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hey Jenny hey Graham so we’re celebrating Pokémon Trading Card Game 2 Gameboy rom Download English Pokemon this week and I thought we should do that by playing the best pokemon game that never released @pokemon.com in the West seemed good oh and yes that sounds great yeah so we are playing a Pokemon Trading Card Game Game Boy to for the game boy color uh and we’re playing it with the help of a nice translation patch so you can read what’s going on in that great this is so great I like this game a whole bunch even even though the enemy’s team gr which is that’s my initials well I mean it’s not

Pokemon Trading Card Game ROM – GBC Download

really you it’s not i have a look look at that it says right there and this is the thing so this is a little bit into the game we’re not we’re not going in totally blind and I’m also not going with a late-game save either but yeah this is a direct sequel to the the first game boy game after you save everybody and beat all the people at cards the evil team gr shows up steals cards from all the the leaders and takes them to an island so this is basically like the gold and silver of this game because

Pokémon Trading Card Game 2 Gameboy rom Download English

there’s two whole maps with stuff but I know you wanted the best collection of cars but did you have to do that gram I mean you know I want to be the very best like no one ever was but is this really the right way to accomplish that I think so yeah yeah I think we’d play some pokemon ya writin car game yeah well first what kind of deck are you running yeah so let’s look at it huh okay so I have it’s been a while since I’ve played it on here clearly it’s mine you know yeah so it’s

Pokémon Trading Card Game 2 English

a modified starter I’ve got some charm Anders and some charm aliens up in here I got some fighting types yeah it’s mah chop my choke in here got some jinx and some me off and far-fetched so it’s pretty early in this game ah but there’s something about card battle RPGs that are really fun like you start using even Cooney also this which is fun to see now because this game this card is in English in real life now yeah that was that has not been the case until 2016 now in 2016 they printed an actual

pokemon trading card game rom download

English language II mikuni card so cool I love that they made one yeah I really wish they’d put the full text of it on there because look at this full text mm-hmm you mikuni wants you to play him as a basic pokemon but you can’t but he wants you to he does but you can’t know but is he cuter than Pikachu no he’s a weirdo in his soothing I don’t know like I like to tell you that’s not the come on right yeah and here’s a doduo getting out of here does and that’s also printed in English now
seems like a bad place here but lets you know let’s see what’s going on yeah shut journey anything actually doing here it seems like you already saved everybody yeah it’s it’s it’s less wrote in this game like who you can actually battle but you have to clear like save all the clubs and then you get the pieces of your pieces of the gr coin that then you can go to the other Island yeah where there’s actually a second a mikuni it’s all saying it’s still the first a mikuni just you just won’t admit it because

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he’s like I’m a different person can you see I’m wearing red now and it’s great it’s great yeah oh let’s see where’s I’m gonna track down one of these bosses it’s a good idea yeah let’s duel I don’t know what he’s got but GRT yeah look how intimidating he is no man I think you can do this Cain so good well we’ll see uh what do I actually have in this starting hand oh I guess I’ll play watch out then huh yeah I guess so oh yeah that’s uh huh yeah it’s right yet to start no she’s fine
  • she’s I had like you know two Pokemon it would be good yeah like if you had a
  • Charmander that would be yeah yeah yeahs be wonderful mm-hmm but yeah um this
  • this game has more cards and twice as many battles and twice as many e mikunis I
  • don’t know what to tell you like I mean it sounds like it’s a winner when it’s got double
  • everything yeah yeah I got another match out yeah that’s pretty good she’s nice let’s
  • see what else I can get here hmm uh-huh sike yeah oh there’s a jinx great hey drink
  • sarika

Pokémon Trading Card Game 2 Gameboy rom Download English @pokemon.com

uh-huh um yeah let’s play a fighting on this matchup tackling I kick yeah yeah I like the art for different characters to I mean that’s pretty good art for the yeah that’s totally true but this was a gameboy color only game as opposed to the previous game what do I need for this 3 yeah um I’ll put this here actually let only let this guy died that’s bad but you know it’s what it is bricks uh um but the first game was you know you could play it on a regular game boy our game boy color and of course the

reason we didn’t get it was because it released after the release of the game boy advance yes they’re like four of those games and I’d love all of them there’s a sequel to mario golf there’s a sequel to Pokemon Trading Card Game there’s a like a advance wars game basically and like ah man wasn’t there they have one other card fighting game those gameboy color yeah card hero right here again was a crossed engane wigan with color game and came out earlier but is really good yes Oh miss ya yeah that’s a really good
coin00to the chancy yeah I don’t know I mean I just end up assembling the four pieces of the dr coin and then using it because it’s got my initials on it yeah of course you’re taking it back you’re making it your own again instead of being evil I think I mean you know yeah sure I just want like a gnat like I did like doing ebay search and Etsy search and no one’s like made gr coins and for sale I’d buy one by my job yeah welcome Machoke yeah you’re ready good upgrade their you’re done flexin which let’s be
clear absolutely has the apostrophe appear yeah I’m trying to keep this moving along sure you’re doing very well so yeah hey bro I played this game a lot and I’ve played pokemon trading our game a lot not in d like not in like the 18 years between win this game released and now but like now and then I’m surprised that you had a deck with three different color energy though yeah I mean again to make a decent deck early in this game you gotta try some stuff yeah that’s true eventually I wouldn’t oh yeah of course