GTA 6 Biggest Leak New Features & Details Found | GTA 6 O’clock

GTA 6 Biggest Leak New Features & Details Found GTA 6 O'clock
GTA 6 Biggest Leak New Features & Details Found GTA 6 O'clock

GTA 6 Biggest Leak New Features & Details Found | GTA 6 O’clock

GTA 6 Biggest Leak New Features & Details Found | GTA 6 O’clock Today we will know about GTA 6 O’Clock GT Insider Test 2 said that GTA 6 will be released in 2024 One question developer revealed more than 20 features of the game Big changes in the map of GTA4 and why only now This is the time when you should buy and keep GTA games. This is GTA 6 O Clock which I publish every Monday at 6 PM where you get all the information related to GTA at one place. If you have not subscribed to the channel yet. To stay updated like this, first of all let’s talk about how Tess 2 has affected the release of GTA 4.

What was said about the date and if you don’t know then Tess F is a very well known GTI insider and his words are always true so just a few days ago there was an earnings call of Tech Reactive in which now the earnings for fiscal year 2025 which was earlier It was 8 billion, now it is being reduced to $ billion dollars. If you remember, even before the trailer of GTA 6 came out, Stau Janik had said that in 2025 our earnings will be $8 billion dollars and then people started speculating from 8 billion dollars. After hearing that it is being said that $ billion dollars, the fans are also wondering whether these people

GTA 6 Biggest Leak New Features & Details Found

We will not delay GTA 6 because after it can come in the first quarter of the second month and I have also come to know from an industry insider that there will be a feature like Eye by which we will be able to highlight items and targets and then It was reported that GTA 6 has the most mini games of any game released to date.

In the game, we will be able to do golf, basketball, tennis, pool and for the first time, we will also be able to do fishing. In the fishing mini game, we can dive and catch different sea creatures with the help of a harpoon, such as dolphins and sharks. Animals in the game and Vehicles will have a discovery system or tracking system, that is, whenever you sit in a vehicle, it will become a part of our discovery system and if you discover the same class of vehicle again and again, then there will be many modifications of it. Will also be unlocked then this son2g or you can rob these same features

We will also get to see it in GTA 6. Then the map of the game will evolve with time, now a lot can happen in it, it can also happen that some area or bridge gets completely destroyed by the end of the game, some building which is under construction. The construction is to be completed later, then it was told that there will be a specific tool for each action in the game which the players will be able to acquire such as tools like lock picks and cutters to open the washer and other things, then it was told that and this This will happen only if you do not change your appearance i.e. change clothes etc.

We don’t do this; after changing clothes, perhaps they might not be able to recognize us. Both Jason and Lucia will live in the same house and this house will also change multiple times. In the whole story, it means that they can change their house repeatedly in the entire city. Now most of the game events and missions will be shown on TV news channels and social media where NPCs will comment and discuss. There will also be some missions in the game on that event which either Jason and Lucia can complete. Now on this information people say that some things in it are in the lead game play only.

So it is possible that all this information is real but at the same time some people are also saying that all this is available in Speculative Edition 1650 r A good game like Raid, that brother in gta5 6 gta5 952 gta4 299 then I Yes, all these are available for 00300, so if you have not played any of these games and wanted to buy in the future, then this is the time and if we talk about the map of GT6, then there is a new state mapping project on which I have written a A dedicated video was also made, now many changes have been made in it, so earlier we did not know that Vice

What will happen in this MT green area on the side of City International Airport, but in the latest version of the map, many small ponds have been added here, so now we understand how this green area can be filled. And if you come to the upper side Port Galan, then earlier people were thinking that this will be a desert area but after the changes, now it is known that this is also going to be surrounded by water. If you look at the old map, If you look at the versions, there is not much water here. On the right side, if you go to the top, then there is Peanut Island and President Bunker.

GTA 6 Biggest Leak New Features & Details Found GTA 6 O'clock
GTA 6 Biggest Leak New Features & Details Found GTA 6 O’clock

In real life, people go to this Peanut Island to visit because John F Kennedy’s bunker is also there, so let’s see whether all this comes in the game or not. Now the trailer of GTA 6 is very realistic. But now another detail has come out which is very mind blowing. If you see this middle shot then yes we get to see heat haze which is very common in summers, so we get to see all this inside the trailer also. Found which no one would have even noticed and the most impressive thing is that this trailer has been made using these game footage.

This is not a cinematic trailer etc. which means that when you go to beaches or any hot location in the game, we can see heat haze there, so in GTA 6 O’Clock, this is just like this from GTA New. Subscribe to stay updated regularly and if you haven’t liked the video yet, do that too, see you later.