GTA 5 Ultimate SECRET Underground Bunker Under Franklin Hous

GTA 5 Ultimate SECRET Underground Bunker Under Franklin Hous
GTA 5 Ultimate SECRET Underground Bunker Under Franklin Hous

GTA 5 Ultimate SECRET Underground Bunker Under Franklin Hous

It is not possible, brother, definitely, GTA 5 Ultimate SECRET Underground Bunker Under Franklin Hous there is no base in my house, then where is the base and where did those two vehicles go? Hey, what happened, friend, what are you trying to find, am I trying to find the base, brother, what is the meaning of base, base? Don’t you know brother, what are these stones? Who threw these stones here? Hey brother, what stones are these stones here? Hey, yes friend, I am also noticing that there have been stones lying there for the last two-three days. Hey, so you have told me. Why didn’t you tell me, I thought you must have kept the stones, brother, there are no stones lying here, there are stones buried here.

  •  But what is the scene inside the ground, here for a second, let’s go down and see what, what is it under our house, especially brother, I am looking at everyone’s house, this base is built under my house and that too so much. There is a big opening that even a car can go inside it, but I will not go inside alone, but I will have to go. Guys, are they hiding the cars inside my house, but from where did they bring the car here? I have no idea, brother, I am very I am badly confused, I am not able to understand anything, brother, what is the scene, those two vehicles there.
  •  A second car came, what color car was there, one blue color, one pink color, okay, first the blue color car came, I saw it when I was waiting there to steal it, brother, if the car will go, then it is this one. That car will go by that route, neither by this way nor by that way, it means that the car went inside our house, inside the secret base, then the other car came, it was of pink color, I feel that too, it is definitely from those Los Gang people. This is the base of the Los Gang, why don’t these Los Gang people accept that they have ruined their lives?
  •  People thought it means that pink car came ahead, I am again waiting for that pink car to go from here or from the back way but that car again went inside our base but these two vehicles I don’t know how this border of green grass was crossed, brother, whatever way it was crossed, but at present a base has been made inside our house, a secret base and that too of the Los Gang, I am afraid to go inside, otherwise I will get caught. Let’s do one thing, guys, let’s go with a gun, we will kill whoever is inside, let’s go.
  •  But before that you guys go and like the video, if you haven’t liked it yet then subscribe to the channel, a very deadly thing is going to happen, it is possible that the entire Los gang will be found inside, their entire brother means the entire gang. Who knows if we meet, there are a lot of people, so brother, my condition is getting worse while going, so you all go, like the video, subscribe to the channel and let’s go inside, let’s go, where have I gone, oh my, what kind of black dark entrance has I made. Hey friend, enter from there and fall straight here and while entering inside, what is this under our house?
  • Everything is there and we didn’t even know what was happening, one second, here is that blue car, this is the same car of Los Gang that I first saw today at their base and when their guy was saying that he was leaving. I am going to hide this car in my Aarey base, it means he was talking about my house only and look at this pink car which I saw some time ago which I was preparing to rob and mine has disappeared. Hey friend, but why are these Los Gang people hiding inside my house and why have they made a base under my house?
  • know when they brought these vehicles, but all these vehicles belong to the Guys in Los gang and these people have maintained a full base and I also I had also heard that whenever they steal a car, they hide it in their new base, so I guess these people must have made it recently. Anyway, I am not paying much attention. It was made from behind my house. They gave, I will not leave the base, let the lost gang guy come, let him come brother, let him come, I will not leave.
  • Brother, I am very angry with those people, I am serious, brother, there is something wrong, someone is building a base under some guy’s house, I will call Shinchan Pinchan Chop and feed him, brother, let me show them also what these Los Gang people did. Oye, listen, Oye, a very big mess has happened with our house, Oye, do you know what these Los Gang guys did to our house, Oye, listen, Oye, Sinchan, Pinchon and Chop, you guys also listen, brother, what happened man, why are you shouting? Los gang members have made a base under our house, what nonsense are you talking, yes brother, yes in our house.
  • They have built a very big garage base under which they have kept a lot of vehicles. Currently, they have four vehicles. Well, what a long throw you are throwing. You are not throwing it, brother, this is true, but how can this happen? Maybe friend, if someone makes a base then we will definitely come to know, brother, how come we did not know, oh, it is wrong, brother, something is wrong, brother, what do you think, brother, when would these people have done this, brother, maybe when we were at night. They would have fallen asleep then, but man, at least some noise should be heard, brother, those people under our house in some secret way
  • That base has been made from which we didn’t even know what to do tomorrow. First you all go and see. Oh yes friend, let’s come, let’s also come. Let’s see what kind of base has been made. Come on, the way of entrance is very strange. Ba kalya strange meaning, come come, you guys will come to know for yourself that they built the base from here, oh where did they build it, at a secret place behind the house where vehicles can go easily, come here, come here brother, where are you staying? Come here, hey, these people are also just samples, brother, they are so slow, they have not come yet, these people are so slow, when will these people come?
  • I am calling you, come quickly, bring Pinchan too, bring him immediately, they have made a base here and there, brother Shinchan, they have come, now tell me, please look at this, brother, Kalaya, what is this, look at these pillars of ours. These people have made a complete base in the middle and what will happen if we go inside here, come and see for yourself, we have come inside, now look brother, what have these people done under our house, oh brother, Kalaya, this looks great. Hey friend, you are praising me, I mean I am not praising him, I am praising his bass, what a wonderful one.

You have made it after just thinking, brother, what is the use of thinking? Hey, there is the benefit of thinking, now this base is ours, how did it become ours? Hey, we will not let the Los Gang people enter, we will not allow them to enter, meaning hey. I mean, I have a great idea, brother, what an idea, brother, what an idea, brother, look, you have an idea, no, I also have an idea, listen to me too, tell me brother, look brother, we will give a party to the people of the Lost Gang and so on. We will make them our friends and simply brother, we will take these base weapons from them, shut up, tell me your useless idea.

Brother Shinchan, I have this idea friend that we will blow up those Los Gang people, keep quiet brother, your idea is also useless, Los Gang, you people also know how big it is, don’t know how many Los Gang people the police have killed. We have been fighting every day but still their gang has not ended till date, there are so many people, do anything, brother, they are not going to give us this base of theirs, but this base is ours and it is under our house, so tomorrow is the right thing. If it is under our house then this base is ours, we will have to find some other way to grab this base.

But what, what other way should we find? Idea idea brother, idea, what an idea, I have a very solid plan, hey, tell me, what is the plan, look brother, this is the entrance, isn’t it brother, is it okay with these people, brother, what is there to do with it tomorrow? Let us get a metal door installed and an iron door. Hey, what will happen with that, friend, they will break the door and come inside. No brother, no, not such a thin and light door, a very thick iron door which people normally get installed on bunkers etc. And we will set it brother with one of our secret passwords.

What will happen to him, brother, when A Los gang members come with their car and try to enter the entrance of their base, first of all they will have to face an iron door, now they will try to break it. We will do it but if it is thick then it will not be able to break then those people will try to open it but only we know the password and it is impossible to make us spit out the password, but I will not tell you the password to make us spit it out and then those people will not do anything. If you go to the police, you will find that the police

What will they say if they go to our house, we have a secret base under his house, brother, they cannot say because the house is mine and if the house is mine then the secret base is also mine, they will be trapped from all sides, these four vehicles of theirs will also be lost and this The secret base will also go, now tell me how is my idea. Look, the idea is good, but how do you get the thick iron bunker gate installed? You guys leave it all to me, I will do everything, you guys stay calm, come on, come immediately. Let’s go guys let’s go try to get a thick iron door let’s go to Lester’s

He must have some person known to him who does all this work and has got him to install a bunker gate outside this secret base. Come on, come on brother, I am going, I am going to Lester, okay friend. Okay, okay, let’s go, let’s go, you guys, be careful, if the Lost Gang guys come with another vehicle and try to sneak in here, you guys, don’t disturb them, let them do whatever they want, they should not know that we are there for them. I have found out about the secret base. Okay, okay friend, don’t worry, I will leave right now with my bike.

Let’s go towards the house, I’ll hurry up, where is my bike? First let’s take a look, my bike is probably outside. Yes, here it is. The guys go to Lester’s house. Let’s find out from Lester about a guy who makes bunkers. Bunker No bunker gate because we have to make the gate as strong as we can make, and once this gate is made and the gate is installed on its base and I put a password on it, then even if the Los Gang people want, I will have something to do with it. Brother, they will not be able to uproot it and they can neither go to the police nor complain to anyone.

And the most they will do is try to beat us and I want them to come to mess with me. There must be some reason to blow my skull, that’s why I want it, brother. Those people may come to mess with me, but man, now I am going to ask Lester about this base, I will also have to tell him about the gate that a base is built under my house, no problem, just give him a car. Will give a gift and he will be happy. Anyway, which car is mine? One car among the four?

We will give a good gift to Lester and he will be happy and he will not tell anyone about it. Now let’s quickly go to Lester’s house and ask him about a gate maker. Let’s go, let’s do this guys. By the way, it’s not till now. Never mind, Lester, Lester, where are you, my brother, my friend, what are you doing in this corner? Hey, there was no signal coming outside, it was raining, so leave all that aside, tell me, go and build the gate of some bunker. I know the person, I know many people, but if I don’t tell you what to do, then you know.

Hey, I am saying that I know many people, but what do you have to do? Hey, I have built a bunker, I have to install a gate on it, how thick, as strong, as thick as the gate can be, okay, I will send you the address, I will go, you will meet me there. Friend, what is his name, what will you do after knowing his name, just take my name in front of him that I am Lester’s friend, he will give you a discount, okay, brother, thank you friend, send the address immediately okay, I am Lester, friend, a number means greedy. The guy thought that he did not make any demand from the front that brother, I want money, I want it.

He is Lester, I don’t know since when has he become such a good person, I don’t know, he is just saying, go to the right location and talk to him, he didn’t even say, hey, he got a cigarette base made, a party, he doesn’t need anything, brother’s car vendor, he didn’t ask for anything, not even this. Said that I need a little space in that secret base, no brother, Lester is such a good person, I have come to know today. Well, leave it, let’s go to the person to whom he has given the location of the person who built the bunker gate, I am not telling you immediately. Brother Lester, you will get the cure for everything, tell me, the person who built the bunker gate also knows this.

My friend is a unique one and today I came to know that he is a good friend, he did not demand anything from the front, what is the matter, according to the location given by Lester, I have to take a right cut from here, okay here friend, it is raining again. There are so many vehicles running, tell me what is the problem people, then there is a pink dinosaur here, I have to take a right cut from here, so I guess from here, yes, let’s come, now we have to move forward on this road, the train has come. What is going on? The train is not coming yet, okay let’s go, here he has said that there is a big forest house and there is a cloth hanging in front of it.

He means friend’s house, something like this, he has written everything in the address, yes, this is it, this is the cloth hanging, this is it, is there anyone here, why not, why must there be someone here, why is it raining so much, I have been knocking on the door and calling. Hello to anyone, someone is a friend of brother Lester, tell me friend, what is your work? Who are you? I am actually a friend of brother Lester. You make gates of bunkers etc. I mean, yes, I used to make them many years ago, but I left all this work. I have given one last order sir, will you complete it? Yes, no problem, Lester.

Friends, this is all I can do, tell me what to do, first come to my house, it is raining now, friend, so what is the matter with the rain, the work should not stop, no matter what happens if it rains, come quickly and sit in the car. Where is it in the bike? Okay, so you have made a bunker. Hey sir, sit down, first let me tell you where should I sit on this. Hey, this is such a nice bike, where is the space in it? Hey man, its tantrum brother, Mr. did not tell me that its Friend, you are so picky, there is space but where is the seat, now should I put a seat for you, what should I do, friend, get a car for this.

Should I bring it sir, whose jeep is it our neighbor’s, let’s go with that, hey, you are a thief, are you a thief, don’t you work for a thief, I am fine, come sit on the bike, I will tell you how to sit, come come, come quickly. Brother, tell me how should I sit, sir, are you feeling comfortable? There is no problem, oh friend, what is this way of taking someone, sir, this is my way, oh friend, I will not refuse your gate of the bunker. Hey sir, you will feel absolutely comfortable, don’t worry. Do it, I will drive the bike at full speed, you will not even know when we reached home, hey, don’t let it go up.

Friend, please sir, don’t take tension, you are on my bike, it means you are on the safest bike in the world, are you calling your bike a safe bike at this speed, and what sir, don’t take tension, you reach home quickly and you quickly Make my bunker gate ok sir ok what are you doing brother hey where are you friend sir here is your house right here we are just here ok now for two minutes please get down from the bike slowly and I will walk for a second or so I am asking something, O Shinchan Pinchan Bhai, these Los Gang people did not come. Hey, where will these Los Gang people come? Hey, this is the base they have.

It was built behind our house, not in it, no one came in it, friend, no one came for sure, brother, he did not come yesterday, it means he did not come, the matter is over, okay, okay, then okay, let’s go out, where are you, brother, where are you going to look for you? I was going to search, don’t come, I will show you where the base is, the work will be done in this much rain, everything will be done, I will do it, there is no tension, ok ok brother, you will put the password in that gate, I know how to put everything. Look at me brother, come here friend, what is this, who did you catch? Look brother, I have to put it here.

A bunker gate oh secret base at a good location yes I know I will have to start installing it and bring the material, I will call my man and get the material ordered, I will do whatever you want brother, you can do it quickly, just get my gate installed ok before the rain stops. Your gate will be installed. Do you know when the rain will stop? No, I am just punching you. I am fine brother, it started immediately. The rain has stopped for the time being. Guy, he has decided to get this iron gate installed and you can see it literally. I will look at its width once, you guys look at the width of this iron gate, this gate is very wide.

This is a very powerful gate, look at the width from the top, brother, how will anyone break this gate, this is the ultimate gate, brother, how long will it take, just wait for half an hour, okay, no problem, it is useful guys, your gate is done. Please make the payment, I will make my payment, the gate is not looking a little crooked, no no, it is perfectly placed, I am sure I would have opened the head completely and shown it, and what is this, you can set your password from here, it is better. Okay sir, a little gap is visible from top to bottom. Sir, no one can go through the stones from below.

I have covered it, ok then it’s ok, I will make your payment, how much have I got for this gate, just this one crore, one crore, so much more, what else is ok, no problem, brother, that guy has gone and has already installed his gate. It was fun. Let’s set the password. What password should I set? I am Franklin the Great. What password should I set? Tell me something strong and ultimate. Guys, what password should I write in the comments so that the people of Los Gang should never be able to do gas in their life. Some passwords are currently without passwords, so let’s go inside and see how it is.

GTA 5 Ultimate SECRET Underground Bunker Under Franklin Hous
GTA 5 Ultimate SECRET Underground Bunker Under Franklin Hous

New door, let’s go anyway, there are people from the lost gang inside, no, Sinjan Banjan is saying, Bindaas let’s go, welcome to our new Teri Abe, these Shinjan Banjan are saying, the people from the lost gang have not come, so many people from the Los Gang have come. Well, these people have brought two new vans, will they stay here now? Hey man, you should not trust these sprinklers, they are not even on the tip of their chops. Brother, look at this, the whole gang is sitting here and they are saying no, no. We have not seen anyone entering inside, now these people are packed, should I go out? These people are here for the rest of their lives.

Will be packed here but no no no brother, they have no trust, let’s do one thing, blow them all up, ok ok, deal with them, brother, deal with you like this, oh no no no, my shotgun, my shot, where is my shotgun, okay, my shotgun, this is Oh yours, oh yours, oh yours, run, run, run, run, run away, why are you not running away from here, is it the mirror, don’t you know, what is the drama, okay nice, nice, run, run, run, run, come on, come on, okay, take this. Take this, ok, nice, nice, no problem, let’s go, it’s here, let’s go.

Get out of here, okay, one is visible over there, let’s go out, one is here, let’s go, okay, nice, nice, okay, one is there behind the car, let’s blow it up first, let’s actually have two, let’s go, one is gone, this other one is also gone, Any One Else Any One There is no one else, now what should I do with their dead bodies, I will do one thing, tell Lester and get all this removed, I will get it removed guys easily and then this vehicle will become our secret base forever. Let me tell you brother, no one from the lost gang has come, the whole gang has come and is sitting here. Well, whatever happens guys.