PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Downloadable content

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Downloadable content
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Downloadable content
Hello friends, Namaskar, the computer versionPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Downloadable content  of your ever favorite busy game has come, that is, it was already available but earlier we had to buy it, only then it used to run on your computer, now the same version has become available to you for free. So you can enjoy it, don’t think that it runs on Japji mobile and is available for free. Hmm, we are going to run it on the computer with some trick, there is nothing like that, again you are saying that this is the one which we are running on the register. It is specially made for computers only, it shows your computer very clearly.

playerunknown’s battlegrounds download apkpure

According to that performance, the speed of the computer will be the same, so let’s start, consider subscribing to the computer related content stand channel. Now, to put it in the computer, first of all, connect the internet to your computer, which is It will already happen, after that go to the browser and search by typing up BTC, this second website will open, I have given the link for Steam Power in the description, so try it, it will be better, after that, as soon as you open this same website. will go for vegetables
And people have uploaded it in GK, here you will come to it and click on free, you will be asked that brother, do you have this team or not, is this team part of this chapter, through this you will get your vegetable game computer. It will work but it is the director only, which means it is necessary to have this team, not because your entire ID etc. is managed by this team only. If you have some such system, then if it is already in your computer, then click on it. Do it, if not then click on I need this team, okay, as you click on it, now this page will open here.
  1. Click on this team install Will do this, okay, you can follow the browser, the problem has
  2. happened now, next here, let’s leave it in English, once again next and install it, now we
  3. click on it, okay as soon as we click on the police. You will start downloading it again and
  4. again. Let me tell you that the amount that was downloaded earlier was 1MB.
But Botha from Northern, now it will be downloaded again and will become a star in your computer. This teamwork is this beautiful wallpaper. I have given you the link of the video in the description about how I have installed this beautiful wallpaper. If you want, you can check it. Now Steve has been installed in our computer. Now this team will ask, brother, do you have an account with Esteem or not? If you have an account of this team, then login here. If not, then it is simple, click on Create a New. This is how the website of this team will open. Email address will open here.

Playerunknown’s battlegrounds downloadable content apk

It is asking you to put whatever happened to you, after that give this letter here Country India, like you will put it on the robot, after that you will have to put it once, meaning I am 13 years old, after that click on continue like You will click on Continue, this process will proceed further. Proceeding means that here a verification code will be sent to your email address, you will have to click on it, your work will proceed, after which the set up will look something like this here. But this team is asking for account name, so you can enter anything as per your choice.
You have to enter such a name that someone else has kept that name, the password has not been kept by anyone else, you can enter anything here, whatever you enter as per your choice, note it down once and keep it because you have to use the same password. You will have to login now and keep the user name in mind. You will have to enter this user name again. Okay, now as soon as I click on the button, it will proceed again. Account successfully created. Many congratulations to you. Now enter the account you have created here as I have done.
I put the user name that I had created here, I put Jugat Gyan and in the last I put the pipe, even then I put it in the dream. Now let’s put a mask on it and login as if you will be logged in now. Cream account should be opened, it is not happening right now, the network is a little slow, now it has been removed, it will open and till then do one thing, it is opened, it is a simple thing and you had to do some work, you opened your browser again. Come from I will try this from the top of my browser again again forward again here register back one more time
You have to search from , you will get the link on this website, do the same again as I have given in the description, now move it down a bit, click on us, now here again the same thing is asking that you have installed this team. Otherwise, this time we have installed this team, so we will click on it, as soon as we click here, it will ask to open, open, click on this team and as soon as you open step, click on this team, your PUBG game will be downloaded. See the install size etc. it is showing that it is 43 GB.
Here let me tell you that your internet is going to be spent around Rs 48 after delivery. If you use mobile internet then brother, arrange for 500 GB net and do this so that for those people who have broadband, it is absolutely free. It’s an interesting thing, so no problem, now I click on Next and click here. Okay, now your game has started downloading. The download will happen automatically and once it is installed, you will have to shut down your computer. You will have to do this and restart again if any problem occurs which is not common in PUBG game.
It is visible in this way, now let’s come to my previous computer, here I have already downloaded and installed this game, you will come to your computer and search by typing simple vegetable, it will be visible, open it, it will open. It will start swelling in your computer and maybe if you install it for the first time and which we do for the first time then it will take you some time and it is also a bit heavy game, it is 40-50 GB so you will have to wait a little more. Don’t mess up, work calmly, your work will be done easily, the only thing left is this mobile.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Downloadable content
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Downloadable content
If the game is not on your computer, then it will also be controlled by many buttons of your keyboard, like going forward and backward with W, you can have control. Overall, it means that there will be some difficulty in the beginning. Go and read some stories on YouTube. You will see aloe vera, your work will be done easily, there will be some pain in the beginning, after that there will be fun, don’t ask, now we will play its training mode, we will not train in the match, work is being done in 133 ways, now this match is our start. This has been done, for control, these people have told me earlier that I will scan it.
Okay, this is our plane ahead, from here we will give it ourselves, now I am busy in training, this is our soldier ahead, now let’s go, this will jump from the space button and here like this, press spray on this, after that like this and this To get rid of this, press the subscribe button and here we are telling you how to do this, how to do this, here, let’s take this dangerous ammunition, pick up the bag, pick up this computer, A plate of bangles and all this baby is required, it is on display, it is ready for you, whatever is in it is marshal, now hello.
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