pubg global version 1.4 apk download without vpn
pubg global version 1.4 apk download without vpn


Who was killing me now? Why are people fighting behind me? PUBG GLOBAL VERSION 1.4 APK DOWNLOAD WITHOUT VPN As you all know that a new update is going to come but it has been delayed and on what date it is going to come, I am going to tell you everything, why is it delayed? I will also give you a reason for this, but first of all [praise], you see brother, how pro your brother has become. I was about to die while coming down, but with the help of IQ, how did I roam around those rails in the heat and came back and picked up the gun. Enemy Ko Maya Butt, you are watching my video, so you are also very smart.

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You are becoming so, I know, now first of all watch a little game, then we talk, there was a guy upstairs, I did Mauli and what do you think is my Mauli, the guy has been knocked down or not, the correct answer is knocked down guys, now as soon as he is knocked down What happened was, first of all, we rush up and Bhai Saab came to me, it was finished here and today people had jumped here but we did not find much, meaning look here brother, when I went here, I will kill that person and show you the box. What has this guy done here? First of all I took a spoon and got an idea.
  1. I thought maybe he is here, then he ran left, gave pre-fire and waited for the other guy,
  2. but now no one came from here, and brother, please take a look, what is the condition
  3. of this guy or his team or whoever it was? Machar’s brother, hey brother, what is this, so
  4. many boxes, now look after this, look at my right, see Amy, you guys, he is also using
  5. the same, brother, what has come out, he is fine at the speed of light, now I also have a
  6. little hand. It is difficult to use them, but yes practice is perfect, we will play and if we
  7. get used to it, we will also become smart. Now look at this.

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The guy ran away from there and came here, I pulled the pin of my ass towards him, brother, how did you like the knock, please tell me once, let’s talk now, see when the update is going to come, so first of all I will tell you, look at the date. The update has been postponed to 1st December and what could be the reason for it, I will tell you that also right now. Guys, have you played Another One game on One Bet, many people are already trying it. And in just a few seconds they are winning up to 538. That means man, this is amazing stuff. By the way, have you guys played it or not? Comment.
  1. Please tell me once, it is very simple for new people, let me tell you how to play it, just
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  3. of ₹ 2000000 and also 150 free spins and those who are absolutely sure about this. Bhi
  4. noor ji, think carefully and play carefully or just ignore it. Best of luck for the rest of the
  5. players. Look, there can be two reasons for postponing the update. First of all, you guys
  6. know that the stream is going on right now. There is a tournament going on and giving
  7. updates in between can be a bit risky.

What I mean by risky is imagine if some people update the game and in the middle of the tournament they are playing, they will not be able to play. The first reason is that this is possible. Now see, what I am telling is just a possibility. Not sure that it will be like that but yes, you people also have IQ. Use your brain a little and think that yes brother, then it is possible and the other reason that can be is that you people are calling this reindeer right now. Are you seeing the complete update of this reindeer? You people have not seen it yet, that means I am not challenging you, maybe.

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You guys might have seen it but I haven’t told you yet because there is a buggy with this reindeer, that is, it is not the kind of buggy that we drive, it is a different type of buggy, it gets attached to it and it starts flying in the sky. Have you seen Santa Claus when he comes to distribute gifts? Well, I am going to show it to you guys, keep watching but yes guys, this is amazing information and for such a lovely game place, please give a like and also subscribe to the channel. For now, look, it’s like coming to the apartment and I don’t care about the horse.

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Horse, you are looking at the reindeer, I have got one or two more tricks for this, oh my friend, for this bust, you have to subscribe and if you are new then do it and if you are old then share the new one and tell that brother. Glitch is going on on the channel of ‘If you subscribe, you will automatically unsubscribe, then subscribe. For now, look here by putting a round and told that the person here got the sound from the left, but first of all, he threw a mallet there so that the person with the knock would Just don’t get revived brother, I got cyber knocked as if I took it, the fucker ran away from here, now look, there is no one to do anything.

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It is very important to kill this guy first because he is holding one of our angles. As soon as I see you, you mist praise me, you guys don’t praise me in the comment section, so let’s see right now brother. Is there an update coming due to which maybe our update got delayed? The main reason I thought was from Scrims but the second one might be that the game people might have thought that let’s go directly to Beej Maa. Will give all the updates together because this update has not come yet in Global also, it is still big time and
That is, look, one like this is about to be cut, inside the game you can also call it a buggy and it is just like a mouse in movement, it will move like a dash but later it will be linked to it and after getting linked, brother, this is This car will fly in the sky, meaning brother, you will be heartbroken, you will have a lot of fun, the anime will say, brother, what is going on, this is going up in the sky, look further and its height is also very high, meaning you are watching, look at this brother, but yes, I am You know that it is not so difficult to kill, that is, it can be killed very easily, so it is correct, now let’s go back to the game.

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And let me show you another trick which I have caught on this horse’s new trick, that of the reindeer, that we can climb on many houses, not on even apartments like this, according to me, this is the latest update. I guess this thing is not going to work very well. Yes, I know that the people above will kill you all, that too is possible. For now, I will introduce you to the dangerous camper of PUBG Mall. Look, we have come here, we have lag. Was staying but did not see the guys, we saw that there was no one in the house in front, let’s go and then brother was sitting and watching.
They were waiting for us, now they did not let us throw the throw, brother, they immediately came to the walls, they realized that we were about to throw the throw, one jumped down, now what mistake did I do, I lifted it a little and entered, brother, he tried to throw my throw. Bhara and brother, I was left with so many first shots and in the meantime, brother, my teammates, i.e. Cyber ​​and BT, brother, thrashed the entire team, but look for a second, the car has just arrived, you can see the petrol pump and the clutch here, so you have fun brother. Brother, have you made today’s day or have you said it like this, please keep watching in the comments about the petrol pump.

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Yesterday I had given two guys, one guy went to the petrol pump, two heads are lying right, now look, Saib told me another guy is near the tree and this one is bust, tell me how is the one near the tree, knocked down another one right here, see here. See, now as we knocked out two guys here, it started smoking, so we thought brother, this is a good opportunity to rush, I picked up my reindeer and look what IQ I used, I mean, right now I don’t feel that this time I will not rank. Pushing will probably be more fun than the previous update, but not as much as Su Kaizen.


Because that was a different level of update, I climbed up, knocked on it, went inside a house and entered a petrol pump, but what happens at the same time, another team comes on the other side of my teammates. Now it was very important to kill it, I jumped down and killed it, revived my teammate and brother, what are you guys thinking now, how will I go up to get my reindeer, brother said, now cyber had told me this trick but look brother. It’s amazing, just don’t kill me by using it like that, okay, I’m telling you guys, there should be some brotherhood, man.

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So please respect me for now, look as if I am moving ahead, look up, I have come to the right, I saw a guy in the open, brother made the cover by beating and as soon as brother removed the cover, we did five to brother. Now look after this, we had to go to the zone but there were people in front of us and finally that brother crossed the bridge in front of them, now we also had to cross the bridge but like we cross the bridge, cyber from below right from the ridge. was coming and we were leaving from here and those guys were doing cyber raids so we thought
Why don’t you guys turn around and see the houses on the right, so we thought that we would go after them and it would be very easy to kill them, and then we saw BT in front, I stopped here, I go ahead, I go down from the common. Now these guys probably had the sound of the car. Look, as soon as I knocked it, my H came very low and I got knocked down. Had my H been more then the knock would not have happened. Now brother, here I somehow got revived but Now keep watching, I put my first fist, I squirted once, the dude got burnt by squirting, now after this, his last squirt.

pubg mobile 1.4.0 apk download no vpn

We were not able to see it and one of our teammates says, I went towards the mountain from Y but coming from G-clo, we were completely confused, oh this is B, now look, my height was low and the zone was also about to walk. I was about to make a mistake, but I did not take the hit, keep watching this guy, my teammate went ahead but brother, that guy did not come at the angle, then I took another shot and finally look, the circle has come, that’s it. And now brother, I will have to enter. I got knocked down and the finish was left. Cyber ​​alone came into the cyber zone and that guy also died from the play zone. Now it was a cyber fight.
Look brother, how Cyber ​​takes this fight, Cyber ​​made cover from the front, one guy with a mini and behind him another guy, he knocked out the one behind, but there was a guy on the right and Cyber ​​also had to go to the zone as soon as possible. Take another one in the open, I am doing it now, one guy in front, one guy on the right and cyber brother got stuck outside the public and with this the series is over. So guys, how did you like today’s video, so I told you guys. The update is a post made for a date, look at the reason, they did not tell it like that but you guys have practiced the reason.
pubg global version 1.4 apk download without vpn
pubg global version 1.4 apk download without vpn
You can also come up with an idea that maybe it could be the same region. How did you like the rest of the video? Do tell in the comments and if you have learned two-three tricks in this game play video, then definitely apply them in the game. If you liked the video then say thanks. Like the channel and subscribe the channel, see you in the next video till then bye bye