GTA 5 : Shinchan Franklin Pinchan Found Ultimate Secret Stairway To Heaven

GTA 5 Shinchan Franklin Pinchan Found Ultimate Secret Stairway To Heaven
GTA 5 Shinchan Franklin Pinchan Found Ultimate Secret Stairway To Heaven
  • What is that brother? It is looking upwards in the front. GTA 5 Shinchan Franklin Pinchan Found Ultimate Secret Stairway To HeavenBrother chop you back. Is there any staircase challenge going on tomorrow? Well let’s go guys. Anyway, it has been a long time since guys did the Stairway to Heaven challenge. Is Shinchan Pinchan also sitting in the car right now? Are you guys ready? Oh, not at all, my friend. Aren’t you ready? Am I also not ready tomorrow? Brother, I am scared in the same way and I am not sure if I will get something in the end. Brother, this time I will definitely get something. You guys will definitely get something once. Look, look at the platform right at the top, which is the top platform, there is something there.

    It is visible brother, but what is it, man, that must be something strong, you are the one who is mine, don’t take part in it, brother, don’t take me, friend, and don’t take me either, oh Pinchan brother, you are an athlete, it is absolutely not, man, this is People are also very cowards, I thought, ‘Ok, it’s Sunday, let’s go for a walk. I saw Stairway Challenge on the way, so I thought, let’s get together and complete it, but no one is ready with me, friend. It seems that I will have to go alone. It looks very interesting. Brother, it is very high, it seems from a distance.

    Brother, it is not very high, but brother, as we are getting very close, you guys see for yourself how high it is and how many levels are there in it, we will probably get the price at the first, second and third level. Hey you. I am sure that you will get the price. And brother, you will definitely get the price. Obviously, this is an obvious thing. This challenge is starting from here. It is fun guys. Definitely, you guys just look at its curve like this, like this, like this, it is made in a zigzag zigzag. It’s going to be fun and it’s going to be fun. Back Kaliya, you feel like you’ll definitely get something out of it.

    Will you get it, friend, just a second, there is a paper lying here, guys, okay, let’s see what is written inside the paper, maybe it must have been written about this staircase challenge, let’s pick it up and read it, guys, what is written inside it, inside the paper. You guys can clearly see it is written here complete this staircase challenge and there are 50 chances to get the price ok did you understand it guys what have you understood brother hey this has to be completed and there are 50 more But you will get the price but you will not get the price at Rs. 50, brother, then what is written in it, it is written that in this staircase

    After completing the challenge, there is a 50% chance that we may or may not get the price. Hey, I still don’t understand what it means. Yesterday I didn’t understand either. Hey, it means there is a chance that we may or may not get the price. There is a 50% chance that I may get the price and it is also possible that I may not get the price. Oh, I will not go to such a staircase challenge. Who knows, if I don’t get it, I too will not go at all. Oh, who knows, if I don’t get the price, then tomorrow I will too. I don’t want to go brother, whether I get it or not, I can’t take the risk brother of climbing so many stairs and falling down from there.

    I don’t know how to fly a parachute etc. No, I am not going to go at all. Hey, we too are not going to go. What is the use of working so hard when the chances of winning are only 50. Okay, you guys do one thing, you guys just chill me here. Chair and then see how I create havoc, okay friend, okay, let’s see what you get, so are you guys ready? Hey, we are not going for a while, you are going, first listen to me, friend, you are not going to get anything, go up. Hey brother, will you definitely get it? Brother, there is a chance of getting something only at 50. Let’s assume that your luck is bad and nothing else.

    If I found it, then it doesn’t matter. Anyway, where was I going to go on Sunday, I was free, I just did a fun challenge, so what difference does it make, friend, you are a very strange person, so shut up brother Shop and you all too. Just keep watching me how I complete it, for now here I have started climbing the stairs. Guys, if you guys enjoy the Stairway to Heaven challenge, then go and like the video. Yes, go. Like the latest video, subscribe to the channel and do you think whether I will get the price or not in the comment.

    Go and guess brother, hey, you guys think that if you get the price then write yes and if you think that you will not get it then write no. Yes guys, let’s see whether you have written more yes in the comments or write more no, I think. Most of you guys will write yes brother because I also have faith that after working so hard, I am definitely going to get the price, I don’t know why Shinchan Pinchan and Chop don’t have faith. Well whatever it is you guys go guys write yes in the comment. For now I am climbing. We started very boldly and slowly climbed up and reached the top.

    We are just close to that highway, in terms of height, rest of you people see this one which is Stairway to Heaven Challenge, it is just here, there is a path in the middle, above it, at a very unique and fun location. Yes, this is the rest, let’s go quickly, quickly, oh no, oh where did I jump, what did I do? My parachute, please, ok, the parachute opened, but in the midst of fun, I jumped wrong, oh man, I messed it up, no problem, no problem, why again, but I jumped, let’s go here brother, let’s start again, okay no problem, we are among those who lost.

    No guys, now look brother, I am working so hard, I will definitely get the price back, but tomorrow I will not get it back brother, today you will be pooped on Sunday, you see Leo, it will not be pooped ok come on guys let’s go fast come on let’s go fast come on growing Let’s move ahead and faster and faster, if we get some vehicle then it becomes a little easier, friend, while climbing these stairs, my condition gets worse, like my condition has worsened now, but still, we are not among those who accept defeat, you. People please like it guys so that brother we can quickly reach the top and finally see that pink color and blue color.

    Are there two levels to be cleared before that? Level one is the level two which is above and on the third level we will get the price. We may not even get it. Don’t know what will happen. Okay, where did I fall from last time? Yes, I fell from somewhere here, let’s go. No problem, I am not going to fall this time, I am very close to level one. Once level one is completed, then level two is completed, then the matter is easy, after that there will be no problem. Come on, let’s fast, come on a little. And fast brother, do not walk on the stairs quickly, if there are stairs from one or two floors, then the same fear occurs.

    It seems that I don’t know who is climbing the stairs of how many floors. My table is probably 100 or so floors above the bank building and I have almost reached the back middle. Tell me, I climbed 100 floors. The thing is, this is the first level, okay okay, now let’s see what to do next, for now the first level is this, I can go further, yes obviously I can go, but I have two options, either I will get to go by bicycle or You will get it from the bike. Ok got it. I understood the entire trick of level one. Look guys, this is a bike. The key to it is these two.

    Okay, this is a bicycle, its key will also be under one of these two Christmas trees. Now I have to shoot one of these two Christmas trees and the Christmas tree will end from there. And I will get the key, now I have to make up my mind that under which Christmas tree will the maid’s key be and under which Christmas tree will the bicycle key be. Brother, this is just level one. These people have confused my mind. Oh! Brother, under whose control will the key of the bicycle be, I will get only one chance if you accept it?

    If I fail in the first try, then all this is going to disappear from here, so I will have to carefully remove the Christmas tree and see what is the key there – a bicycle or a bike, okay let’s go, which is the key to the Christmas tree. Below which Christmas tree is going to be the bicycle key, which means under which Christmas tree the bike key is going to be, it is a very difficult task, friend, what do you guys think, under this rotating Christmas tree or this one with glowing lights? By the way, Christmas has arrived under the Christmas tree, brother, Merry Christmas to you all, but which one?

    The key is under the Christmas tree. It’s like I can’t look down to see who has the key under it. Once I remove the Christmas tree, everything will disappear and only the vehicle whose key is there will remain. What should I do? I am confused. Hey, I need help, I need help, but I don’t think you guys will be able to help. Hey, what a scene, friend, first tell me, look brother, there is a bike kept here and one cycle is okay, is it tomorrow, so take the bike from him. Will reach soon, wait and answer, first listen to me completely, there is one bike kept here, one cycle and two
    There are also Christmas trees, under both those Christmas trees there is a bike key under one Christmas tree and under one Christmas tree there is a bicycle key, so remove the bike Christmas tree and take the key, no no no no brother, this is the twist, I don’t know. Brother, how will I know under whom is the key? That’s what came to my mind, if your luck is good then you will get the key of the bike directly. Hey, what kind of Christmas trees are there, brother? One is a strange cake like a Christmas tree and round – There is a Christmas tree moving round, brother, a little white light is burning and Ho Ho Ho is written on it.

    If it is written Merry Christmas, etc., then tell me under which the key of the bike will be, B Kalve, I say, open the one which is rotating, brother, the key of the bike will be below it, the bike goes very fast, the Christmas tree is rotating, it means the bike. Okay, Shinchan Pinchan brother, what do you guys say? Hey, we have to say, remove the one with the light, the key of the bike will come out below the light one. Well, because there is light inside the bike itself, where is the light inside the bicycle, man? Friend, what kind of logic is this? Your logic is also useless.

    Yes, but one of the two will have to be removed, only then will I be able to clear level one. Well, I can go on foot too, but if I choose bike or bicycle, it will be easier to move ahead. I guess guys, I should go with a this one I guess. Let’s vote for a second, what’s the problem, Chop brother, which Christmas tree are you talking about? Well, I’m just roaming around saying okay, Chop’s vote is in favor of this one. Hey, we are friends, I am both of them. And pin chain both are saying, friend, open the light one, okay, below the light one, Shinchan is saying okay, I guess guys, let us open the light one.

    Let’s go down, let’s go, let’s remove this Christmas tree and see whose key is under it. Let’s go for a second. Hello, hello. There is no key. Hey, everything has disappeared from here. This means a bicycle. Hey, man, you put so much thought into it. After thinking so much and wasting so much time, in the end I got a bicycle. Hey Shinchan Pinchan, I will not leave you guys. It’s good. I was going towards the key of the bike. You guys told me to remove the Christmas tree with lights, then a bicycle appeared under it, brother. Hey. What is our fault in this, friend, we also made a mistake.

    Hey man, I had planted it very well. I would have removed this Christmas tree. I was telling you yesterday that the logic logic Christmas tree was moving round and round. The bike also runs very fast, which means the key of the bike was under it, now you take it away. Brother, cycle, oh man, what should I do? The cycle is very slow, guys, literally I could have reached much faster by bike. Come on brother, no problem, let’s go, what can we do? Let’s go, okay very slow, slow, a little fast, fast level two. Where is it? Okay, level two is a little higher. Hey, one has to put one’s life into a bicycle. I had to just sit on the bike.

    And the bike had to be accelerated, I would have simply gone fast at full speed, I would have gone to the second level, but first of all, put all your heart into the cycle and there is not even a plain path up the stairs, okay okay, the situation is getting worse, move on the cycle, there is a push from above. Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak, the cycle keeps on shaking brother, look at this, if there were shocks etc. inside that bike, they would have absorbed so many shocks, but the shocks are being felt on the bicycle, brother, okay, somehow guys, I will quickly reach level two. One is cleared, level two, let’s see how much harder it is and how much easier it is, the rest which one did you guys choose?

    I had guessed the Christmas tree, brother, I literally couldn’t think of anything, I was also thinking that maybe a rotating Christmas tree would be better, but this little one said, Chop got lonely, there were two of them, so I thought, brother, two people are saying so. I don’t know if it’s right and I went there and got upset brother, I don’t mind, let’s go this way, okay, this is the second level and on the second level, brother, what is this, this is a completely arranged table, friend, hello, excuse me, table. Brother, this is not a completely forgotten table, what do I have to do here, I am okay with it for now.

    Do you have to cross the table and go there by bicycle? Maybe you have to cross the table itself. Hey, this is easy, brother, I went from here and there is no way from here, the way is closed from here, who wants the way? We will go from above, brother, let’s go. Go oh brother cheater, what is written here, oh yours, I threw it, I picked it up, hello friend, this cheater came and picked it up and threw it straight from the stairs, what drama is this, cheating, what did I do, oh friend, maybe you You will have to leave only after completing the table. Hey, is this also a thing? You must leave after completing the table.

    It must have happened, friend, and you were trying to be clever by jumping over the table. Look, you have failed, my friend. Then you will have to complete the table and go. I think the second level can’t be so easy for us guys. First the table will have to be completed and then the second level will be completed and then we will be able to go up to the stairs. Let’s go again. Hey, but my bicycle is still left at the top. Hey, so what will I do now? I will have to go on foot till the second level. Oh no, go on foot. It will take that much, no one, let’s go, let’s see what we get in the end.

    Price Come on guys, let’s start moving. Come on brother, we are not the ones to give up again. Let’s move quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly. I am about to reach level one. I am very fast, quickly, quickly, quickly. I am getting worse from climbing so many stairs. I also dried up, I was wet brother, till now I will not get the cycle here again, my cycle is stuck on the second level, I will have to cross all this on foot because I cheated, this time we will complete the table in a better way, friend cheater. These people have thrown me down straight away, is there any point in this?

    Now I will not cheat anymore, I will solve this and we will move ahead. Come on, hello hello hello everyone. Back to the second level and this time we will solve it. We will not give up at all. Brother, no matter what happens, I am not going to give up. Anyway, in front of this challenge, I am very close to the second level and as soon as the second level is closed, the price goes to the third level and the price at the third level, but its chances are also at 50. Brother, this challenge is very strict, tell me, is this a little cheating? Tried to do it, picked it up and threw it, so I had to do everything on foot.

    We can’t go ahead from here, definitely from here, oh no, we don’t want to cheat, so here the door of the table is closed, the table is closed, you guys must be aware of the maze, so this can’t be done from here, so guess this solution from here. Hey brother, what is this opening, I will fall down from here, who is the one making this table, he is an idiot, from this opening, I will fall down, who will go directly here, so this is the opening of the second table, but also this So, it is getting closed in front, so where should I go, I can see only two roads in this, one is okay, one is fine.

    Look guys, this one is going to go from here like this but this road gets closed ahead, so definitely this is not the road, then after that I can see a road, this one is fine but this road also goes ahead, look, it is closed here. It’s done and if I go from above, then these people will write me a cheater and then drop me. On top of that, I will not go from here. There will be no way from here. Here, these people will not write cheater. Hello sure brother, you will not write cheater. Oye, one second. Friend, you have dropped it again, what a drama this is. Hey friend, you have dropped it again by writing cheater. What is this in red red color?
    They are putting me down by writing cheater, I am not brother, I am a cheater. Hey, you are such a big cheater, friend, you are being caught cheating again and again. Hey, brother, I am not cheating, that means I don’t want to jump up and go from above the table, brother. If I go on top of the table, there will be a word written as ‘cheater’ and these people will pick me up and throw me. Well, I understand, then how will that table be solved? Two roads are being closed ahead, so where should I go from those stairs. Brother, this is a very confusing table, I am losing my mind, oh hello, can someone tell me?

    Will you explain what I have to do? Let’s start from the beginning again. I am tired. I am tired of climbing again and again and the bicycle is also on me. Come on, let’s start again. Let’s go, let’s go fast fast fast. Hey. Leave it friend, anyway the chances of getting the price are 50, if you don’t get it then all your hard work will be wasted, no problem, hard work will be wasted, but I will complete this challenge, whatever happens, friend, let’s go, let’s go come on fast fast. A little more fast, a little more step, brother Franklin, what am I doing?

    And a little faster, a little faster, a little more fast, brother, that bicycle, I should go ahead only by bicycle, I guess, yes, even if I fall, I will fall with a bicycle, and then I will climb back quickly with a bicycle, yes, yes, yes, yes, that’s right guys, ma’am. This time I will complete the table sitting on that bicycle itself, this is a great way, let’s go, let’s do this, let’s go, okay nice, nice, let’s go, let’s do this, okay fast, let’s reach the first level, I will also reach the second level quickly. I have also reached the first level, I am moving towards the second level. Back to the second level, everyone.

    And this time I will try to complete this challenge on a bicycle. Brother, this second level is more dangerous than the first level. In the first level, the only choice had to be made whether to go by bike or cycle and that too depended on luck. Brother, which Christmas tree will you remove and which vehicle key will you get, but here you have to be fully intelligent, there is some trick which I am missing, definitely brother, be careful not to go over the table, otherwise these people will throw you away. No problem, even if you throw it this time, I have a bicycle, athlete, I will come immediately, no, no.

    Not from above the table. Is any table here fake? I feel that perhaps some table here is fake. Guess where the path will be from. Definitely why am I not able to guess? Why am I not able to find out? There are all tables here. This is real brother, no, all the tables here are real guys, there is no scene of any fake table here, yes, there might be some fake table on that route, come on, let’s go, let’s relax, we are chilling just chilling, brother chill, just chilling here. Is there a fake table here? No, there is a fake table here, there is a fake table here, there is a fake table here, there is no fake table here, no, from above the table.

    I am gone, no I am gone, I am sure that I will be caught for cheating, I have written cheater cheater and dropped it, but no problem, I have a bicycle, this time I will be able to go a little faster than an athletic bicycle, I will reach the second level, okay, I have been declared a cheater three times. I don’t mind these people, no problem, let’s try again on the bicycle. Come on guys, this time I have a bicycle, I will climb it quickly. I come on, come on, come on, let’s take it again with my bicycle. Go away brothers. Hey guys, let it be, all the efforts. It’s useless, you’re not going to get anything, in the end, you guys, shut up brother, tomorrow is tomorrow, leave it, it’s really nothing.

    You will get it brother, you will definitely get it, many people have written yes, so you will definitely get it, just keep going, just keep going, by the way guys, till now you guys have climbed the stairs here that are a bit steep, hence even cycling is a bit difficult, but at the very least, it is better than walking. Yes, okay, so I was saying guys, nice, fast, fast, fast, come on fast, more fast, more fast, more fast than this.

    I am not able to go very fast, I am reaching not only 20 km but sometimes even 30 km, but it is very difficult brother to cycle on these stairs, seriously, I have given my whole life to cycle, but still I am very slow in cycling. It is much faster than walking but still I have not been able to figure out, after all this is the second level, so how can there be something which is hiding from my eyes despite being in front of my eyes, wait brother, this time I will use some brain, peace. We will stand at one place and wonder what is the matter, what is the scene.

    Okay, do you understand that you people have come here, we simply keep the bicycles here, there is one way here, okay, this is a maze, I can tell you this much, but there are two roads, one, this road is not closed, three. How am I forgetting that way? One way, this one is fine, the other way is the one on the other side, this one is fine, this one is also closed, I have tried many times and it is not from above the table, this is also closed, ok, third one. This path is also open, which I had called dumb in the beginning, but there must be something special on this path and it may definitely happen on this path.

    That trick is hidden in me, so let’s go here, what is the maximum, I will fall down, this has been happening for a long time, athlete, this time we will know, is it on this path, let’s go guys, let’s go, much bigger risk, much bigger risk Oye wait wait, is there a fake platform here? Is there a fake platform there? Brother, my brother, this is a very strong trick to take, there I was taking the second level so lightly that hey, this is just a cheap local one. There is a table there, there is a trick to be found and the trick is to find the third way to get out of that fatness.

    Actually, there is a fake invisible track there, okay, but it is not very wide, so I will have to do it very carefully, but man, now again I will have to climb so much on foot, but no problem, I will climb it, this time I will happily climb it on foot because the athlete I know what to do next, for so long I was confused as to what to do after reaching the second level, but now I have come to know, brother, all the wires in my mind have opened up, I have understood everything, what I have to do. Let’s go let’s do this back to the second level everyone so late mind

    It was spoiled and finally figured out, brother, who has made it with great care, I was saying in the beginning that it is stupid, this is some other way, but it is the only way, okay, now that platform, the invisible platform, is not very wide. So I guess I should use the gun there because we will know the depth because look, if the bullet from this gun hits anything, then see a spark will come out here, if I fire in the air, then it will be clearly visible that on the right side of the air. A bullet went, fired here, hit here, went outside, ok went in the air, hit here, then in this manner

    With this, we can find out where the invisible path is by using the gun, and not only this, brother, if I use the short gun, then I will know the path better, I have understood, I have understood everything, let’s go, let’s do. I have almost reached the second level on this top, so there is no need for this cycle too. Move aside brother, cycle son, move quickly to the side, this is a fake path, look here for a second, no, friend, the gun is not showing anything special. If you don’t know then this is what is going on, see if a shotgun is fired in the air, smoke comes out, but if the bullet of a shotgun hits somewhere, then see the smoke.

    It is coming out, it means there is a track here, look here, the smoke has gone into the air, it has not come out, it means there is no track here, there is a track here, there is a track till this point, okay, there is a way, now the way is here or here, we have to find out, the way is here. Definitely ok ok, the way is here, let me go, let me go, let me go, go around the way from here, come on, I understand brother, I understand, I understood everything, now I have to go this way, don’t fall easily, don’t fall easily. Look, smoke is coming out, brother, why is there no smoke coming out here? Yes, it is coming out. Come on, keep moving forward, keep moving forward brother.

    Sir, I am in the air, there is an invisible track here, Oye, why is there no smoke coming here, there is no way here? Look guys, here I hit the smoke, there is an invisible track here, but there is no smoke coming here, it means definitely. The path is not from here, we have to go back and go back and go there, let’s go it got it it is bro and it is very easy here Come on, nice, nice, nice, come on, come on, there is a way here too, there is a way here too, see this

    When it is hitting the platform, smoke is coming out like this and when the bullet is going in the air, nothing is visible. In this way, there is a platform here too. Here too, how is it being detected from the pistol. It is like this from the pistol too. It’s the same scene with the smoke here, there’s the way, there’s the way, there’s the way, there’s the way, keep going, way, way, way, now the way will turn and go towards the stairs I guess yes yes yes yes let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go Let’s go, let’s go and this time cheating will not be considered. As far as I feel, they will not accept cheating.

    No people, brother, this cheating is not written here. Oh brother, this second level was to be done in this manner, but my bike was left there, should I bring a bike or should we go on foot, should I try one, should I bring a bike, friend, I am scared. Bringing a bike means that I should not fall in the trap of bringing a bicycle. What should I do? The risk is very high, but then how should I bring a bicycle and ride on it from here. No, there is no use of bringing a bicycle anyway. Look, accept it. From here I went to the bicycle through this invisible path, I will come from here to here but then on top of this

    How to climb the bicycle became very difficult and it turned out that I got down from the bicycle to lift the bicycle and while descending, I fell down from the invisible platform. Even if I didn’t realize it, there could be a problem. No, no brother, I am taking such a risk. I am not going to take it, I am going to climb up boldly, brother, what is there there, are there any invisible stairs there? Is it possible that there are some invisible stairs there, go once and see what I can reach there, brother, this is very strange, you cannot guess these stairs. I feel like there is definitely some invisible stairs there.

    Let’s go and see for once, both of those stairs are in the air, let’s go guys, let’s take a risk, let’s go on these invisible stairs, let’s go, there is definitely a staircase up from here, let’s go, what happened, it was not hello there. Invisible stairs, you are ruined again, friend, that must have been kept to make a popot, oh man, I thought that invisible stairs are something great, friend, this has become my poop and my bicycle is also at the top, that means all this, I have to do it again. Will have to do it on foot O no o no o no Back to the second level guys do this thing again

    Now it is easy, now it is not difficult at all, just go from here, stick to this path and keep moving ahead, turn left from here, we can even run at full speed from here, no problem. It’s not a matter, then go slow here, take another turn from here and then a little faster here. Nice and simple and easy, very easy task. Just simply move ahead. While climbing those stairs, I had a very strong erection and my Too much time has been wasted, but never mind, let’s go and see which city is finally settled above.

    Hey man, what a price I am going to get, after all the price I am going to get will be very good, brother, I will enjoy the price, oh no, I am about to fall, I was saying that it will be a very good price, but there were chances on 50 that I will get that price or else. Will not get it, let’s see what happens, let’s go, ok, I am very close, I will get the price of the third level only here, so much hard work has been put in, first he was completely spoiled on the first level, then on the second level he has gone completely crazy, I write cheater cheater. Many times, these people, while somehow searching here and there for the right path, gave us ‘Hi brother, that whole table’

    Seriously, the way to make you crazy is not from there, but the way from inside it was from here, it made you completely crazy, but whatever it is, we have finally reached the third level where we will get our big prizes, let’s go. Let’s get it, I am coming to my city, stay away to city was like this, brother, this is some city, look, I was not saying, it seemed from below that it is some house, it is a house, brother, here it is real, hello brother, hello. Aunty ji is anyone there hello hello any one no one is saying anything who will give my prize brother hello a

    GTA 5 Shinchan Franklin Pinchan Found Ultimate Secret Stairway To Heaven
    GTA 5 Shinchan Franklin Pinchan Found Ultimate Secret Stairway To Heaven

    Who will give my prize, brother, where is my price, brother, I am not getting my prize, what is the drama here, this is my prize, where is my prize, there must be some person in these houses who will give it to me, hello, is there anyone here, no one can say anything? I can’t understand it, hey, is there anyone in this house, wait wait wait wait wait wait wait what what, that whole house is gone, that whole house is gone, I blew it up from here, brother, what was this, that whole house was blown away. How did this happen? One second I guess guys, there were these six houses, one of these houses must be real and in that house maybe cash price, treasure, gold, whatever.

    If I’m going to get that, then I’ll have to blow up all the fake houses first Got it Got it So this was a fake house, it blew up Maybe this could be a fake house Yes, this was also a fake house Got blown up Brother, your fake house is like this Tassie or am I the child of the fake house? Get out of here. Get out of here. This fake house has gone straight into the water. Now let’s blow it up. This fake house is also gone. It has fallen straight away. Ok, let’s check where this fake house has gone. Here is the house that is falling and this too will go directly under water. This too may be fake. It may be on fire. Yes, this too was fake. This too is fake.

    Ok ok ok so where is my price brother hello hello where is my price that too went under the water is this also fake is this also fake is fake is yes fake yes all of them were fake this is real then brother I told the truth I searched for it friend, what’s the matter, this house also went directly under water, so this house is not fake, brother, it is not flying even after being shot, okay, it is not flying brother, definitely, you guys see, no matter how many times I try, hello brother. Sir, I have found a real house, give me my money, Hello brother, one second, oh yours, this is such a house.

    Inside which we can enter in this way, hey wow brother, this is definitely unique, so here is our prize, hey, have you got the price, brother, have you got it at all, so you people were saying that you will not get the price, not at all. I will get it but there is a chance of 50, I will not get it, look brother, I got it brother, I still can’t believe it, literally I have got the price, now let’s take it out quickly, how to get it out, I yes, let’s shoot down my price, let’s go, let’s go Do this come on guys this is our our our prize but I’m so
    Why am I shooting so hard brother, my prize will go many kilometers away. Hey hey, why is it not moving? One second, hey hey, how will this gold tray move? Okay, two of my trays are gone, three trays are left, so these three trays. I completely move them to the side and calmly drop them and there is no prize left, definitely nothing is left, so along with these trays I also fall into the water and these trays and the two trays before that. I had shot, all this treasure is ours, all this treasure is ours, oh man yes, all this treasure is ours

    O my Oye, I did all my hard work and the treasure became mine, this treasure became mine, dear friend, you forgot us as soon as the treasure came, no, I had forgotten you even before the treasure came, oh friend, you forgot us for the sake of the treasure, friend. Of course, brother, you guys have not supported me from the beginning till the end. Hey, what are you talking about? We were the ones who supported me at the first level. Oh yes, that’s right. We were the ones who told you to look under the Christmas tree. People supported me brother, because of that I got a bicycle, it was good that I was selecting the one with a bike, so what about us in that?