How to start a Youtube Gaming channel for free

How to start a Youtube Gaming channel for free
How to start a Youtube Gaming channel for free

How to start a Youtube Gaming channel for free

How to start a Youtube Gaming channel for free Creating a gaming channel is such a dream about which we all must have thought at one time or the other, but the competition in gaming is so high that no creator is able to grow easily in the gaming category at this time and mostly they remain stuck

. For these games like bgmi,ff,GTA 5 or Minecraft first you should know which games you are going to play, different type of games or similar type of games because that will decide the future of your gaming channel. So if you have decided that you Do you want to make videos like

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Beast Boy Shop or Techno Gamers Means on different type of games but for mobile devices there are not so many games that you can play so let us discuss this point further but if you have chosen similar type. Of games, it includes montes full map game play or challenge and this keeps building your audience of the same game but in this you never have to create montes because come on it’s 21st century. Enjoy game play with any random song.


how to start a youtube gaming channel for free,


  • Will do but for full maps or challenge then before that you have to know about USP
  • means Unique Selling Point so in this time millions of the creators are already in the
  • market so why will people look at you then for that you will have to decide such a unique
  • selling point. Due to which people watch your videos and it is also followed by most of
  • the popular creators like Techno Gamer’s Story Telling, Gamer Fleet’s Clutches or
  • Dynamo’s Pro Game Play, then here you can clearly see that they all have such a
  • different point . Due to which the audience keeps watching them and even when Carry
  • Mitty

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was growing the gaming channel in its initial stage, he also used to try different things like mimicry of Sunny Ol with his gaming skills but what is the use of doing all this if You don’t have audience to watch it so next point is target audience and trust building so for targeting you can use known youtubers tutorials viral topics from famous tubers you can use like i visit gamer fleet world i stole techno Gamers lamborghini.


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com Like the film Dynamo, you can grab a good audience with these and by making tutorials videos you can target the audience of any one game and you can make videos on viral topics like about any bug New feature Or whatever new news it is, it will definitely bring some traffic to your channel, after that you just have to stop it by building that trust, which you can do by making videos on your audience demand, so in the beginning, you have to satisfy yourself in high amount. You have to produce your new type of videos and later you

can also shift them to your favorite videos like by using personality building so you always have to try that people invest in you more than your videos. Now for best example if If GTA 5 or M gets banned then what do you think even if YouTube will face their downfall then never because they

have an audience that wants to watch them because of their USP their entertainment skills so for creating personality always be yourself you should not be compared to other creators Look at their dialogues, their way of speaking, never copy all this, always


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present everything as you are in real life, no, all this will come to you with experience, but you have to create a gaming video. If not only then for that we have to move on to our next segment Creation of Gaming Videos then important terms to create a perfect engaging gaming video are Dedicated

Intros Story Building Play with Emotions and Hyped Ending and Most Important Voice Over Why I M focusing on voice over much, I will clear it later but first you look at this block. It may look like a forest block but it


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is a little different from a forest block. This block is surrounded by a border which when mined it It will gradually expand on its own. We will only get random things from this block and to progress, we will have to trade this material to traders. So here is a master creator who explained his entire world building in his intro itself.


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End Also left a question whose answer you will know only after watching the video, so this was the dedicated intro, from here the audience got hooked and now they simply shifted to ahead of the video. Now you will have to create a story in which you You can play with the trust of the audience,

like some happy and sad moments which they can enjoy, all this is important because If something unexpected is not happening in the story, you are always the one who is winning, then everyone is going to get easily bored but along with this, the ending of the video also plays a crucial role


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in which the happy ending is the hyped ending. So in the happy ending, there are simply many in the video. End the story on a happy note by putting up downs in the last but if you want to make the next part of that video then you can always end your ending on a note which basically leaves many questions as soon as it ends.


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Go and even if you had chosen this then congratulations, it is very beneficial in one term, that is binge watching. So binge watching is a term that the audience finishes one of your videos and then they also watch other videos of your channel. And even this is beneficial for every single category

on youtube0 Growth of your channel Now the main question is which I had discussed in the starting also PC gamers vs mobile gamers like who can grow easily so see in terms of content and resources PC gamers have a wide range of selection abilities, they can play any type of game but

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for mobile gamers, there are no such games in the store with which you can entertain the audience than PC gamers but that’s true like now. If you remember that in these previous months, a game named Chuchu Charles had become very famous and maximum everyone had made multiple videos on it, then how could you use it as a mobile gamer.

 How to start a Youtube Gaming channel for free
How to start a Youtube Gaming channel for free
  1. Wait, I will explain to you its fan made phone. Games or modder Chuchu Charles could have tried all these and it would have created a USP and I know those videos would also have gone viral. Now you know how to build an audience and how to create a perfect video, but now how should you make the videos? If you want for the audience or whatever you like, then if I tell you according to my experience, then you have to create a ratio like for example, if you make 10 videos monthly, then you should make six videos as per the on audience demand or trends. And


rest four videos so you get it satisfactorily then you can also decide ratio according to you and still I have most of the tips left of course it is impossible to tell everything in one video so if you want part two of this video then Comment part two below and we are now on