Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G launched with premium design

Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G launched with premium design
Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G launched with premium design

Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G launched with premium design

Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G launched with premium design The design is going to be done, rest if we check here then it is written Glass Gold and this phone we have with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, so inside it you are getting two variants 8128 and 8256 and we have 8256. So let’s quickly open the box and see the contents of the box. We have opened the box, so first of all we get the box, here we have some of its documentation, then here we have its SIM ejection pin and here is some of its documentation. End What we get here is a silicone case and the case is a soft TPU case, again this is clear.

  • The case is in dusky finish, it would have been better but I think it looks good and then
  • here we get its charging cable and the charging cable is there, we have a Type C cable
  • and it is Type C to Type C. If it were Type C to Type C then I think it would have been
  • better if these were the contents of the box. Now let’s see the contents of our phone.
  • This one is narasu’s gold, one is glass green and this one is glass gold and the rest of
  • the design was you can check at the back. Its design looks quite unique, in the middle
  • we have a camera module which is again coming in golden finish and the same

You have the clock finish which you know, the dial finish which you have, as you move, here you have these different textures and you know designs, so design wise realme3 is quite eye catching. Its specialty is that it is glass design, it is dual design, it looks very good, rest if you check its in hand feel of this phone, then this phone has a flat design and despite being a flat design, it is quite good in hand and And personally I like flat design phone actually more, rest of its thickness you can check here.

Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G launched

  1. You can say that it is 7.97 inches thick so you are getting almost 8 AA thickness inside it
  2. and its weight is 195 grams so the in hand feel of this phone is very good, rest of the
  3. body here you have PVD material, it is metallic. The finish has been given to you all
  4. around and the only thing here is that fingerprints are visible a little in it, so you will
  5. have to maintain it, rest of the cover, you will use it only, so design wise, I found this
  6. phone very good, so let’s talk. If we look at its overview, here in the front we get a 6.

67 inch AMOLED display which is Full HD Plus display of 120 Hz and in the middle we have a punch hole camera here which is a 16 megapixel camera and if we look on the right side, here we have its power button. And the volume rockers which is the fingerprint sensor, it has an in display fingerprint sensor and on the left side we have nothing, it has a clean design, if we look at the top side, here we have a mic and this is its I think speaker because it Stereo Speakers This phone has dual stereo speakers with H&M and here again I think this is a very good thing.

  • The headphone jack is visible inside it, so the headphone jack, as I was saying, is probably going to come back, many manufacturers have started giving back the headphone jack, so here also you are getting a headphone jack, the rest is below. If we look at the side, here again we have a speaker, it is a Type C port and here is its mic and SIM tray, so the SIM tray that we have here, you have a dual SIM tray, so you do not have any memory card slot inside it. And this phone supports dual 5G so it is a very good thing with career advancement.

And one more thing I noticed here is that its SIM tray has been given a good rubber sealing here, so I think this phone is kind of water splash proof. What is its rating exactly? I will tell you on the screen and on the back side, again we have its main design which is visible to you and here we have the camera module. If we talk about the camera model, here you are getting a triple camera setup inside it. The main camera is 50 megapixels and after that you get a 112D eye wide angle.

Ultra wide angle camera is available and I think the third camera will be a secondary camera or it can be a flicker sensor but this thing is nothing, just a Uno has been given like this and the rest of the flash is above it. So according to the design and Oyo, you have seen how its performance is, so I am setting up this phone with a mean wall. Once I tell you some of its specifications, the processor that we get here is T7050 which is a 5G. The chipset is 8GB RAM, inside it you are getting the support of 8GB dynamic RAM.

  • There are two variants of storage, 128 and 256GB, apart from that you get a 6.67 inch full HD Plus 120 Hz display which supports 2000 peak brightness and the front camera is 16 megapixel triple camera setup in the back. Which is 50 megapixels and you get dual stereo speakers in it which come with Lab Atom, it supports Type C fast charging, so you are getting a 67 watt charger in the box and here you get it. 5000 AA battery, this is our phone setup and the best thing I have seen in this phone this time.

Check it is there, if you also check it, if I swipe left here, here we have almost stock like experience, so only a few two-four apps are included this time, among many apps which I always use. I complain that has been deleted automatically, but as of now I can see that the edge is true, you know, it is not so blocked that the edge is compared to the first like realme.

This display is of full AD plus 120Hz and if we check here, go to its settings, then I think it is not running at 120Hz right now, it is a dynamic display, so if we check the brightness and display here. Here if we can check, we also have a bright HDR video mode, so we enable it, apart from that, what we have here is the screen refresh rate is auto, at this time, so here you can see the standard and If we set it to High, then you always have the option of 120 Hz display. Inside this, our 120 is done.

Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G launched with premium design
Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G launched with premium design
  1. Haj’s display: At this time, you can check the performance of the display, it is quite smooth, no edge lag is visible and the touch response is also quite good to me. And here we can check one more thing. The bezels on the sides of this phone are very less. You can see some thick puzzles on the top and bottom sides and if we talk about the performance of this display, I liked the performance of this display very much if you are into media consumption. Do you watch videos, you can stream 4k videos, it has youtube1 and one more thing I noticed in it when

Again this is a blo ware but it has useful apps like performance so let’s start with its front camera, you are getting a 16 megapixel front camera inside it which you know performance wise you can check, I have taken many photos. I clicked in this in different lighting conditions and here are some selfie photos I clicked in this and again the portrait mode is decent, you can see its quality is good, I liked its performance in light, rest if you check Its rare camera is the performance of the rear camera here.

Again its performance in daylight is very good, rest you can check that it has 50 megapixel camera which you know [music] and in low light and night time also its performance is decent and here is some ported You can also check the photos that ported mode is also working well and with the ultra white cameras available in the rear camera, you can take photos in 6x zoom, apart from that you also get 1x and 2x zoom. We are also getting support in this and in the matter of photos, let’s talk about it in the end.

Regarding some night modes, here we have a night mode, so here you can see some photos which I clicked at night and now let’s talk about the video performance in it, so here we have the support of O. Inside, you can use it only with 1080p 60fps and so once let me show you an ultra steady which is its U Know mode, a sample of its video with 108p 60fps, so wow, the clarity of the video looks good. And how do you like the clarity of the mic? Let me know by commenting and the stabilization I feel.

It is very good and my hand is shaking a lot at this time but very smooth, the output in it is coming now as you can see and the maximum video output is 4k 30fps, so 4k 60fps, you are not getting it in the rest. The performance of the video is the clarity of the mic, you have heard it, how did you like it, tell me by commenting and inside the front camera, you are getting the support of 108p 30fps and here also you can use ultra steady mode and the video of this I can also show you the sample and this is the output of its front camera and here