Realme GT5 Pro 5G Review Full information will be available in this article

Realme GT5 Pro 5G Review Full information will be available in this article
Realme GT5 Pro 5G Review Full information will be available in this article

Realme GT5 Pro 5G Review Full information will be available in this article

Realme GT5 Pro 5G Review Full information will be available in this article it just happened so soon i got my hands on this real’s latest flexure phone the gt5 pro a flexure phone with agency let me tell you the truth some of realme’s offerings before this seem a bit cheap but now i can clearly see that real is changing their brand positioning after a week of use i must to say that the real gt5 pro is truly a flexship product the real gt5 pro comes in a black box that shows a champagne colored decorative lines with a reflective finish opening the box the package includes a phone a

Realme GT5 Pro with a huge 5400mAh battery

100 w power adapter a charging cable and a case that has a leather-like texture on the back and decorative lines where the lens is located the case is really high quality in terms of design it has changed quite a bit and in my opinion the design of the phone has become more mainstream and more in line with things people been expecting i got this gt5 pro in a white leather version officially named the bright moon in chinese the leather color of the back cover is a bit close to beige and i really like the touch of the leather and the lowkey

Realme GT5 Pro is here with Snapdragon 8

color meanwhile unlike the previous gt series the back of the real gt5 pro is very restrained with no other decorative elements on the back of the phone other than the lens module and the metal logo if you compare the gt5 pro with the gt5 i don’t think anyone would think it’s the same series back to the lens the circular lens module is really a design that can go wrong and it’s worth noting that the interior of the lens module is designed with a radi pattern paired with the rounded metal basel around it among all phones with round

Realme GT5 Pro announced in China with

lens module the design is actually outstanding as for real’s logo many people can’t understand the asymmetrical design and think it’s ugly and erupt but if you try to think like the designer when completing an article people tend to sign their names in the bottom right corner so maybe real me does it in that way after designing the lens module the whole phone is complete after all the part below real’s logo is blank the real gt5 pro has a macro curved screen at the front and if you compare compared to the vivo x100 you

Realme GT5 Pro Review: The Hidden Flagship Killer is Here

can see that gt5 pro has a very narrow screen bezel and personally i prefer a straight screen but i still have to say that the front of the real gt5 pro is quite impressive the real mi gt5 pro uses a metal frame and from some angles it looks like the phone is very thin since edge is very straight is not as arounded as it looks in the hand but it’s still very comfortable what surprised me the most is that real gt5 pro uses a usb 3.

Realme GT5 Pro – User opinions and reviews

2 and a single larg file right test the trans transer speed is about a 5g pps good job realy the realy gt5 pro comes with agent 3 in gig bench 5 the single core performance is the strongest among agent 3 phones we have tested so far since we got an early version there were abnormal stats in the multi-core test and the scores were at the low side however in n2 to benchmark the scores have surpassed the xiaomi 14 overall the flagship s so with lpddr 5x and ufs 4.

Realme GT5 Pro 5G Review Full information will be available in this article
Realme GT5 Pro 5G Review Full information will be available in this article
  •  hardware combination there’s no need to worry about performance at all in a gaming
  • test real gt5 pro still performs very well the frame rate fluctuation is very small what’s
  • more surprising to me is that real gt5 pro has a very strong temperature control after 20
  • minutes of impact the surface temperature is only 45° c real gt5 pro has a big upgrade
  • in the camera first of all the biggest improvement in hardware is of course the telep lens
  • the tal lens native focal length is 2.


7x and support of macro shooting im mid-range phone a periscope lens indeed deserved a round applause i really like using telephoto so i also took some samples with [music] it [music] in daily life the t photo lens is easy to use and does not require much skill to take good photos and in low light environment thanks to the telephoto one of 1.


56 in sensor the image quality is very good since this telepot lens support ois you don’t need to worry about image stability when shooting night scenes in terms of video recording real gt5 pro support recording 4k 60 fps and 8k 24 fps videos and the tel support a 4k 30 fps doby vision hdr video this is amazing this phone has a customized 6.


  • 78 in boe screen which is indeed excellent in terms of display effect it is worth noting that the screen support a maximum peak brightness of a 4,500 nit but of course only achievable in the small area in actual use real gt5 pro has a maximum manual brightness of 1,000 nit and an exitation brightness of a 1,600 nit real has done a very good job of giving us the power to decide brightness at low brightness it is a pw deming and at a medium to high brightness it is dc like deming the 5,400 mamp battery kills the
  • game and real gt5 pro’s battery has an excellent battery performance on the charging side 100 super b charging can completely fill the battery in about 30 minutes not only that the gt5 pro also supported wireless faster charging up to 50 wat in terms of assistant real me gt5 pro comes with a real ui5 based on android 14 there are two features i really like first it support a manual setting of app refresh rates finally you can enjoy high refresh rate on tik tok exclusive game memory is my favorite feature it can effectively prevent games


in the background from being killed clearly real knows exactly what we want i can say that real gt5 pro is a big change from real’s previous offerings the camera has been improved and the look has changed dramatically i personally like this change the real me gt5 pro has become more versatile while real still maintains its tradition of delivering good hardware and experience that exceeds its price points so this is real gt5 pro hope you like it and we fun from china see you next time [music] i want to play games with