Motorola Edge 50 Pro expected price in india

motorola edge 50 pro expected price in india
motorola edge 50 pro expected price in india

Motorola Edge 50 Pro expected price in india

Motorola Edge 50 Pro expected price in india :- There were some rumors that Motorola’s Dragon’s 3 will come with it, I had made a video based on it, brother, there were a lot of specification rumors in the same video, but almost all the specifications have been confirmed. Well, this time also there will be Gagan leather in the back panel, there will be triple rear panel. The camera setup comes with LED flashlight and Mo branding and to improve its bill quality, it has IP68 rating. It has a metal frame and even its display has Corning Galaxy G5.

  1. This time you will get a curved display. The bezel and chain of the display have
  2. been kept small. The center is punchhole and a lot of features have been put in
  3. the display. It is 6.7 inch flat panel with a resolution of 1.5 even. It has a peak
  4. brightness of 2000 nits and This display has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and
  5. supports HD 10p because with this phone you can watch HD movies in YouTube
  6. 4K and it has the support of Wide Wan A1. You will be able to watch the
  7. content in full HD in OTD platform when you You will enjoy watching movies
  8. and videos, color contrast will be next level in it.

Motorola Edge 50 Pro expected price in india

Even is going to be great, it has dual studio speaker with Lavi Advance support because in this phone you can enjoy entertainment to the fullest, even the processor that will be in it has been confirmed by the manufacturer snap7 Jan 3 Yes I know the manufacturer Has disappointed you here but this chipset gives dangerous performance in the mid range price segment. Even its base price will start, it is being told here that there will be 256GB storage with 8GB RAM and up to 12GB RAM variant. The biggest highlighted specification of this phone is

  • Its camera because it has a triple camera setup at the back, the primary sensor is 50
  • megapixels, which has a 13 megapixel camera in which you can click photos in micro
  • shot and ultra wide and there will be a tele photo lens in which you can zoom up to 30x.
  • You can do it but it is not confirmed how many megapixels the tele photo lens will be. I
  • think it can have a 32 megapixel tele photo lens. Rest, we have not compromised on the
  • selfie camera. A 50 megapixel selfie camera has been put here because you You can
  • take great photos with all the cameras of this phone.

It is good in lighting conditions and its camera will also have many AI features. You will be able to record stable video up to 4k. Its network connectivity will also be strong. It will have 13 bits of 5G. All the important 5G bands are supported but in this you will be able to stealthily You will not be able to record calls from Google3, it will be censored but you will not be able to use the SD card.3.

5. There will be no audio jack. This phone will run in Hello UI with latest Android 1 and you know that it gives what it promises. They have promised here that it will give 3 years of updates because this moto2 pro1. You will get the update of 2019 and it is going to get a lot of features. Along with the features of moto2, you will also be able to easily connect this phone with computer or laptop. Even it has a 4500 AA battery which supports 125 watt fast charger but It is very sad that this phone will come with a 68 watt adapter if you charge the phone first.

motorola edge 50 pro expected price in india
motorola edge 50 pro expected price in india

If you want to do this then you will have to buy a 125 watt adapter from outside. The good thing is that this phone will support 50 watt wireless charging and reverse charging will be 10 watt. So, you guys have done a very good job in the charging department of the battery. Well, it will be officially launched in India on April and looking at all its specifications, I think its price will be around Rs 32,000 and in the first sale offer, you will get this phone for under Rs 0,000. This phone is going to have very good specifications in Le Pho India.

After launch, you will get exclusive unboxing video in this channel. Many friends comment. Brother, you tell exclusive unboxing video but you do not post the unboxing video of the phone. Brother, you yourself can go to my channel and see all the phones launched in India. I buy all the phones with my own money and do the unboxing and review, so for this I have to work very hard, I am ready to do everything for you people, well, this was the complete information.