New bought useful Gadgets 2024 calldutygames

new bought useful gadgets 2024 article,
new bought useful gadgets 2024 article,

New bought useful Gadgets 2024 calldutygames

In today’s video, there are two boxes each, New bought useful Gadgets 2024 calldutygames there are around 12 gadgets in them, you are watching, they will not let you sleep, this one has a lot of gadgets in it, secondly, do you know why, something like this has happened with us, which has happened for the first time till date, let us tell you now, but Jai Hind friends, tell me, how are you? First of all, this product actually means it is very amazing, but we do not have its cover, that is, we do not have the box, because when it came, we took it out to check. It is not available, well we have the product, what do we do with it, there are a lot of people out there.

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It is a big trouble that they are not able to record the calls, so you just have to put it here, turn it on from here whenever you are going to make a call or if you get a call, whoever you want to record, turn it on like this secretly, don’t turn it on permanently. Will you record anything? I am playing its sound recording for testing. How are you? How is the weather? The weather is also good. It is winter now so it is getting cold so you will have to take a sweater if you want. While talking, my hand must be touching it by mistake. See how, it should not touch the clothes or anywhere.

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This is the problem and secondly, if you mean to use your buds, then it will work a bit. It actually notes the vibration of our sound and records it accordingly. You can access the files from PC and there is no type C inside it, there is no lightning port. I have given it a little earlier in the old i, earlier it used to have the same storage, brother, after giving 29 GB2, we will have to manage like this, after that we have a back cover of 2900, now what is different in it because recently, I have bought a different one. I had given you a video of the back cover in which I told you everything.
  • How should the back cover be selected? Who can it be for? It looks very attractive on Instagram. It has SHAPA written on it. SHAPA cases. What do you remember after seeing this? These mac1 cases are stuck with a tape just like this. If you take it out Then the buttons will come out, let’s set it on 15 Pro, so here it is placed here to clam and you just have to press it. Looks good, this button is tactile, you see, it is not for the speaker inside it. They have added something due to which there is a fragrance, you cannot open it but from a distance.

new bought useful gadgets 2024 article,

It will look attractive especially in the video. These bezels and these bezels and these bezels are seen in the photo. On one side, the top one is thicker. It is because of the whole spring etc. that they have put there. And who puts this fragrance giving thing in the back cover? So the cover is good. It is expensive, but its fitting is also slightly loose, there can be rubbing on its frame, wireless charging, I don’t think it will work, let’s check, can’t brother, wireless charging is not working on it, after keeping it from all sides. I took it, after that we have this hub in very budget rate, price is Rs 398 and other small and big hubs.

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  1. With type memory card reader, these people are around 480 mps3 gb2 250 mbp-2 ab, after that we installed a very fast SSD for transfer, the maximum goes to 40 to 50 abpa, so it has a very slow speed. Another thing is a small trick, they have said 480 ABPA, small b, so if you do not know, in capital AB, this b represents bytes and when small b is there, it represents bits, so you divide it by eight. If you do then the value of capital B comes to 60 ABPA so well played by this brand though very

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People do this but many people do not know. I hope you have found out that this is working. Multiple gadgets will be connected but the speed is very slow. After that we have a Jag Loco Mi Type C cable of 1500 with this fragrance. And here is our idea of ​​how it will work. First of all, these wheels also rotate temporarily, although it will not go anywhere and will remain at one place. It looks premium in appearance. All this is made for the design and here we have to say that it is not always there. You have to use power cable, that means there is no battery in it, you can use your normal charger and it works like this.

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It opens and then it will pour water inside it outside, this is for fragrance, it is available separately in the market, they have given one, after that it will be installed here, there is also a speaker on top of it, now it will seem interesting, you have to press this button, it is complete like this. When an engine starts, it will sound like this and steam will be visible from here, you will see this steam will keep coming out, it is making sound for a while, after some time it will stop making sound. You can connect it through Bluetooth and now it has Can also play music but it looks as beautiful as it is

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Looks good, decorative type material, feels same time, its speaker is of very bad quality, I mean a bit too much in short, this is a humidifier, the design was made attractive, they just put the speaker, so don’t get attracted by seeing the Bluetooth speaker and this They come in different designs. In fact, we had ordered it long ago and thought that we would add it to some gadget but we could not add it. We installed it ourselves like this. There will be a power cable here and the bean will pour water here to turn it on. After all, look at this, the same thing happens inside everyone, when it boils, it becomes steam.
There is a light inside it, we switched it on, there is also a blue color, so it will look like this, the darker the room, the better it will look, infact it is RGB too, brother, the color keeps changing, this one was also not very cheap, it was amazonaws. com There is ambient light, if there is complete darkness in the room then it looks downwards, now this is a funny thing, do you know what happened, I showed you two boxes, right in the beginning of the video, we did not order this second box, it has come, now you will ask how did you do this? Saw the humidifier, we ordered it of the brand Jak, the delivery guy came and said, brother, give me the money, we said, we did.
The money has already been given, it is saying no, it is COD, ours went back in this matter, Harshit is clever, we contacted the company, Harshit said just give it immediately, do you know what happened after that, they also sent three-four more products along with it, Khushi. -Khushi, we had ordered not one but two products, they had sent extra two, so I also thought, let’s cover this brand, three to four products of this brand will be seen in the video, this does not mean that I have anything to do with them or If there was a spring, I would have told it and this ₹ 2000000 play pause is pressed from this button.
  1. If you do this then it turns on and this button also works for volume. The volume goes up and down from the phone too and this is its mic and it changes the voice. Let me show you how. Hello, first of all, subscribe. If not. If you want to do it, then I will change the voice. Subscribe for a minute. How will it change the voice of four types? This is the first type, after that this is the second, now this is the third and now this is the fourth. The rest will be connected to the phone and will give music of Katta. Don’t cross Harshad’s favorite. If you are a little tired then listen with less bass for sound quality.

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There is a lot of travel, it creates a lot of noise, that means the loudness is enough but the music experience will not be that good, it is good for fun, we have another product from them, Eye Massager, its price is quite expensive, it is available for ₹ 300, this is quite a mention. pouch type C cable and here is the main product ok here is the product looks the finishing is good this is apple’s sound comes now this is a massager right behind the scene I had tested it now I am feeling the vibration inside it feel a little music The part above the eyes is getting a slight heat form.

Meaning, slight heat type feeling is being felt, vibration is being felt, different modes are available and there is no air feeling in it, when air is felt then what will happen in it, it puts pressure and then releases when air is filled, pressure. It puts it on the eyes on this part, but very lightly, not much here, just this process keeps repeating again and again. When we were reading on the website, they say that this is for those people who use PC or phone display for a long time. Or anywhere due to these, there is stress on the eyes. A little bit gives a relaxing feeling to the eyes for some time. Now I use this.

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I will not be able to say whether it is good or bad. It would be better if you do your own research or talk to the doctor about how helpful such devices are. You should have sent them, otherwise I would not have even ordered it because I would not use this product in real life. We had ordered a rechargeable vacuum cleaner and this is ₹ 1 49 i.e. 1500 can be considered as a rechargeable vacuum cleaner. Okay, this is for charging and there is also an attachment here and this is its on off button. So I found this product useful. Inside this There is a motor of 80 watts and it is so fast, no doubt it can survive on its own.
Look, you can see that you will fall, but it should be a light thing, it will stick like this, brother, look, it is not coming down like this, I wanted to show the pressure, so you can clean your table with small household items or keyboard, infact or else. One more place can be useful, what happens inside the car, like a little bit of this means you can take it out with your hands but if you use it, then one thing is true, this is the fact which is mixed separately, oh brother, has it been cleaned properly? So in this way it is useful. Next, we have a joystick worth ₹ 3349. By the way, the delivery charge was Rs 424.

Here is the phone, first clean the phone, I have given it to clean the phone, after that, 3m tape outside, this will also be applied on the back cover of the phone, we put it here, once it is attached, it opens in this manner. You can use it as a stand, you can keep the smartphone phone straight or in landscape mode while watching a movie, however, there is a feature in it, it is small and the tray is looking at you, you can open it at the bottom, inside it there is a A small SIM ejector pin already came. If you want, you can keep your own separate memory card and a SIM in it.

new bought useful gadgets 2024 article,
new bought useful gadgets 2024 article,

After this it stops, but this red colored rubber part also came along with it. If you want, you could have installed it in the beginning also, our attention came later, so we took it out and installed it. How did I like it, that is, it seemed fine to me. I personally do not use such things, the way it is given is very good but it is expensive to send it with delivery charges of Rs 50 and above Rs 00, after that we have this watch. Smart Watch Price Is it 2450 or i.e. 2500 22500 bolt crown r Q. Do you know why it was ordered? It came out like this.

  • After seeing the photo once, brother, it looks very D, I can wear anything, friends, this is its charger to make the strap smaller and bigger and here is our smart watch, ok brother, sound is also coming in it, look at it, it has a very premium design. Yes, one thing I liked about it is this strap, no matter how good it looks in the video, but it doesn’t have too many hairs like the hairs on your hand and they are getting stuck in it. These people wear these crowns of very cheap quality. It is given that you can scroll like this and if you double
You see, then you double tap, now it becomes like this, meaning you can do the work even with touch, then double tap, it also becomes like this, then if you double tap, it becomes exactly similar to L. You are seeing and inside this There is an AMOLED display and the brightness also seems fine to me and the basic features of these and the Chase include Bluetooth calling effect, it also has an always on display, you also know that all the brands that come call themselves smart watches. It’s not a watch, it’s a smart band. We checked its heart rate. First, we did flats, then we did a little plank. That’s all.
Our heart rate became fast, then we put the oximeter on the finger and here is its result which is not correct, it shows anything at any time, once the heart rate was so low, it was below 100, it was showing 125 and sometimes- Sometimes the readings match and show what comes to mind, its design seemed quite attractive, so we ordered it, it is okay to take for basic work, for health, don’t take it too far, don’t trust all these things. For these and after that, you know what this is, it has been taken for Rs 500, ₹ 5000000, driver alarm is also written here.
  1. There is a button which can be turned on, you can turn it off, there is nothing else, it is quite unique, so it fits in the ears like this, there is an on off button here, everything is looking ok to you now. Suppose I am driving or studying or doing any such work where I cannot sleep or do not want to sleep, then like my head is down, let’s check the proper angle. If it is down, then there will be a sound, it will be slow. Even then it will happen with a jerk, even then it will happen a little obliquely, this wind is still cutting, it is strong, it pricks the ears because it is near the ear, isn’t it on this side
No, no, it won’t happen on this side either, and even if you are behind, it won’t happen. Basically, you have to be in the front. If you move here and there a little, then it will make a sound, but if you fall asleep completely here or here or there, it will not make a sound. So if you lie flat on the back. If you sleep then it will not be detected but if you are driving then mostly you are like this, it will not let you sleep, this is opened from here, this is the speaker, this is the on off button, this is the battery, it will not be connected from here, you are seeing the small one. Is there any mercury type thing inside it? As soon as it comes in motion, see, when it is touched, it makes a sound. After that, next.
We have this gadget – Engine Level Maker. Its price was ₹ 5000000. When I pressed ‘I’, we pressed ‘A’. Finally, we need ‘N’ for the letter ‘N’. By the way, it also has the number 129. Now what will we do? Press it lightly and do not even pull it out. You can do it without letter type and now you have to drag it, it will be cut, after that you can take it out and then you can paste it somewhere, you just paste it here, it is here and it is stuck, where else can this be useful? Write your name on the boxes in the kitchen. Cinnamon: There are small drawers in your office or somewhere.
There are many of them, you can mention what is kept inside it, then it becomes easy for an unknown person to find that thing, it is just like this, they come in different types, by the way, this is also the indigenous way, you can print it on any paper. Write on it and stick a transparent tape on it. Now I will show these two devices together. They are useful for small children. The price of both is different. We have ₹ 3340 only. This is a writing pad and it is for small children. If you want to write anything then you can do that work, it is at half rate, 1 P 1 2 of 50, erase like this.