GTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Open Secret Bunker 

GTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Open Secret Bunker
GTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Open Secret Bunker

The ration at home is over, brother, let’s do one thing quickly. GTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Open Secret Bunker  Let’s bring some ration items for the house. Anyway, I have not gone for a long time to get the items etc. and at the same time, we will look for some clothes, we will also take some clothes for the cold. There is an atmosphere of ‘If I roam around like this in Los Angeles, I am definitely going to fall ill.’ Hey man, where are you going early in the morning, I am just going to buy household things, it’s been a long time, brother, it’s been a long time that I have bought household things. Brother, go buy anything, brother, please buy a burger for me, friend, what is your scene, brother, chop, wherever you go, wherever you go, it is burgers only.

  1. He wants to eat everywhere, even if he gets into trouble, he still thinks only about
  2. burgers. What should I do? Brother, I like Kalay a little, I like him a little, but I like him a
  3. lot. Hey, please bring pizza etc. for us too, friend. Hey, let me see first of all, let me
  4. know what all the things for the house I have to take, I have to take a lot of things guys,
  5. there is a shortage of many things, the last time I literally went two-three months ago to
  6. get the things for the house. And after that I am coming straight, one second, what is a
  7. dog doing there, brother, hello doggie bro, look in front brother, please.
There is a dog barking, but at whom is it barking? Is there anyone over there and whose dog is this? Who left his dog here and ran away? Let’s go up for a second. There will be a collar around his neck, that means he is a pet, otherwise it is just a stray dog. It must be on whom he is barking, no brother, no collar, collar, leash is visible on his neck, its meaning is like this, but on whom is he barking, hello hello doggie bro, what happened, where are you barking? Is there anything here? Hey, I don’t know how he is barking. Guy is barking here looking towards the tree or looking at where.
Hello Oye, he will explain something but man, what am I even talking about, how will he explain to me, dog brother, hello, do you have some problem, there is nothing on the tree, man, definitely he is not barking after seeing the tree, he is barking after seeing something else. Is he barking after seeing me, but I have just come, no no no no no brother, there is something wrong somewhere in this place, where he is standing there barking, hello doggie bro, hello, run away. This guy is gone, he has run away, literally I am here, it is only late that he is here, barking from above, I tried to know something.
So he ran away, oh dog bro, hey hey, he is running away, that dog is gone guys but no problem, what is the problem, we have a dog of our own, chop brother, please come out, please, what happened, bring it. Hey, you burger is gone, please come out, brother, I need you, Chinchan Pinchan, you guys also come, brother, something seems wrong here, hey, what are you gone, friend, come, it’s fine, tomorrow is brother, but why friend, come now, brother, it’s okay. Friends, we are coming, we are coming, stop, right here, right here, guys, that dog was standing and barking, what is the problem, what is the problem at this place.
I don’t know, you have to do one thing, bring a big drill machine, but why friend, please bring it, you guys, what are you doing, brother, what is Kalaya doing? He is digging at this place. Is there a burger? Hey, children of chop, burger is not a burger nor is there pizza here, but when did we say that there is pizza here, no, it means there is nothing here, then why are you digging, hey man, listen to me carefully. I was just leaving from here, thinking about what things to buy, when I saw a dog barking here and he
The dog was barking again and again at this place, then I thought that maybe he was barking after looking at the tree, but there was nothing on the tree and there was no one there, which means he was barking while standing above this place itself, which means there is some problem. There is a problem in this place, but what is the problem, now it will be known only by digging this place, brother, the place seems very tight from inside and look, let’s dig something inside, the ground is normal soil, it is an obvious thing, but here But please look beyond the dust that will fly, this dust seems as if I am digging on some mean cement wall.
I am looking at it brother, you are looking at the dust, you guys, once it means inside, it means there is a secret base inside or something? Brother, I too feel the same way, either it could be playing the treasure or it could be a secret base. There is something wrong here brother, there is definitely something wrong, so as I was saying brother, there is definitely something wrong in this place, after removing so much soil, after removing so much soil, guys here brother. This thing was found and when I was digging with that drill machine, the drill was going on this thing due to which the cement
The dust was coming out, not just any dirt or mud-like dust and you can see that there is a whole secret base built here, there is an entrance to the secret base, there is also grass coming out of the pipe at the entrance of the secret base, this means that The secret base may not be used mostly, but who built it? Now, for the time being, we will probably know who built it and why it was built, but one thing is for sure, what is the matter, there is some other entrance of this secret base too. It must be there, hey, how do you know that, I know that because brother
Suppose from the entrance, if someone goes in or comes out, then it will not remove so much dirt. Oh yes, this is the thing, it means there must be some other entrance of the secret base from where someone or the other would be coming and going in this secret. You guys are considering this entrance as an emergency exit. Oh yes friend, I am understanding everything. Did we understand yesterday? This secret base has two gates, one is emergency and one is normal. You have opened the emergency door absolutely right and perhaps that dog must have felt something strange here.
That’s why he was barking, Well, whatever it is, are you guys ready to go inside? Oh, you are absolutely ready, friend, can I do one thing, can I check and come inside? For the time being, you guys stay outside because brother, anything can be a danger, okay? Friend, I, I, I don’t want to come anyway, friend, you go inside once and come back alive, then we will see. Oh yes friend, we also have the same thing to say, okay, okay friend, I too am feeling scared inside. When it’s done, I become helpless, so why should I also go alone? You all go before me, oh we will not go, friend, what are you doing, you go.
Brother, you are the most intelligent among us, you are the strongest, you are the most intelligent. Brother, you guys are actually right. Brother, I am the strongest and the most intelligent. Hey, that’s why I am saying that friend, you go first. If you see and come out from inside, then we will go. Okay guys, let’s quickly go to the entrance of the secret base and see where he jumped. I will see what is inside it. How big is this secret base and maybe we will find out. Who has finally built this secret base? Okay let’s go probably from this
This whole secret base is under the mountain, okay let’s go guys, you all do one thing, go immediately and like the video, if you haven’t liked it yet then subscribe to the channel, let’s go inside, oh hello, where is this? I have fallen and come into the room from the darkness, oh man, what is there under the mountain, it looks like a very strange place, guys, hello, what kind of walls are there here, hello, can anyone hear me, friend, I have come under the mountain. Why is the door dark? Well, it’s okay, is there anyone here, it could be anyone, brother, we are blind like this.
Mist can’t go forward Let me check Let me check Okay no there is no one There is no one There is no one Brother is this the whole place under the mountain Hello brother but how can this be possible There are some music discs lying here, brother, there are some stylish caps lying here, one jacket, one leggings and a jacket, and at the same time, look here brother, half jackets are lying here, brother, what expensive clothes they look like. Look at this, there are some more caps lying here, what a scene, look how beautiful this lamp is, how lovely this sofa is.
There are golden music discs behind, there are silver discs, brother, what is this, which place have I come to? Seriously, guys, I can’t believe where I have come to, but I have this entire place under my house till now. I can’t believe it at all. Okay, where will the emergency exit come from? I have no idea. Look at the rest of the guitar. Look at this guitar for a second. Look at this guitar. Brother, it looks cool. I also have it. I also have the exact same model and piece. Guy, this one, apart from this, I also have the exact same model piece and I am also a bit fond of guitars.
I never play that, that’s a different thing, but this one is also different and it is not this, I have this guitar, one which is white and one which is a combination of red and yellow color, both are quite good but can someone tell me what drama is this? Record A Studios is going on under my house, which studio is this? A music studio has been built under my house, brother, I came to know only today that CCTVs etc. are installed here, an expensive computer is kept here. But I don’t understand what a telephone record is a studio fire alarm. Brother, I am seriously under my house.
This entire music studio has been built, brother, at the moment this studio is not ending here, there is a whole gallery built in the front, just look at the thing, where did I come from, brother, it is okay from this side. There is a tunnel upwards from here. Is that the pipe through which I came? Shinjan Pinjan must be above. Oye, a voice is coming from inside me, brother, hello. Hello is coming from inside me. Oh brother, it is coming. Very little sound is coming tomorrow. Hey brother, your voice is also very weak. Okay, so let’s go ahead. I have explored this place.
I haven’t found the guy. Brother, who is this secret base? Who has the courage to make a secret base under my house? Open this door and move ahead. Brother, there is a long and wide gallery here. Okay, a disc is hanging here too. Brother, literally, whoever got the secret base made, brother, definitely seems to be very fond of music, he got the whole studio made, where is the secret base coming from? Now this is the whole studio, this is the lounge, the lounge area is fine and look here. The logo of RA Studios is made here, this is the recording setup, then look here.
Burgers, burgers and liquor bottles. Hey, is there anyone here? Brother, why would burgers be kept here? Otherwise, there are so many guitars here. I feel that someone is definitely here, maybe he has run away. Wait, wait, we will find them. There is no problem, at present this was the lounge, okay, there is another area here, let’s move ahead, brother, this is a big place, have they taken my entire house? Have these people taken over my entire house? Complete secret bass brother, here Mike Vaik is busy singing a song, why don’t I leave one, my friend, I have to sing a song for a while.
I have come, but what is all this? This is a server room for recording. Is there anything, this brother has a separate server room for recording. Okay, where did I come from? Where did I come from? One second, yes, I came from here. Okay, further. Let’s go ahead, okay, there is a mirror here, a mirror is nice, this is the recording server room, let’s move ahead, brother, all this is built under my house, I still can’t believe it, bathroom bathroom here. Hey brother, what is this room, it is such an empty room, maybe you are planning to make something in this room too, and what is there here oh this main
This is a recording room. Singer brother, this is seriously a recording studio. Brother, Oye wait wait wait wait wait yes, but the guys are looking at me. Hey, where am I hiding, wait wait, I don’t know if they saw me or not guys. People looked at me, no, but definitely, there were guys there, all these guitars are lying here, dently, look guys, there are three guys there, who is there, but Lane, that and this, these people must have got it made here, definitely, hey, what about my house? Brother, these people have done the complete recording under my house.
Have you got a studio built? Is it any matter how someone maintains the condition of someone’s house? Brother, look at this. The sofa has completely taken over. How many different types of lights have been installed in the entire house. Which room is this? It’s not just the rooms that are running out here, there are rooms all over the world, there are rooms, there are rooms, there are rooms, OK, this one has come out, OK, so I have entered this gate, where did I see those guys, I am confused, guys. Maybe I saw those guys in this room. Okay, this is another room, there is a lounge area here too, this is another area, guys.
GTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Open Secret Bunker
GTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Open Secret Bunker
There are two similar rooms, here at the moment I saw those guys, where did I see those guys, brother, I am confused very badly, look at this, there is also a drum area here, there is a complete setup of drums in the front, at the moment Those guys are not visible from here, brother, they are visible from the other side. Wait, wait, let’s try to listen to them, definitely they must be talking about something, so that we will know, we will get a hint as to who is this person. I quickly hide behind this piano, very quickly, try to get a little closer
I can’t do it, let’s try to listen from here, what are you talking about, oh man, what a wonderful place we have created, oh absolutely man, I can’t believe that we have built such a strong secret chamber under this Franklin house. No, no, no, no secret base, no secret studio, yes, it means secret studio, it is all because of you, friend, you are so fond of music, otherwise we were going to get a normal secret base made, what should I do, friend, the music is too much for me. Likes everything from playing guitar to piano to drums