India, it will be a little Tuning will be different so I am not going to talk about that you see photos given in original quality

Redmi k70 Pro Price in india 2024

Go and check it out. What do you think? Do tell me in the comments. Friends, if I talk about the series overall, I am really impressed with it, that is, the price at which it has come and what it is offering is tremendous. I mean it is seriously value for money, whichever phone you buy, there is only so much in the series, when will it be launched in India, yes, let it be launched under any name, weather it comes as po6 x series, new series, there is no problem even with the new name. If you keep the price calculating, all these three Fs series are amazing, now it remains to be seen when it will be launched.

Redmi k70 Pro Price in india

From the name to the launch, from what price it will be launched, that is what I am looking forward to and as soon as we know, when the phones will come to us, we will obviously do the full review unboxing and so don’t forget to subscribe. By the way friends, you Me one question, you, I tell you so many things, you tell me one thing, if it is launched in India then what should be the price in India

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