GTA 6 Gameplay Leak Footage Trailer 2

Rockstar Games Gta 6 Trailer leak
Rockstar Games Gta 6 Trailer leak

GTA 6 Gameplay Leak Footage Trailer 2


the GTA 6 Gameplay trailer 2 details are already pouring out alongside controversies and secrets GTA 6 Gameplay Leak Footage Trailer 2  because of the first one releasing just before we hop into that drop a like and today’s video And subscribe with all notifications turned on so you don’t miss any breaking news or leaks regarding GTA 6 immediately starting out did you know that the GTA 6 trailer player backwards explains Lucia’s story and how she ended up in jail at the very beginning before having electronic tag on her ankle monitored by law enforcement as seen in

  1.  the game poster despite being on probation with this ankle tag at the end it looks like
  2. these two partners in Bonnie and Clyde like in the modern day are going to be
  3. committing even more once we get our hands on the game and the debate still
  4. continues online as to whether this is Lucia or not but here’s an image right now that I
  5. found on exr Twitter breaking down all the resemblances and markings basically
  6. matching up to undoubtedly be her even though the game releases in 2025 with the
  7. Gameplay trailer 2 releasing before
  8.  then in 2024 so we heard even based off the scenes that we have of ear now in this 90c
  9. or so trailer people are already putting together cosplays and basically you know
  10. dressing up as her and although many people have come forward claiming to look like
  11. people they’ve already shown in the GTA 6 trailer some happy some others not such as
  12. the Florida Joker right here this his initial video calling out Rockstar or gt he’s referring
  13. to them as so many other things have serviced online including garnering the attention
  14. because of that


of Arthur Morgan the voice actor of him responded in a video and also even Michael’s voice actor as you know he’s been carrying the marketing across social media either way as you can see from the caption in this response video update Florida Joker Is Now demanding $2 million from Rockstar Games for using his you all took my likeness you all took my life so let’s roll the clip everybody saying that I’m hallucinating that I’m not the Joker from GTA 6 CH out your goddamn nuggets that’s me that’s the person they got the

inspiration from you see that that that’s me that’s me that’s me GTA we we got to talk GTA we got to talk or not you got to give me like a mill or to so what’s up holler me GTA Rockstar entertainment Rockstar Games Rockstar Enterprise floa joke ain’t having that y’all took my likeness y’all took my life I no lawyer right but I’m pretty sure they didn’t quote unquote take his life and as that’s the second video of him trying to put together some sort of case or argument that GTA of Rockstar ow


GTA 6 Gameplay Leak Footage Trailer 2

him some money for the resemblances or inspiration made of him as a character as prev to mention these clips have already gone viral and gathered the attention of ARA Morgan’s voice actor in Red Dead Redemption 2 Roger Clark as he reacts to the Florida Joker Right Here Wanting to talk to Rockstar basically dissing him saying you weren’t getting a job at Home Depot with that face GTA you got to talk no you don’t you don’t need to talk to them they’re not going to talk to you they’ve had people like you


trying to sue them for decades they are lawyered up man they know exactly what they can and cannot get away with if I were you I would use the notoriety that they just threw your away to my advantage capitalize it on it somehow you ain’t getting a job in Home Depot with that face and despite that clip servicing with a lot of truth to it as Arthur Morgan’s voice actor Roger State seems to have ignored that response not taking his advice and triple if not quadruple down in his third video right here not only going


after the same thing again but dressing up as the character Dy his hair the same purple and as you can also see from the caption demanding an extra million dollars for the free marketing so let’s roll black CL GTA I’m giving you the biggest free marketing you got in entire history of running this GTA game for for that I want an extra million dollars y’all taking forever to respond back to me you see that find other character find other person in Florida they betrayed that character from I’ll wait I


Will Wait GTA we got to talk you think I’m playing you got three days three days before my lawyers go crazy on this case this isn’t this is not like the Lizzy Lohan case this is not like the Lizzy Lohan case I got hard evidence hard evidence I’m not sure of making yourself look like the character that already took inspiration off you and was made entirely differently but in a game is having hard evidence so he says but he also claims it won’t be like the Lindsay Lohan case where she spent four

GTA 6 Gameplay Leak Footage Trailer 2

years in court trying to win against Rockstar for using her likeness in GTA 5’s loading screen but her case ended up being dismissed here’s the comparison of Lindsay Lohan to the GTA 5 character on the artwork anyway supposedly having her likeness and then the Florida or Miami Joker side by side with what was shown in the GTA 6 trailer even Michael’s voice actor chimed in on this I got hard evidence but no lower lip feel me I need that money to buy one and then he always puts these five stars resembling the


star system in GTA at the end of his purse Michael is the main character from GTA 5 out of the three that we’ve heard of the most in terms of actually promoting or talking about GTA 6 despite Franklin also teaming up with him to do so in this particular interview that I’m not going to play its role form now basically hinting at once we solve the Mount Chiliad Easter egg we will find out if Michael and Franklin are in GTA 6 as we only have two main characters revealed now being Jason and Lucia potentially being the only main two

GTA 6 Gameplay Leak Footage Trailer 2

characters instead of a third one like we got Trevor maybe in the trailer too that we’ll be releasing in 2024 considering it looks like GTA 6 is releasing early 2025 considering their projected air Financial between 2024 and 2025 of $8 billion you perhaps see Michael and Franklin not as a main role but obviously involved in characters in the game that would definitely shock the internet or make it go crazy as another form of subliminal marketing despite you know the first ever trailer that had for GTA 6 literally being our first look at


it making the internet go crazy in and of itself after a Whole Decade of waiting and speaking of the GTA 6 trailer here’s a ton of screenshots put into one image on screen and hour and to know out of all of these which is your particular favorite from the trailer or what were you the most impressed with after all it’s only just over a week old and has already gathered 223.

Rockstar Games Gta 6 Trailer leak
Rockstar Games Gta 6 Trailer leak

50 million cumulative views across all platforms YouTube 141 mil YouTube Gamespot 19 mil views YouTube IGN 3.9 million views x 33 million views Instagram 25.4 million views and Facebook 1.2 million views as for trailer 2 however in details all leaks we have on it initially Aden Ross came out stating I’m in GTA 6 I can’t speak much about it but I’ll see you later on throughout the year in the next trailer either way I’m blessed and thank you to Rockstar for giving me an opportunity to have something to do with the greatest game ever then shortly after that he


spoke in this following clip about his role in GTA 6 saying you’ll probably see him in one of the following trailers probably beginning to the mid next year which I’m guessing means trailer to yeah I will be in GTA 6 chat I um I can’t speak on a lot of like when but you’ll see me in one of the following trailers probably beginning to mid next year um and I saw people saying you shouldn’t be in it shouldn’t be in it I be SSB world and that’s the almost probably like one of the most mainstream servers of all


 time and I In The City the game is based in Miami you’ll see I don’t play a big role in GTA 6 but I play a role where it’s like oh you’ll see so with that said come early 2024 I’m guessing we’re going to see in the next trailer Aiden Ross revealed to his non-main R but something that we’ll definitely notice him as all stands out so drop a like if you’re excited for that subscribe with all notifications turn on so you don’t miss any future leaks here on GTA Central hopefully you have