How to Make Android Games Without Coding in 2024 Mobile Me Game kaise Banyan Free 2024 |

How to Make Android Games Without Coding in 2024
How to Make Android Games Without Coding in 2024

How to Make Android Games Without Coding in Mobile Me Game kaise Banyan Free 2024

No, when your monthly earning is completed, you will get an email with a link on it and as soon as you click on the link, your money will be credited to your paper account after 5 days. So you normally play games like Free Fire Pub and suddenly in your mind An idea comes that can I also make such games which can earn in millions and you search on Google, make a game and then you have come to know that to make a game, you have to learn coding, but today I will tell you. I will create games worth millions of dollars like Battleground Racing Shooting Games without any other coding.

Mobile Me Game kaise Banyan Free 2024

You can also earn from games, for which you must watch the video. If you are new, you just have to put the milk bar in water and you will get tea automatically, but how to do this, you will definitely need a game engine whose game Making software where you can create million of dollars games like battleground racing shooting in free of cost with out coding, just you have to add some more elements etc. Install it so list which type of games you have to create with this game engine. You can also make a game like this in front of you, so here

game kaise banate hain app

You will see battle ground games, you will get shooting games and you will get Ranjan type games, you will get racing games, you can make this thing now, you have to make a game on other story line, but I am changing empty project name, give a title, create, so here. You’ll find a preview button where you can check out the game and a more detailed menu where you can tweak things like add assets and make the game a customer’s no-first-choice game. Creating a Map [Music] You D train generator is done, now you can change it but for now

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  1. Let’s keep this, no, now I am ready to add the character, so to add the character, I will
  2. add this phone point, so to add the spun point, give the content by searching spun point
  3. and drop spun point in the game, take your The character is also ready. To move the
  4. character, press the blue S and D buttons. To jam, press the space bar and C to crouch.
  5. No, now we will add assets like graces tree on the road, trash child, so on. It is not
  6. necessary to make a realistic game, so for which train option, you are the fool, click on
  7. add college, so here you are the asset.

How to make android games without coding in 2024 ios

You can add it, so now I have added it to Gracie, after adding it, from here you can reduce their distance or increase it, so I reduce the distance between them, no, in the same way we will add the tree also and I I increase their distance, so here is the problem, whenever I go close to a tree, what happens is that I go inside it, so this is a late fix, so to fix this, click on the flash and enable ‘Kal Listen’. Tick Two Thoughts It Now I Can’t Go Inside Trick No Now Let’s Make a Straight So


How to make android games without coding in 2024 free

For that simply click on point and select different texture [Music] Here you will get more tools with which you can create mini mountains like this and if you want to do anything else then you can do it, now we will add [Music ] But there is a problem here, intelligence has to be added for which of course coding is done, so will we need to do coding to set the anime, but here comes Explore Tweet, we can also add animes without coding through this engine. So let’s add animes so let’s add animes so let’s add animes


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After importing the package, let me give you the Kamini content and select the import content. Open MC Kit and click on depend templates and here you will get many anime, select any of these anime and rack them up for your game. If I am doing skeleton anime then I will simply drug and drop it and search [Music] so I am importing the package of 108 which is community contents and also drug and drop it and bring it into my game so now We also have a sword and its animation is very strong.

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In this way, I am going to add more animes, so in this way we have made the game and you must have also made the game, but now the next stage is how to earn from this game, so to earn, the games will have to be published on Play Store, but Unfortunately, the game can be published only on other platforms, not on Play Store, but in the beginning I told you that if you can do it, then you can do it, but again how to earn [Music] But at least you can do it on the platform of game engine. If you can then first of all you have to create the game which is ours and you have to

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Publish button will be visible on the corner, simply click on it and here you have to write the title of your game, below you have to put the screenshot, click inside your game and publish the game, for which $50 [Music] [Music ] So you can send the link to invite users on WhatsApp, on Facebook page, on Instagram and best of all on YouTube where you will get good users, but guys, how to do earning actually, meaning what to do, where to go, then earning. For this you will have to join the program or monetize the account for which

How to Make Android Games Without Coding in 2024
How to Make Android Games Without Coding in 2024

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There are some recruitments, follow them and your account will be monetized, then the first retirement is that your account should be 30 days old and no money will be deposited on your account.There should not be any violence and if there is a conflict after creating your channel then Congressmen cannot join the program on you and the second comment is that 50 daily everything should come to your account i.e. 50 unique users should come to your account every day. Play the game and you will have to do this for 30 days and if you complete the Indore Retirement then you will get a notification on the joining link of the program.

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After clicking on it, a page will open for you. There will be a button for the truck program. Click on the button, open another account on the website and when your account is monetized, your earning will start from there. But brother, if you get the money, how will you get it i.e. where? When your monthly earning is completed, you will receive an email. There will be a link on it. As soon as you click on the link, you will reach a website where you will have to add your payment method. Like you can add paper method. After that, after two to five days, your money and papers will be received.

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You will go to your account and can also earn in this way, so we made the game without coding and after publishing it, now all that is left is to like the video and subscribe to the channel. If you like the video, till then bye bye editing. watching on