Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G Launch date in india

Narzo 70 Pro 5G
Narzo 70 Pro 5G

Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G Launch date in india

Realme Narzo 70 Pro 5G Launch date in india Two, in today’s date we all are Pro and our mobile phones are also definitely Pro and in this Pro, another new phone has been added to the list, this is realme3 pro5g, today you keep watching this video further and we Let’s do this in this pro name [Music] If you join the club, it’s good, that means the phone has a warranty of one year, you will get 18 months warranty.

  • And inside this, what we have is some reading material, SIM tool and also a case. Look,
  • when it is found in the box, it looks good. It seems that the mobile phone is protected
  • for anchor. Then we have this glass of green color. The phone that comes with it, we will
  • see it later, the design is very exciting. Below we have a Superwook adapter with 67
  • watts output and then here we have of course a USB A to USB cable. If we talk about
  • the main features of this phone You will enjoy the look as soon as you see it because the
  • phone’s edge to tone design is an interesting one with a complete pattern here.

Let’s boot it up and then let’s check what’s inside this phone, till then you see a closer look of Isi 20 Pro 5G [Music] So guys, see how it is, a first instant look Isi humko one below. You have a matte finish on the top, there is some gloss finish here, inside the camera also you get a circle design inside the island, the edges are completely gloss, absolutely curved and you get flat sides, meaning it is a different kind of design all together and This phone feels quite premium in our hands if we talk about buttons and ports.

  • From the point of view, it is completely flat here, you get such shiny gloss edges and on
  • the side, on the right side, there is this power lock unlock button, just above which is the
  • volume rocker. If we look at the top, we have the secondary microphone along with it.
  • There is also a speaker grill in the phone supports stereo speakers and then we have Oh
  • this is very important because we get a headphone jack if we talk about the left side
  • then it is all clean and at the bottom of the phone then we have It has a SIM tray along
  • with a primary microphone at the front and a speaker grill at the back.

Friends, if you see, the camera you are getting here is a triple cam setup and in this triple cam setup, you get OIS written in it, which simply means that it has OIS and the main highlight is the star. Off the show is right here because this is the main camera which comes with son8 190 sensor of 50 megapixels, then we also have an ultra wide and then there is a third camera which is not so useful but then again the camera especially the Main one is a major highlight If two we talk now towards the front then the phone that comes with us is this


  • The screen is a 6.67 inch screen and it is a full HD plus display of 2000 nits, it has a
  • brightness of 120Hz and can work at 120Hz and the touch sampling rate you get here is
  • up to 2200Hz. So that means it becomes quite an interesting package if you are playing
  • games in it or if you are watching videos etc. from Lets then it means you know you get
  • a good experience all together if we talk about it right here in the screen that you get.
  • This camera installed on the top is of 16 megapixels and of course in

Display Fingerprint Scanner You are getting again all the basics covered of course inside if we talk then for now but I mean it is good to see that realme3 705 50 and the processor that is this is an octa core chipset it comes with 8GB RAM If we talk about storage, we have two different options 128

Or with 256GB options and the rest you get virtual RAM etc. which means the processor is good enough in terms of you playing games etc. Overall if you use the phone as much as you like on a daily basis i.e. do casual gaming. If you are using the phone in the same way or you want to use the phone then your experience is going to be quite interesting with this phone, no doubt because it is based on 70506 AA and I mean it is a very good processor especially for If the price which is A2 score etc. goes up to 58000 then it means there is some tension.

No, the phone has a 5000 AA battery which supports fast charging of 67 watts, which simply means that you will be able to recharge your battery very fast and apart from this, if we talk about the performance for example. The size of the vapor chamber etc. has increased a little bit now and that means you know in a way that you know that you have all the power that you need. The display which is there will give you a good experience, of course if we talk here. Now about the main highlight of this phone which is the camera of this phone, so here guys the camera is

  1. Let me tell you that the main camera is of 50 megapixels and there is an ultra wide of 8
  2. megapixels, but we get the complete experience of master shot, which is complete,
  3. inside this phone you get 2x zoom in sensor, and whatever is there, that too now. If it
  4. works better then these are all the sample shots, whether they are of front 16 megapixel
  5. camera or rear camera, you can see them clearly which we have clicked from this phone
  6. using front and rear camera. Seeing what kind of camera quality is inside this phone and
  7. which i

Simply, realme 3 has come with touch option where even if the phone gets lightly splashed even in the rain, if your fingers are wet or the screen is wet, you still get the touch working quite well. Meaning, there is no miss touch etc., so it is a good thing. Along with that, Jesters have now arrived. Yes, you can use 10 different Jesters to navigate the phone, meaning if the phone is sitting somewhere far away. Hey brother, look, you don’t feel like scrolling the reel. If you have to watch from a distance, then the basic thing is Jesters.

Narzo 70 Pro 5G
Narzo 70 Pro 5G

If you can use it for navigation, for movements etc., then your phone will feel a little smarter, that is, if you keep it like this from a distance, you can make the phone dance with the gestures of your fingers, then yes. Meaning it seems a little different but yes it is also interesting, if you want to use it then this phone is the option then guys this is the complete package of this realme3 pro5g if we talk then see the screen or see the processor inside this phone or If we look at the complete camera experience, this feels like an interesting package especially.

In this price range and speaking of price, here if we talk about the price then it comes with 8GB RAM with 2GB storage, its price is ₹ 1 but in this we are going to get ₹ 2000000 and we have seen that there is a lot of demand also. is n line up which is realme3 if hai brother with o speaks a lot

Tell me friends, how did you like this phone, what do you have to say about this phone by commenting below. If you liked the video then do not forget to like and share and whatever question or idea you have about this phone, comment below. Don’t forget to do I meet you in the next episode Jai Hind Vande Mataram