GTA 5 : Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Ultimate Premium Luxury House

GTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Ultimate Premium Luxury House
GTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Ultimate Premium Luxury House
So this is my new car, you guys must have seen it last time,GTA 5 : Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Ultimate Premium Luxury House   guys, I had brought this car by stealing, not by stealing, but by the way you can say stolen, I saw this car in front of the house, I had simply picked it up from there and last Time Guys, the entrance of ours which was demolished by the police considering their house as illegal, at present the entrance has been completely fixed, although last time it was also fixed well, but today if you guys see then you will know. Brother, this place was completely demolished a few days ago. You see, brother.
This place has been leveled very well by these workers of the contractor and the architect together. Brother, I am unable to understand that the entire roof and everything was broken. Tell the area here brother, how clearly have you fixed it, the rest is still up. Let’s go guys, take this car and today we will arrange for one more car. Gradually brother, if we have to fill our showroom too, then we will have to keep arranging such vehicles, rest today I will give the Rs. 10 crores of my showroom to Guy. I am going to try to collect and I guess today my showroom will finally be completely complete but today
To finally complete my showroom, I will have to pay Rs 10 crores to the contractor, only then he will complete his house by today evening, so let’s quickly arrange the money today, and only then buy the showroom for ourselves. Will we find a car for this or wait man, I will find a car and then we will arrange the money. Yes, it’s fine, let’s work quickly, let’s go to Los Angeles to find a car, any kind of super car, sports car, any kind. Normal car, whatever kind of car you see, I am going to pick it up immediately, brother, come on.
Let’s go Hey friend, I will have to take a shortcut. I am inside my showroom, not the showroom. I have come inside my garage after taking small shortcuts. Now let’s go down quickly, with our own jeep, not with someone else’s car or our own. Should I take the jeep? No, let’s take someone else’s car. Wait, there is a car coming from the front. Let’s pick up this car. Brother, give me your car. It’s an emergency. Okay, thank you sir for your car. Let’s go now. Guy. Find a good car early in the morning and then bring your remaining 10 rupees.
Crore because all the money has been squandered, I have finished everything, the money I had borrowed from Leicester, then the money from the lawyers, then the penalty penalty, everything has been finished. Inside my house worth Rs 150 crore, Guy has Rs 140 crore. Now only 10 crores have been spent, I just have to arrange the last 10 crores and after that my house will be finally completed, ok but friend, these 10 crores are going to be very difficult, 140 crores, somehow I have made it in the end time. But things become very slow, you guys see for yourself how fast our house was built, but
At the end time, you people are seeing how many days the household work was pending, this is the problem brother, now see how quickly I collected 140 crores out of 150 crores, but see today, the situation will be bad in collecting 10 crores. The policeman is chasing whom, the thief is chasing the groom, maybe the thief ran away because of me, anyway, what should I do, where was I going, yes, I was going to find a car, brother, someone good would have brought a car early in the morning. After that, we will go to collect Rs. 10 crores. You don’t get a good car anywhere, these days, it is law and order.
  1. In DOS, yes, I go to Diamond Casino, no, here in Diamond Casino, one after another, 
  2. rich people come, definitely someone must have a strong super car, a sports car. Come
  3. on, guys, let’s pick a car from Diamond Casino. Let’s go. Go to Diamond Casino Los
  4. Santos and one after another rich people come here and the cars of these rich people
  5. are parked in this big parking lot, for now let’s go here, okay, there is no watch, no CCTV
  6. etc., hey man CCTV So many are installed here, whether it is CCTV or these lights.
I guess there are CCTVs, brother, there are so many of them, but what kind of face I must be seeing while sitting inside the car, let’s go peacefully, let’s find a good car and let’s go out here, there is a Chevelle, let’s go towards the back, this is an Audi. Just one second, there is a strong sports car here, brother, this has to be stolen, let’s do one thing, guys quickly get out of the car, facing that way so that my back can be seen in the CCTV camera, let’s go this way. We have to face this direction, so we face this direction and quickly sit in the car.
Let’s go, now nothing will be seen on CCTV, what a strong sports car, brother, this is a good sports car, brother, what do you want now, oh wow, you get such a good sports car early in the morning, what else do you need in life, now you just need 10 crores, 10 crores. Once you get your house ready, it will be fun. I don’t think I have any blue colored car till now. I definitely don’t have any blue colored car in my collection of cars inside the garage. No, come on brother, let’s take a left from the front, ok left once again right and reached our street.
Now, there is not a single person in my street who would come out of this street and would not look at my house just once, brother, everyone has to wonder whose house is this? Very luxurious, very nice, but this Brother, I have had to face a lot in the matter of the house, this house which is going over the road, call it illegal, my house was even started to be demolished but still we managed to find a solution to avoid all that. Took it and finally got saved, let’s go now guys, to save money I will do one thing for this car, I will put it on the upper floor, let’s go or else
Wait on this floor, wait, yes, it’s okay on this floor, anyway, there is only one car on this floor. Oh, I will put it at such a place that the car can be seen through the glass. Is there a mirror here? Brother, yes, it’s nice, so it’s done here. One more car of mine. If we talk about my collection, brother, there are a total of six cars here and the garage is slowly getting filled. I have brought one for the ones that need to be installed on the top. I got the purple car next to it from the resort hotel. I don’t remember from where I got this blue one last time.
The one at the bottom which is a combination of orange and purple color was my Diwali special super car, the one next to it is the one I have brought today brother, not six but five, all five cars are of different colors, it was fun. Now let’s go to arrange the money. I have to arrange Rs. 10 crores to arrange the money. Contractor Bro. Hello Contractor Bro. How is the work going on? So friend, we are just fixing the crooked things. The work is moving forward. You see, where there is work, there are no workers employed. Yes brother, this is where the work is already ready.
The workers are seen there, so the material will have to be ordered and the work will start only when you give the money. Sir, you are not giving the money. Don’t take tension, contractor brother, I am bringing it now. Hey friend, bring it quickly, what are you doing Franklin? Yes, okay, nothing else needs to be built, no, brother, architect, now nothing needs to be built, for now, it is okay, get this swimming pool part covered as well, brother, contractor, you bring the money, everything will be done, yes here. Here it is empty, hey, bring money friend, I am telling you everything, it will be done, ok, I need money.
Hey, who is this? Well, this one too, this one too, why do you have to leave me, brother, yes man, when will you leave me, Jimmy brother, don’t take tension, we will leave you dear, we will definitely leave you, just wait for two minutes, you mean not two minutes. Wait for a couple of hours guys, let’s go. I have to arrange Rs. 10 crores to arrange the money. Okay, from where should I arrange it, I am not able to understand. I have taken help from everyone till now, even from Hulk Buster for the last time. I had taken it, but he helped me only for 5 crores, but still brother, now I have no one.
There is no one left to help at the last moment. Anyway, the money I had brought from Hal Guster, I have given 10 crores to Lester. Whom should I take help from? Now, in one second, I should take help from Shinchan Pinchan. Is it Shinchan Pinchan, oh please help me. Hey man, what was the need of 10 crores brother? Oh man, no, we don’t have any jugaad. Hey, I don’t even have one. Hey brother, sir, I have one jugaad, shut up, you have it, sure, brother, come on, what nonsense are you saying. He is throwing it early in the morning, hey, I am not throwing it, really, really, I have Jugaad Bhai, how much Jugaad is it worth?
You don’t have 10 crores, but I can get you a jugaad of 5 crores. I can get you a jugaad of 5 crores. Absolutely brother, oh come on, don’t throw it away, I am really not a thrower, how can I do it, what will I have to do for you? Hey look brother, I had a friend of mine, he is lost and the owner of it has promised to give 5 crores to the person who finds it. Come on, come on, are you crazy, are you really like this? Hey, really brother, I have a friend. Doggy is a friend, he is lost. Doggy is a friend. Hey friend, now should I do this work and what else brother, you will have to do this passage. Ok, you will have to do it.
How do you know, hey, the owner of your dog friend who got lost is giving Rs 5 crores. Hey brother, I had gone in the morning, we all the street dogs had gone together to our friend’s house. Hey brother, I know even the dogs of rich houses, absolutely brother, my friend. If he is good, then where is the house of that lost dog of yours, his house brother, it is in the neighborhood of rich people, what are you talking about, chop brother, absolutely brother, he was a very rich dog, hey man, chop’s rich rich friend, my friend, look. Well Lamar Trevor Michael is rich but Lamar Trevor then our Lester Lester is also rich but just doesn’t show it means still brother chop
Look, Chop’s dog is rich, which means his friend is rich. Well, leave it brother, Chop is definitely giving 5 crores. Brother, its owner, isn’t it true brother, I will take you to my friend’s house tomorrow. I will definitely take you brother. So come and sit in the car. Let’s go guys, we don’t have anyone else brother, I don’t understand where to get the money, this is a great idea, let’s find your friend, anyway, what is the problem, at least we can get a dog. Come on, come on, come on, brother, chop, come on, come quickly, let’s go to find your dog friend, brother, come tomorrow, trust me.
I can’t believe it. Hey, what are you not believing in? Brother, you may also have some rich friends. Yes, yes, I have accepted it, man, seriously, it is impossible to believe. Absolutely, you have a rich friend who got me Rs 5 crore today. What a thing, guys, let’s leave quickly, let’s look towards the rich people’s neighborhood, what a scene there, which one is Chop’s dog, meaning Chop’s friend, and which one is his owner giving five crores, let’s check it out, Chop brother, the rich people’s neighborhood. We have already entered here, but which is your friend’s house, please tell me quickly, keep moving ahead tomorrow.
You keep moving, okay, there are enough houses here, so keep moving ahead, you remember among so many houses, you remember them exactly, brother, now stop, stop, this is not that, come on, that is a government office, then which one is your house, that is, yours. My friend’s house is further ahead, stop it, stop it, here it is here, yes it is here, of course, brother, come on, what are you throwing away, this is it, brother, oh your such a big house, oh of course brother, Kalve, he is the owner, he is not over there, so who is this? A friend must be a friend, maybe okay, where has he gone, where have you gone, where are you, the owner of this place, oh maybe he is here, hello excuse me sir, yes hello, who are you?
No, I came to know that it is your dog that is lost, yes friend, it is my dog ​​that is lost. Well, you have also raised some price to find it. I have kept a reward of Rs 5 crore for anyone who finds my dog. If anyone If anyone finds my dog, I will give him 5 crores. By the way, sir, you love your dog so much that you are talking about giving 5 crores to the person who finds the dog. Hey friend, if it is not about the dog, then what is it about? Is it true that I had got a diamond inserted in the strap around her neck? And the price of that diamond is 50 crores, brother.
Sir, who gets a diamond worth Rs 50 crores attached to your dog’s leash? Sir, what should I do? I have done such a stupid thing. Do you think your dog has been kidnapped or has run away somewhere? I don’t know, but if my diamond is gone, what will I do? I will do it friend, the diamond is worth Rs 50 crores, that is why a reward of Rs 5 crores has been kept for the finder, absolutely friend, just find someone and bring a photo, can you get a photo? Can you tell me one thing sir? By the way, I will take out the diamond which is in your dog’s leash. If I sell it, you will get 50 crores, so why should I return your dog to you? Hey friend.
Please don’t do this, friend please, I won’t do it brother, just give me a photo of your dog, I will look for that dog, I will look for that dog, don’t take tension, brother, it’s okay friend, thank you, thank you sir, I will look for your dog, don’t take tension, Chop. Brother, there was a leash around your friend’s neck. Yes, why no, no, nothing. Now we are just leaving to find your friend. Hey, where will you start from? Clue, find him. You know everything about him, don’t you brother? I know absolutely everything, so please help me, tell me quickly, which was his favorite place, he had a lot of things.
Favorite places are like the beach of Los Santos. So guys, let’s go to the beach of Los Santos. Before that, let me see his photo once. Okay, this is your friend, of course brother Kalve, this is his friend, guys, he is like an ass. Means ok and there is a pink colored strap inside its neck, that is the strap made of diamonds, it is worth 50 crores, what are you talking about, no, no, nothing, nothing, you just said something, 50 crores, this is the brother that his Why is the owner giving Rs 5 crore to the person who finds his dog? Why is he giving Rs 5 crore because there is Rs 50 crore inside the dog’s leash?

GTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Ultimate Premium Luxury House
GTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Ultimate Premium Luxury House
Diamonds are lying there, what are you talking about? Now he himself is regretting having put them because his dog has run away. Oh friend, we only give away those diamonds. I also thought the same thing, then I said, what is the need? He is getting a good amount of Rs. 5 crores, we simply give him Rs. 5 crores and he makes money by taking them. What is the need of these heroes, then there is a separate tension in selling them, then if I agree, then I will not be able to sell him directly, I will have to take him to Leicester. Then he will take his commission to see the hero, the matter will come to the same point, it is better to turn around, take your 5 crores and move on.
One of my friend’s favorite places that I told you about is the beach. Your friends search for the dog on the beach. Oh man, how these days have come. What dangerous, dangerous mysteries I used to solve. What dangerous missions I used to do. How many dangerous dangerous tasks I completed. I did it and now what else do I have to do, chop brother, I have to find your dog, I have to do it tomorrow brother, I have to pay 5 crores, I don’t want to, I am just busy with that, I am welcome to the beach guys oho, get a nice car. What should I do, don’t leave it friend, we still have to arrange a sum of 5 crores.
Quickly ok, doggy, the dog is black in color and its leash is pink in color. It is not visible in the middle. Let’s take a round from here. Hey friend, why am I blowing people away? I drive the car smoothly, what is the problem, okay? I can’t see his friend anywhere here, let’s turn around and go to the other side of the middle and look for him, move away Los Angeles, those in the middle, move away, okay let’s go to that side immediately, okay, nice, let’s go, let’s go, brother, in front, okay, nice, nice, let’s go. No brother, it is not visible, dog with leash, no pink leash, no one, what is Kalya, another one of his favorite places.
Yes, yes, okay, tell me brother, tell me about your favorite places, I will keep trying to find them, no brother, I did not find it here, tell me at another place, by the way, how do you know so much, which are his favorite places? He was a close friend, was he a close friend of yours and whenever his owner took him for a walk, he used to tell us, brother, he is good, right, brother, right, where is his dog friend, I can’t find him, brother, I can’t find his dog friend, this is his favorite place. Second yes means this also means this also means there is someone else yes there is a third last place left yes so I think
Hey guy, we haven’t found him in two places, definitely, the third last place left, where we haven’t gone yet, maybe we will find that dog there, so this is finally his second favorite place, no, no, where is the one in front of us? What does that mean, whatever it is, hey man, let’s go brother, let’s go there too, just take a look, guys, who knows, that dog’s son has come here with a lease of Rs 50 crores, ok ok chop brother, are you alright, I am fine. I am ok, he is not here, he is not there, he is not there, he is not your lease friend, we have seen this island also in a good way, brother