Minecraft Solving A MURDER MYSTERY IN @minecraft.net

Minecraft Solving A MURDER MYSTERY IN @minecraft.net
Minecraft Solving A MURDER MYSTERY IN @minecraft.net

So the year is 2040 and Junkie has got 10 million subscribers and Minecraft Solving A MURDER MYSTERY IN @minecraft.net  in the same happiness, Junkie thought of organizing a party but it did not take much time for this party to become a murder mystery. Friends, everyone was going to come to my party today. Today is my party. Why hasn’t anyone come till now sir, don’t be worried, they will come friend, call me and ask, you too [Music] Hey brother, I told you, I will buy it, why are you bent on selling it? Yes, I know, friend, how much is the collection. I am fond of it, let’s disconnect the phone now, oh brother, how is PhD, my child, oh junkie son, what are you doing, this is PhD.

He is very fond of collecting, like car collection, bike collection, clothes collection, jewelery collection, he is very fond of collecting and Ajay has come to his Chunky’s 10 million subscriber party, brother, why are I so late, why have I been waiting for everyone since so long, isn’t it? Like and brother, do you know in the entry, what do you have to give, come out, oh junkie brother, I have brought it, brother, here is my gold play button, it is gone, thank you brother, what did you wear with the gold coin, brother, has everything become a goon, have you become a goon, hey brother, do you know? No man, I am so fond of collection, the style is mine, he will consider it nice.

  •  Nice brother, come, come, come, come sir, I will take you to your room, yes, okay,
  • right  Leo Oye Misu, my brother, go today and Zaki Bhai, how are you, are you meeting
  • after a long time or yes friend, it is fun after a long time. He has come and take this gold
  • play button of yours, okay yes lala laa give the gold play button no yes of bringing it
  • let’s go let’s go party this is Bigs he likes to make music very much and he is also a very
  • good friend of Jani This is why I have also been invited, thank you, yes, we will have a
  • dangerous party today, at least a copy of Rs 10 million, brother will handle it and

Junkie Bhai, how are you, how are you, brother, have you come, how long have you been waiting, man, you are busy these days, you don’t even play games together, why are you so busy, have you organized such a big party for you guys, it means, let’s pay now. Come on, what do you say, give the entry fee, yes yes, let’s have fun in the party, this is Gopi, who is a very old friend of Jangi, but recently we did not talk to each other and the connection was broken a bit and today after a long time They are getting together thank you come let’s go and who is coming now o epic tepic come wait o junkie what brother are you doing full patti sati

If you are having a lot of fun, then this is an epic depic. Like its name, it is absolutely epic and I want to chill a little in the party, I called you, I come so late, fun ji, you are junkie brother, how are you, I am very cool. Yes, today we will have fun, we will have fun, yes, let’s drink alcohol, come on, so this is Fuzzy, he is like a child to Junkie and for Fuzzy, Junkie is a god father. Yes, let’s go, let’s have a fun party, guys, you guys must know this. Why have I called you all here? Yes bro, obviously I know, don’t you know, brother, your 10 million rupees.

Minecraft Solving A MURDER MYSTERY IN @minecraft.net

It’s a party, friend Jangi Bhai, today it’s a party, brother, look, you have 10 million subscribers, brother, today you become full, yes, I have reached 10 million and for that party, I called you all here, yes, this is what happened, let’s go. Junkie Bhai, OP, Oye, there is Rasgullas in the party, thanks, thanks to everyone. Hey Junkie Bhai, show me your diamond play button, where have you hidden it. Hey, be patient, we will party, don’t take tension. Anyway, my diamond play button is going to be brought by Pro Boys. O Pro Boys is coming, what is the diamond play button doing with Pro Boys?

Brother, when will he come? Call me quickly. Yes, he will be coming soon. By the way, as long as you sit here and enjoy, eat whatever you want, enjoy. Okay boy, let’s have a party. Hey brother, it will be fun. Everyone, drink food here too, what are you doing like this? He is here too [Praise] [Music] Look and like brother, everything has been arranged, sir, it has been done, well done, someone has come now, who would have come [Music] Pro brother, you have finally come or the party of 10 million, yet wait. I was doing it man, where were you? Oh man, oh man, the storm is raging, brother, how come with difficulty, and brother, brought the play button, yes yes, see this, diamond play.

 Press the button, let’s surprise everyone, let’s go boy, it will be fun, hey, whisper to me loudly from the front, move away, move away, oh brother, how are you? Oh, please whisper to me, oh brother, tell me quickly where is the bathroom, come pro boy, I will introduce you to everyone. How are you? How are you? Everyone is angry even after letting go. What are you doing in the corner? Friend Q. It’s fun to see you. You are about to have 10 million subscribers. Oh yes, yes, it will happen. For now, it’s enough. Look what gift Ga Pros gave Diamond Play Button Today’s party is in this happiness That’s why I am having so much fun Come to the table to see it

Guys, let’s have dinner. Yes, let’s go, let’s go. How much money will I get if I sell it? Come on, guys, eat, enjoy, drink. You can do everything. Let’s start the party, friend Chunky Bhai, you literally have a diamond play button. Brother, that’s what you know. Isn’t this diamond play button so rare, brother, I enjoyed seeing it, brother, I want to thank my subscribers, thank you so much guys, yes guys, subscribe like this, go brother, it has started again, man. Pro Boys and Junkie ji this is an emergency what happened I am wondering in

Should I send the workers home? Hey, why should I send the workers home? Hey, take care of that secret thing sir. We cannot trust these workers so much and having such an expensive time and play button in front of them would be very risky. Sir, yes, that is correct. Oh no, how will they do the work, then again you are doing it here, it is not something to be stressed about, I am here sir, I will take care of everything, yes, it will be fine, send them right now, people can’t trust anyone like this, okay, I am leaving. And it’s okay to send these people home, okay go, go, listen to this and

Yaar Basu Bhai, you are creating such a good atmosphere and you are not playing the song, play a little, sing a little, create an atmosphere, yaar, it is fun, yes yes, brother, let’s have fun before the party, play, play, it will be fun, ready. You become the only one in the mother-in-law’s life. Oh, it’s fun, brother, it’s so refreshing. Oh man, it’s fun today, and where is this monkey, where is this monkey, and it seems he is still in the bathroom, what to do? What is that friend junkie? Do you know that this diamond play button is not supplied now? You have got the last one literally.

That’s great brother, I will sell it for a million dollars, don’t worry, it will sell, hey, what are you saying, you will sell it, don’t do this, oh brother, he is having fun, yes no, what are you saying, you are kidding, don’t you understand? Hey you guys, what are you guys afraid of? Hey, how did the light go out? How did the light go off? Who is your assistant? What is he? Yes brother, call him. The lights are going out in the expensive mansion. Do one thing guys. People go to your rooms and then as soon as the lights come on we will meet back here yes let’s start again go go no problem brother

Let’s do it, I’m fine, let’s go pro, let’s meet later, yes, go, go, hey, what is it, brother, what is all this, you should not go in this light weight, sorry sir, the weather outside is very bad, so you will have to suffer a little, leave it now, friend. Do one thing and do it right. Hey, this is the voice of Fuzzy. Hey, he was just talking. Hey, what happened, what did the worm come out, what did he do? Hey, where are you? Hey, what happened, what happened to Ray, what happened to him, who killed him, Hey, how is this? Who killed my child? Hey, take out the knife. At least one of them, take out the knife. This is how it can happen.

He was killed with a knife, Lick, look what happened, Lick, hey, someone has murdered him, it looks like a murder has been committed, it looks like a murder has been committed, right now, we have to find out who has done this, junkie, fuzzy friend Can’t let all this happen, my friend, here is your celebration of 10 million. Yes, what has happened? What will I answer? This has gone wrong, this has gone wrong. Call everyone, call everyone here. Yes, tell me, brother, tell me quickly, I am watching. Apart from this, there is no one here brother, there are all the people brother, first tell me who has done what, hey what?

What happened first, tell me why are you having unnecessary suspicions, look at what happened, you inserted the fuzzy, oh brother, who killed brother, who killed what, who killed, there is no one in this house except you, do you understand brother, whose intentions are so flawed, I feel. Who among us has killed us? Yes, I am also feeling the same, I am scared, friend, hey everyone, listen, all our play buttons have been stolen, what is playing, what is happening here? Why is the diamond play button also gone? Hey, if the golden play button disappears then the diamond play button will definitely go.
How can this happen? Mention brother, while leaving I say, close the door, no one will go out, wait, no one will go, oh why are you luring me, it is not right, we came here to party, sorry guys but everyone is looking for it. Sorry will be taken, don’t doubt us, friend, we had just come to celebrate in a junkie’s party, pro boy, now let’s see the situation, there is someone else who can kill him, there is someone else, whatever happens, I will not spare him, my golden. Play buttons are getting stolen but pros I hope none of these because it’s my love

Yes, it’s okay, brother, do it now, yes brother, do it, what can we do now, no one trusts us, come on, come on, brother, check from your house, come brother, absolutely brother, okay o light too. She has come, yes, okay, yes, look brother, look carefully, search everywhere, you will not find anything, you have kept it here, let’s see it, because it is all not mine, it was already kept here, friend, look here. What laptop have you kept? It’s okay. Oh brother, Macbook. And wait, what are these letters? These are all junkie’s letters. When we met for the first time, we talked in letters.


He used to write all the letters and used to talk. You used to enjoy talking through letters. Brother, he has a different pleasure in talking through letters. And there is nothing visible in your room. Okay, there is no one. You are good. Okay, Q. Good. Bye and let’s see PhD brother, what are you doing? Oh brother, the professor has come. Yes, come on brother, you will have to check your room right now, sorry, I have no doubt, I will still have to do it, friend, don’t mind, you are cool, cool, check your room. Diamond play button was stolen brother please check but nothing should happen to my stuff very rare and collector’s item

If you have stuff then please keep it in mind and brother, what is all this brother, so much collection has been kept in the collection. Hey, what can I tell you bro boy, it takes a lot of hard work brother, it is very cool to collect, brother, what a knife is this in your room, yes, a lot of knives too. I have a hobby of collecting guys. Did you stab my wife? Did you stab me? Oh no no brother, are you crazy? I have never killed a mosquito in my life. Why would I stab a mosquito? I just bite. Brother, tell me the truth. What is the meaning of blowing? Are you planning to blow him up? Hey Fuzzy, my cute monkey means he is a dear friend, why would I kill him?

Well, yes, okay, such a good collection, and yes, and so nothing seems to be happening, it is a thief, not money, it is ok to go, you are good to go, I am fine, bye bye, now I am editing the video, I also want a diamond button, and Come on, this is probably Basu’s house and Basu Bhai, hey hey pro boy, how are you, how did you come here, oh brother, what a cool song you make, man, hey man, thank you, thank you, when is your next song coming? By the way, it’s just brother, the work is going on. It will come by January of the New Year, okay, okay, okay, okay, I will wait and search a little, not much, just a little will do, right?

Do you think that I can steal? No, no, I don’t think so, but friend, you will have to go to everyone’s house, hey friend, it’s okay, no one can see, please check anyway, something is fine in my room, friend, it’s yours. The house looks very clean and neat, man, let’s go nice, let’s go, I am fine, yes, let’s go, fine, bye bye, continue, go, make a video, yes, cool, I am making a song, let’s go epic brother, oh brother, what a graphics it is, it looks cool, hey, something No, he was just watching the video below. Inside the loft, you are watching the video of the loft. Yes, he was just watching the video.

You came to search, right, I know, go and take something. No, don’t hide it. Yes, I take it. What is this? What did you go and what did you get? Hey, what is the injection? Hey, don’t touch it. It is important. What to do with all the injections. You have it, oh brother, that’s that, I was preparing to become a part-time doctor. Yes, my mother had a dream since childhood that I should become a doctor, that’s why all these injections are for a little practice, nothing else. Oh, okay, okay, lol. It’s okay, it’s okay, I thought he was not taking drugs, okay, there is nothing at your house, okay, chill someone.


It’s not like that, okay oh, it’s okay, bye bye bye bye, hey friend Junkie, have you found anything or no proof, hey man, you can’t find any proof, I’ve searched everyone’s house, but not a single proof has been found, man, what to do, what to do? I just got a knife from PSG’s house. It looked like something. Yes but it did not look that good. Man, he keeps collecting. He had a knife. Same to same, sir, sir, look what I got, I was relieved. Where did you get this chain on the side, that head was here, here and there, it was lying inside, its perfect ding, one minute, this chain, hey

So, how do you know that it is a chain from PSD? Oh yes sir, I remember when he came to the commencement, he was wearing a chain and when I went to meet him recently, he had no peace, that is, he strangulated the PSD Nazi. With a chain and then killed him by stabbing him with a knife, Bro PhD did this, did not leave him, oh no, hey, what is this sound, what is the sound of running away, what is this sound of the car, yes sir, this is the sound of a car, sir, someone is about to run away. Who is trying? Come on, come on quickly. Yes sir, we can’t let the thief escape from here. The thief is running away. Hey, this is not a PhD. Come on, guys, quickly.

Come on quickly, he is a thief, see where the bloody PS is running, take this boy, kill me, yes, come on, the diamond play button is in my hand, brother, let’s go, now so much money will be printed, it will be fun to sell it, lol Thok U hold hold puck let’s go hold go gho gho gho I say shoot him blast him hold the PhD hold hold hold j what are you doing or is he hiding he is hiding hold him my play button is many years of hard work junkie Sir, I will not let you run away like this, PhD, stop or I will shoot you. Brother, the athlete is going with the diamond play button, please leave our gold play button, hey friend.

Where have you gone? Look here, where will you go? Now hey, what are you people? You guys can’t catch a person? Can’t you run away? Hey man, your diamond is not a play button. No, I will take it from him. I will do anything to get you where will you run. This island of Bhag is very big and very far away, it will take him lifetime to reach the city, he will not run anywhere, this will be the same, oh PS friend, who killed me, what is this, what is this that you are doing, you are happy, what are you seeing and such. No brother, I didn’t kill him, I don’t know who killed him, how are they all dying?

Brother, anger, what do you mean, what is the scene? Hey friend, I too had set out to find this, I never thought that I would find something like this. Oh brother, how is this, what is this, what is the weight, what is this, needle stick, how can anyone kill this with a needle? Oh Bhai Saheb PhD, hey no, friend, who killed this, yes, see this too, no one knows how to kill your people, what is happening with you, I have a party of 10 million, Pro Boys, play button, then mine. Where is the play button? Deaths were happening one after the other and this party no longer seemed like a party, it had become a murder.

  • Mystery friend, I can’t understand what is happening with you, brother, come on, come
  • to the room, friend, oh my friend, you are not doing anything, yes, it is possible, how
  • will I do it, friend, since when have I been in front of you, yes? Friend, this device is
  • finding out everything, I don’t think this can be possible, it is not a problem, do you also
  • thank me, epic brother, for trusting me, friend, who could this be then what, epic depic,
  • use your epic brain a little to find out. I have the soles but have sold them now, brother,
  • come on friend, come on as you are, now I am in the last phase of my PhD.

This is not found on the side, what is this, are you looking? This is a needle. Show it to me. But now I am thinking that how can someone kill with a needle? His needle will not bleed that much, man! I don’t understand how can someone kill a person with a needle. I don’t understand. I just wanted to party. Hey, at least find out something, otherwise everything is your diamond play button. You will get that literally, there was only one left in the world that you got till now, who had the last diamond play button in the world?
(18:39) Now nobody will get it in the future, even you will not get it. Hey friend, just think about how he would have been killed, who would have killed him, let’s decode the needle, but my brain is not working. I am feeling that this needle is not there. It’s only half a part, there’s something missing which we haven’t found till now, something’s missing, dull thinking, thinking thread is missing, what’s the nub, what is it, oh what happened, wasn’t it an injection, oh, someone must have given it an injection, oh But pro boy, there is no doctor here who will give injections, hey I know who has.

Who did the injection come to? Epic Depic had gone to him, that injection is full, why are you saying that he has brought for medicine, he has done something, don’t make a noise, stop, stop, don’t make any noise, I will take care of the rest of the people in the room of Epic Depic. I go and talk to him, is it okay or is it okay, tell me what happened, come on, okay, okay, so here is Epic Tepic’s house, I go to take care of it, hey hey, what is happening, hey hey, who is spraying? Hey, what is all this? Hey, someone is hitting me, hey, you have to lock the door, hey, open it, hey, who has locked the door?

Brother, in which room have you locked it? Who is there? There is some killer roaming among them and what is all this, brother? Now how do I open this door? There is nothing here. Oh brother, where did this knife come from? Oye, put it down, no, no, mom, no, open it, no, don’t speak, he is hitting her, no, no, what’s going on, hey, hey, finally, who trapped you in this place, I don’t know how I came to this place, brother, I am scared. Sir, is Epic Tepic also dead? Is Epic Tepic dead or not? Why is everyone watching this? Sir, they stabbed him with a knife and shut him up completely.

Like oh shit, who is this lick, I will not leave you, who is this murderer lick, he is not doing anything, why would I kill someone, I probably know who has killed, who has killed, do you know, tell me sir, look carefully at his dead body. The knife that has been used matches exactly with the knife of PHD. Yes, it is exactly the same. Q. So what do you mean by this? What do you say? What do you mean by this? P has killed P. He is dead. But sir, if PHD is dead then what should we do about his life. So is it correct, how come, how come, listen sir, you must know that I have the keys to all the rooms and some time ago, I had the bus.

I got the key to P’s room, what are you talking about? Brother, yes sir, it means he went to PHD’s room and took his knife and killed Epic Depic. Yes sir, that’s what happened. I don’t want to know about it, Sir, it’s complete. Suspicion is coming only on Bu, what has he done? What is the suspicion on Bu? Hey friend, you guys are unnecessarily doubting me. Friend, I had taken the keys from him because the PSD had borrowed CDs from me to listen to. And he died, then from where would I have brought it, I also wanted to listen, so I asked for the keys from you, making these excuses.

It seems that you are the one who is killing everyone, friend, everyone has a reason, friend, how will we find out the murderer and who stole his play button, you only tell us, hey Pros, you copy copy brother, do you know anything? Yaar means Kopi hit him with a gun Yaar, do you know that we are such old friends or such dear friends, yes, we have been playing games together for years, we are good friends, don’t worry, this is our house, but we are chill. I will kill you, don’t take tension, I don’t know what is happening with me here, I came here to have fun with you.

I had come to spend time, but the situation here has become such that I have to doubt everyone. Where am I trapped? Look, my friend, the murderer is still there among you, that is, the diamond play button is still inside this mansion, brother. Whatever it is, do one thing, make the entire mission secret, no one should be able to go out, come on, come on, it should be shut down immediately, or quickly lock all the doors and windows, everything is done, yes sir, yes, all of you. The house will be searched sir, the entire mansion has been sealed, nice, nice, so come on, listen, we are here right now, let’s go and check all the rooms.

Let’s kill yes cum no fast quickly fast ok please check why hey who is calling bhe oh li say sir come to the upstairs room quickly there is a fire here, oh how are you crying aa aa aa Chunky has caught fire, come quickly, come on, my friend, what is going on, my friend, what is happening in the mystery, where, where, where, where, oh, how did it happen, how come, it is looking good, friend, come [Music] L sir aap People, don’t go inside this room even by mistake, there is a lot of fire [Music] You will die inside

You will have to walk carefully now, my friend, what are you doing, bro, let’s continue the search. Hey friend, I have checked all the rooms and can’t find it. There is no room here, no place, love. Who was that or that, please give it. Look, you can see his hand, take this in your hand, stop, who was he who came in the tree, he disappeared, hey guys, who was he who came in the dark throat, someone is a killer among us, oh shut up, no, no, nothing I will have to do it, man, my dear Janaki, someone is trying to kill me, brother, I was about to die, brother, someone was coming from behind, did you see him?

You see me, I am not there, I shot in his hand, show me your brother sleeve, you will doubt me, oh man, sorry man, show me man, you are fine right now, it is nothing, but don’t be afraid, oh man, sorry man, your I have to doubt that while watching other people too, I shot, whose blood has come out, where is it? Walk, walk, walk, Basu, raise your sleeves, brother, what happened, why are you so angry? I didn’t say anything. Have you killed someone? Hey friend, show me, this is a very dangerous suspicion, so we don’t have to check on this, why are you checking on this also?

I didn’t even ask, hey, I shot him in the hand, that’s why oh yes, sorry, sorry, Chalal Basu, sorry brother, what are you guys doing, I am scared, actually who is it? Don’t be afraid, don’t take tension, come on. Go to sleep, go and settle down comfortably, you are Professor Junkie, brother, I am very scared, do something to me, brother, tell me, listen, first show your sleeves, yes, take out your hands, show your hands, yes, why do you have to show your hands? Hey, show me your lips, friend. Please friend, time is not wasted, show me, no, no, friend, don’t show me, no, show me, this is what I feel like, show me, see, nothing will happen, show me.

Okay brother, here’s what you see, who is this? I am crying, wait, wait, hey, he was just joking, I am really joking, what a joke, this is looking like a joke, he had come wearing this costume just to kill me. Brother, I had come just to joke, to prank you, brother, I will beat you a little, don’t lie to you now, hey friend, I had a plan to scare you with this, my friend, how is this that I am getting suspicious, brother, many people are feeling scared, hey man! Don’t take out the entire inventory. Give the entire inventory. Ok brother, take this, la la all la nahi, what have you kept in my mind, friend?

It has come, take this, keep my phone too, give me this, look at the phone, I have given it, I am coming with a deceitful hand, I have shot you, no one has shot me, my friend, copy me, hey, my friend, handle me like this, oh butt, how is he like this? Brother, he is coming to stay, there is such a wonderful atmosphere going on and he is having so much fun, no, friend, is anyone feeling disturbed, friend, is he hiding something from us, what is this secret phone, just a minute, yes, I have heard this ringtone somewhere. It’s like, where did you hear it, where did you hear it, wait, when I was in the closet, this is what was going on, ringtone wait wait, Pakka knows something.

What I understand is that when I was going to watch Epic Day, someone had sprayed it and locked it in the closet and then I heard the same ringtone coming from outside the closet and after this ringtone, the sound of A deck dying. Aayi bro means Kopi has killed Kopi has killed Kopi and he was coming to kill me so that the investigation can end. Oh hey brother, let him come, he has become aware of it. Come on son Kopi, get out, get out, get out, where? Had gone inside it, Parviz is not here, he is inside it, he has opened it and kept it locked, open it from inside and break it.

Junkie, please do one thing for me, break the door, come and kill him, I will come take this, son, where did he go, how did he run away, he ran away with your diamond play button, he ran away because of you, I did not do anything, oh man, so much How did you not understand the big master plan? Hey man, your shit ran away. Who ran away with all the diamond play butts? [Praise] Hey, you didn’t run away, it was here, where was it? Hey man, don’t you guys even let me use the bathroom? You are shouting so much with the chain and remove the gun [music] You are not a thief, I have never been saying that if you are not a char, then this ring is the same as the same.

Why is the ring the same? Hey, what ringtone are you talking about? Can you guys call me the ring again? This is what I am hearing. Listen, same to the same. This is what I heard. Hey, same to ring dog. Yes, what are you saying? What are you saying, Leo, Leo’s weight is the same, how weight is the same, that is, the league has hit the Big Depic, oh brother, this can’t happen, it means he has his own button, diamond play button, yes but but pros, we have all the room. Yes, we did not find anything. We checked all the rooms except one room, which one is the one with fire.

O remember the room, where is Pareli ever, where is he, find him, I will interrogate him truthfully, listen, think with a calm mind, we have kept it completely sealed, then he must not have gone out, yes but wait, if I see you, Everything was given to him for management, that is, he has the keys and everything, yes man, he cannot do this, once you look at the main door, there is a seal on the front of the main door, that is, if it is going outside. So the seal will have to be broken. Yes, that means he has not escaped from the main gate, then which gate could he have escaped from is a secret.

Do you know where the gate would be? Hey Pro Junkie, he is not there in the room with the fire, that is the only room which we did not check. Oh yes, he might have also kept his diamond play bottle in it. Run away, oh man, where is he, where did he go? Man, it’s not like this, what happened, what happened, hey, what is this, guys, have you calmed down, no no, what is this, what is all this, what is happening, it was just a matter of fear, we are you guys, you guys are not understanding, brother, everyone is being killed one by one. Is there anyone, hey, calm down, brother! Hey, next P will be mine, I don’t want to stay here brother, I am leaving from here, hey, I am

I am going brother, this is very close to the truth, I say, you guys also run away, he will die if he goes alone, if I stay with you guys, I will also die brother, come here brother, this is a very dangerous situation here, she is a direct killer. It can’t be sex, it’s definitely sex, now my 20 year old has a company, he is breaking 20 years of friendship in 20 seconds, he is breaking my friendship, I don’t know what he will get from me, my friend, find it quickly where is your play. Button, my play button, play button, you won’t find it here, hey, those insects will leave for a while, hey, what’s that, see, see, what is this?

In suspicion, let’s go, let’s go, oh shit, where should we go, let’s go, literally, she has made a lot of noises, she has such a big master plan, and you didn’t realize that I will not leave her, I will break her with a gun, oh man, well done. What plan have you made to talk to someone behind your back or nothing? To complete such a big mission, a little red wine is enough. My friend, I will not leave you. How are you looking at my diamond, son, stop, son, Lia, hey, stop at one place. What are you doing here, hey hey, please go, you won’t get it, you won’t get it, come on son, sit here.

Minecraft Solving A MURDER MYSTERY IN @minecraft.net
Minecraft Solving A MURDER MYSTERY IN @minecraft.net

Sit, sit, but listen for a little for two minutes, where is he having fun in the big tunnel, where is he sitting, you have caused so much blood, you are the same, don’t you feel ashamed, you are not feeling ashamed, the plan was made from the beginning, junkie, that’s why. He had dismissed all his workers after seeing them. This was the plan from the very first day. You thought that you were so innocent, so that he could get all the management and he had the keys to all the rooms etc., whether he said anything or not. No, brother, I did not kill. There is some misunderstanding. Are you guys misunderstanding? What misunderstanding, is this all a misunderstanding? Yes?


Junkie, I will neither hit you nor with a leash. You were the one who sprayed me behind and locked me in the locker. My son was caught playing the ringtone. He became very vicious. He hit me with an epic depic. You will do this to me and that is why I am in the fire room. You didn’t let it come, you yourself had set it on fire so that you could steal and keep your diamond play button inside it, there is nothing to defend, hold it near it, please listen, today we will shoot you guys, I don’t do all this. I wanted to, but please understand, I was in great need of money, so I would have come and asked why money.

If someone steals, I would have beaten him to death, now stop the race and listen to him, what do you want to say, tell me quickly, I am just a junkie, this is what I want to call you, I don’t like you even a little, I hate you a lot, whenever I see you, my heart. I want to kill you, what am I saying, I have nurtured you so much, yet what is it like, Chunky, you just considered me a slave and treated me like a slave, I am not a slave, I want to become very big, then you could have told me that your I would not have enslaved you, I would have left you, I know everything why you did it and how you did it, I am going crazy planning.

Junkie, I had already prepared it, but this PhD came in between and then I came to know that EPIC kills PhD and all your friends turned out to be greedy. Junkie, everyone was after your diamond play button and Poor guy, you are killed. Come on, my friend, the athlete should listen to all the truth. He told me the truth in front of Proves. I want to give you one last moon. Will you come back to my team as an honest man and not as a junkie? I don’t want to live with such weak people. It is better than this. So I’m going to die, hey, you’ve killed me, you big yoke boy, so come on Junkie, take your play button.

Thank You Brochure You are the Real Pro I will never hold such a big party after today. Yes friend, please take care of me, all this is useless, I still can’t believe that all this is not sex, I lived here for years, no one, let’s go now. I’m leaving, it’s time for me to also go, okay friend, what is all this? Hey, and actually Pro Boy had come to play a game in the party, in which whoever wins, I would give him a dangerous car, but the whole party is already ruined, so now I have a car. I will give it, give it, give it, that dangerous car, oh brother, what’s the matter, you have become a Mr.

Walk safely, bye bye friend, is it okay to run smoothly, hold on to the cool gold diamond button, why don’t you come here alone in such a big house, how come [Music] Poor Junkie, how innocent he is, na how innocent he is, guys, I played Junkie. If the button is given then it is a fake one, it is the real play button, so I have it, yes, the whole plan was successful very well, become diamond play button