GTA 5 : Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Celebrate Christmas

GTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Celebrate Christmas
GTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Celebrate Christmas

GTA 5 : Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Celebrate Christmas

So today is 25th December i.e. GTA 5 : Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Celebrate Christmas  Christmas Day so first of all guys Merry Christmas to you guys and see this early in the morning I have planted a Christmas tree in front of my house but today is Christmas Day and we celebrate Christmas by planting a Christmas tree. Don’t do it, this is not going to happen at all, brother, we are going to create a lot of destruction in the literal sense, you guys keep watching, then see brother, today is 25th December, it is our Christmas day and early in the morning you can see a lot of coral inside Los Andes. And it’s snowing too, which is a good thing. This probably means all of Los Antos will snow by evening.

GTA 5 : Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Celebrate Christmas

You are going to be covered inside and it will be fun, but why am I roaming around in such tights and a vest? I have no idea. Go and wear some decent clothes and I have a very solid plan. Guy, see Chinchan Pinchan and Chop, all three of them are sleeping happily. Okay, Chop is sleeping upstairs. These two are sleeping here. What have I thought of bringing a very epic surprise gift for these three before they wake up and not for these three, actually I I will bring a surprise gift for myself too and in this way we will give gifts to each other and then decorate the house a little.

GTA 5 : Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Celebrate Christmas$

Not too much otherwise the whole day will be spent in decorating the house, bringing Christmas trees etc. and going to sleep at home and after that I have a place inside Los Angeles where full Christmas celebration is going on, we will go there and from that First of all, there is a very big surprise, guys, the people of Human Labs of Los Santos have made a plane which is similar to Santa’s sleigh, the reindeers that roam around, they have made a plane in the shape of Santa’s vehicle. So what am I thinking, let’s steal that plane and take a ride on it. For now, that’s it.


  • It’s a matter of later, first of all let’s go to get gifts for Sinch Pinch and Chop, but before
  • that let’s wear some decent clothes. Man, it’s cold, it’s snowing today, so I’m wearing
  • my new jacket. Yes. It is absolutely brand new, looks great, brother, let’s go now to buy
  • gifts etc. I have already decided on the gifts. Look brother, I am going to buy Shinchan
  • and Pinchan for both of them, I am okay with a bike, okay and chop chop. I am going to
  • bring him his favorite thing, you all know burgers, obviously burgers on Christmas day.


Today we gift him his favorite thing and his favorite thing is burger, so I am going to gift a full trolley of burgers to him and me. Either one of these three is going to gift it to me or else to myself. I will gift a Christmas special car. Yes guys, a Christmas special car will be fun, so let’s snatch a guy’s car here and quickly go to Simon’s showroom because I will buy all this stuff from Simon’s showroom only. He doesn’t give discount but being a friend, where should we go to buy a car?


You can go to Michael’s but his showroom is very far from here, so the problems increase in going to Michael’s place, so Simon is fine and after that we will gift and then decorate the house. Today is going to be a lot of fun, friend. First of all, we go to Simon’s showroom. Simon’s showroom is very close. Drive like this from your house, friend, what are you doing, you people of Los Angeles, there is no Christmas tree in sight, brother, people are not celebrating Christmas in Los Santos. What has happened to these people? Okay brother, just look at the fog below the car.


From the low angle, it looks like what has happened, it looks like smoke is coming from under the car, but the weather is very nice and definitely by evening the whole of Los Antos is going to be covered with snow. Then it will be even more fun. Now we have come to Simon’s showroom and I had already placed the order and he has also kept my Christmas special car ready. Where did I get this car from? Yes, I have this car in front of my house. This is where we keep it, brother Simon, is this my Christmas special car? Oh yes, Franken, this is your special car, wow.


Man, the car is looking great, seriously, I am a guy, just look at the look of the car, you guys, oh nice brother Simon, what a car, hey man, drive later, make the payment first, yes yes, I am paying, which car am I going to run with? I was just taking a light test drive and this is my own motorcycle, yes of course this is Guy’s one time and the other bike is this brother yes and whose bike is this, it belongs to the other customers, ok and whose car is this? It’s mine but I am selling it to you. Oh wow Matang. Yes yes, if you keep it, I will give you these bikes for free. I am sure.

It’s definitely okay, man, where did that car go? Where did that car go? Hey man, the car that I had stolen has been stolen, so now you will have to pay for the bike, I will give it to you brother, don’t cry for now guys, look, this one is a bike and There is one more bike, that is guys, this one among the two, tell me friend, which one do you like best, if I tell you personally then I like this one better, it is of orange and green color and there is also gray color in between, this one. The car is looking very lovely and my Christmas special car looks different. Brother, I will make your payment immediately.

By the way friend, you are shining quite a lot, yes, I will definitely shine brother because of the new clothes you are wearing, that’s why you are shining, please make the payment immediately brother, I will make the payment, guys and this is our Christmas special car, okay come on brother, at least for the three of us. The gift of chop is left, the gift of chop will have to be taken separately. For now, should I ride these two bikes on top of the car? Will they climb? Brother, they will climb, but make sure that your car does not get damaged. Oh, it will not get damaged. Come on, there is a little damage. So it’s here friend, it’s not damaged, there’s a little dust on the car, okay then it’s okay, I’m leaving brother.

Simon OK Franken Merry Christmas to you too Simon Merry Christmas to you too and we are leaving now brother you guys go and tell me friend which of the three looks the best Merry Christmas special car on which these Christmas poles are made I don’t know What do you call this or either of these two bikes? Go and tell me right now in the comments which one you guys find most epic. Let me tell you personally, brother, my Christmas special is feeling like a super car. Super car. So no but yes it is a car it looks great then if I tell you then this

The green bike is looking good and after that, this red bike is looking good. All three are better than each other. It is a matter of choice. Now let’s see who likes which bike among Shinchan Pinchan. For now, let’s go home and after returning home, first bring a gift of chop, otherwise everyone will get a gift, that will be left. Come on brother, let’s keep this first and then we will come to get the gift of chop on Christmas day, brother, tell me yourself. I have to gift it, I am happy with Shinchan Bin Chan Chop, I am gifting it to him, but I am gifting this car only to myself.

I am doing Santa Claus, so brother is not going to come, brother, I will have to do it myself. Okay, three gifts are done, I am bringing the fourth gift of chop, where should I quickly arrange the burger trolley, I will get it somewhere, I would have bought it from a burger seller only. I am full of his trolley, in which burgers are burgers. Let’s go, guys bring it immediately. Excuse me, brother of burgers, this will be a trolley trolley. Yes, I want a trolley, I want a full burger, exactly like this, I will definitely get something like this. Take this, rather this and what else is absolutely sure, wow thank you man, in this

How many burgers will there be? 100-150, they will definitely be ready-made. Hey thank you friend, thank you, you turned out to be a great guy, brother, I have also brought that guy’s trolley of burgers. I have a gift ready for everyone. Now it’s the turn to wake up Shinchan, Pinchan and Chop. And before giving everyone their gifts, let me take off this bike. Let’s go from the car, brother, I have also taken the bikes off the top of the car. Now let’s bring everyone quickly. Oh hello, A Shinchan Pinchan Chop, Jago A Chop’s children. Hey, what happened, my friend. Wake up, wake up, these people are sleeping even on Christmas day, oh man, it is very cold, it is very cold, it is cold.

GTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Celebrate Christmas
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It will take the whole day but the cold will keep on increasing so why will you keep sleeping Kalu Kalu for two minutes, brother, I have brought some gift for you brother, if you chop it, it will be fun, what are you talking about, have you brought something for us too, brother? Come on, come out, it’s going to be fun. Come on, come out quickly and just look at your gift. Hey brother, can you please put a burger for me? Oh, I have not brought it to eat, brother, everything is mine. Yes, so where am I saying? I am mine, please put a burger here, I am not ready brother, you go out of here, I am not going to sell it, I am going to set up a burger stall, don’t let people buy it.

They are thinking that I am selling burgers. Hey friend, if someone sells it in front of the house then it will feel like this. Quickly gift the chop and keep the burger stash inside, otherwise there will be a queue here in some time. Come on, you guys, take your gift. Brother, brother, is this car a gift for me? Otherwise, is it a bike? Otherwise, that is the other bike. Hey, if that is also not there, then what is a gift for me? For you, Chop is your gift. This is a brand new burger stall with a lot of burgers on it. Oh man, it was fun, really brother, this is for you.

Oh wow man, there will really be so many burgers in this. Understand that your work for two-three months will be done. Go easy, you won’t last two-three days. What are you talking about? And what if I get the work done today? Everything will be over in two-three days, so please brother, eat slowly, friend, I have brought it with great effort, hey, what is the gift for us, friend, you guys can keep whatever bikes you like, brother, there is one bike each for both of you. Hey, I will keep this, okay Pinchan, so you want to keep this bike, maybe it matches your clothes, that’s why.

Absolutely friend and Shinchan Bhai, you, I will keep this one, okay okay no problem, by the way, whose car is this, oh yes, it has become everyone’s gift, whose car is this actually, friend, I was buying a gift for you guys, so for myself. I was feeling a little bad, that’s why I have bought this gift for myself. Back then, you are a big dick, brother, and am I like that? I give gifts to everyone and I also give them to myself. For now, brother, Christmas trees in the house etc. Don’t want to put it up, don’t want to decorate the house, come on, come on, come on, come on quickly, sit, sit, sit in the car, friend, or wait.

Hey, who has come? Hey, maybe it’s to eat a burger. Hey, I’m not begging for a burger. We’re out of here. Oye, you chop kids, take this stall inside, otherwise there will be a crowd here. Hey, you were saying something. Say something, look brother, I am here. I am saying that I will quickly bring Christmas trees etc., okay, then I will keep them here and go, you guys keep putting them in the house and I will go there to human laps to steal Santa Claus’s sleigh back tomorrow, absolutely brother human. The lab people said that Santa Claus’s sleigh is not there. Hey, what is this sleigh? Hey, those reindeers, they can fly.