How to Create Story Telling AI Video Free 2024 – calldutygames

How to Create Story Telling AI Video Free 2024

How to Create Story Telling AI Video Free 2024 – calldutygames

How to Create Story Telling AI Video Free 2024 – calldutygames While it seemed that AI videos would not get views, there are some creators who have started growing again in 10 to 15 days by making such videos. Yes, we are going to talk about storytelling AI videos which are very difficult to make. It is easy if you know how to generate images properly and due to this unique video, followers of many people are still increasing and you can also take advantage of this trending video, after this video you will also get another opportunity. If you want to gain millions of followers, start the video as usual without any nonsense.

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If we do, then to make such videos, the first thing we need is a script, so now I have prepared this script, this script is [music] speaker, after that we generate the voice, now you can hear the voice, your tears. You will not be able to stop listening to the story of two friends. Two friends named Veer and Jai lived in a small village. Then click here to download it. Now the most important thing is to generate the image, for that we will use Rdo AI. If you want, you can also sign up through tapmail because there is a daily limit of 150 tokens.

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Okay, so now after signing up, simply click on AI Image Generation here. Now before typing anything prompt here, check all these settings to see what are the things, which setting is on and off, in which first of all You have to select 3D animation style, then here the numbers of images, you have to keep one or two because we are going to generate a lot of images, so you have to save the token and after that the photo real will remain off. Promote Magic, you have to keep it on and keep Alchemy off. Then here in the input dimension you have to keep 9:1, you can see this setting now here

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On Image to Image, those who were asking why it remains off here, then pay attention here, if Promote Magic is on, then Image to Image will remain off and when you use the image, then turn off Promote Magic. Now we will keep it on. If we have a promotion, then like I said, it is very easy to generate this image because we just have to do the promotion related to the script. Now first of all let’s translate it on Google. You can read the 2nd line. You will not be able to stop your tears meaning. There must be a man crying, if we want that kind of image then simply come back to Leonardo.
  • Let’s go and type here A man with tears in house and then click on generate. See, just
  • like I have written here in house, similarly you can type anything according to your story
  • like in hospital in forest. Yes, a good image has been generated as per our script. If this
  • image is too zoomed, then you can zoom it out by clicking here and then download it.
  • Now let’s go to the second line of the script to know friends name. And J Live in a Small
  • Village Look, this is the advantage of translating, there will be some lines which we can
  • directly translate.
You can copy and paste, now by directly copying this line, I paste it in the prompt. You can see how perfect the image has come and how much easier it is becoming. Now let’s download it and go to the third line. A time came when both of them fulfill their dream and join the army. Here we need such an image that if both are in the army then simply come back to the promotion and here further change this line and write joint army. And then generate it, you can see how similar both the images are and also the color of the background.
  • Same is the case, now let’s go to the fourth line. Very soon both of them also
  • get a chance to serve the country. We will not add the image in this line and
  • will leave the first one as there is no action or movement in it. So on the fifth
  • line. Let’s go One J is bad injured fearing the fight Here also it is simple Let’s
  • copy this line and paste it in the promo [Music] Now look here the AI ​​doesn’t know whether he is in the army or somewhere else Is fighting so we will just add one last point here in army [music] Look Jai is more in front in this image
How to Create Story Telling AI Video Free 2024
How to Create Story Telling AI Video Free 2024
So to remove this, we will add a small line in the promo here in [music] ground and then generate it. You can see or it is looking better than before. Now you will say that we have only one character. The character with the same face has to be made to laugh and angry and if he is standing, he has to be made to sit, then simply generate a character for him as per your story, like I have just generated an old man in a house here. You can see there is an old man who is inside a house, now the story of this old man is that this old man is in the hospital.

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If someone gets angry then we will type here An Angry Old Man in Hospital and here you have to use Image to Image, for which first turn off Promote Magic and download this image here, then come to Image to Image and use that downloaded image. Upload it and then generate it simply. Now you can see that it is the same face but what is the difference between the two, so in this way you just have to use your brain and you will make the entire video in no time. And the thing is that these images To add or merge together, I have already made a video for this.
After viewing, you will be able to edit these images in less than five minutes. This complete script will be ready today and will be uploaded on Unseen Gyan in the evening. If you want to see an example of all these image generations, then join t.g. and here. If you have watched the video till now, then subscribe the channel quickly. If you want to learn how to make fact videos, then click on the video being shown on the left side and if on Instagram’s, thanks for watching.