GTA 5 : Franklin Found Lost Shinchan Pinchan In Snow Tsunami

GTA 5 Franklin Found Lost Shinchan Pinchan In Snow Tsunami
GTA 5 Franklin Found Lost Shinchan Pinchan In Snow Tsunami

GTA 5 : Franklin Found Lost Shinchan Pinchan In Snow Tsunami So in the last episode, you guys saw that Franklin is just passing GTA 5 : Franklin Found Lost Shinchan Pinchan In Snow Tsunami  by the Los Gang’s base when he notices a tanker and Franklin understands that inside it is the same chemical that caused the snow in Los Antos. There may be a tsunami and he goes to tell the police about it, but they don’t believe him, so Franklin comes home and sleeps, and the next day, what he feared happens all over Los Santos. Snow is snow and that’s why now Franklin is angry because the police did not listen to him the previous day.

GTA 5 : Franklin Found Lost Shinchan Pinchan In Snow Tsunami

Frank goes and beats the policemen very badly and after that he also goes to beat the Lost Gang people and with great difficulty gets caught by one of the Lost Gang people but Franklin beats them and reaches the Human Lab so that he can completely lose them. Santos could be saved from the ice tsunami, but the scientists of Human Labs of Los Santos say that the chemical has been exhausted from Cave Perico, which will end this ice tsunami. They say that now we can just wait for this ice tsunami. After this is over, Franklin comes home and then he notices that quite

All the people are stuck in trouble, he goes to help them and during this time, Shinchan Pinchan and Chop get separated from Franklin. Now let’s see what happens next, will Franklin be able to solve this problem of Los Santos and will Franklin be able to find Shinchan Pinchan? And let’s see the chop in this video, for a long time, friend, I tried to go there and search, but friend, I myself can’t see the path, so why should I search for Shinchan Pinchan, brother, how did you fall, I mean, I admit that I am driving fast. I was driving, the car stalled and I fell from the car.

Outside, but where did those people go from? What was the need for those people to get out of the car, the chop also fell there, friend, I don’t know what scene happened, but whatever happened, it was very wrong, friend, and this Shinchan Pinchan has completely separated and The situation is such that I can’t even go to search for those people. You guys see for yourself, I am here, it is clearly visible here, there are mountains over there, there are trees over here, there are trees everywhere, this is towards the bottom. There are bushes, okay, the distance is not that clear, but still we can know a little about where there are trees and where there is land.

There are mountains but in the area where Shinchan Pinchan and Chop were lost, there is only fog, friend and literally nothing is clear, I am not able to know whether it is far away, at the moment the fog has cleared a little but when Last time I came here, when Shin Chun Pincha and Chop got separated, brother, not even 1 inch of forward area was visible at this place, now a little bit is visible, let’s try to find where is still more. It is still visible from a distance, but since last time it is looking a little better.

Let’s try, Shinchan, Pinchan and Chop are not visible at the moment. Brother, these people are far away. Hello brother, are you listening? Are you guys listening? Which place is this motel, which is the motel here, I have no idea brother place. Those people are unable to understand the place where they lost their brother. There were train tracks nearby. Are there train tracks around here? Hey friend, it is not visible from far. How will you know that there are train tracks around here? Is it there or not? Hey man, I can’t see the train tracks anywhere, just a little more.

If we try to search, if we don’t find it then guys, we will go to Human Labs. I will go and try to talk to the scientist of Human Labs again. Brother, if the chemical has ended because of this, then there must be some way to get rid of this Los Antos. Those people will definitely tell us how to fix this snow tsunami. First of all, let me search here, buddy, once again, pinch, pinch and chop, no one, no one, not even a single one is found, no sprinkle is found, no pinch is found, no I am getting chop, I don’t know where those people went, ok, even if they are somewhere here, they will not be visible, brother.

There is fog, they must have definitely gone to some safe place, but I don’t know which safe place, okay brother, I have searched the entire area, I am going around again and coming back to the same place where there is rain. Pinchon and Chop were lost, brother, there were train tracks around here, here at the moment a lake is visible, train tracks, but I can’t see the train tracks anywhere, is there a train track, is there a bridge somewhere over here ok, I guess oh yes Maybe this is the place where those people were lost. Here’s the train track above. Let’s go, let’s go guys here.

Brother, those people got lost right here, they went away separately. I thought that those people were sitting in the car. I took the car out of the corner and those people were not there. There was no rain, no pinch, no chop on the car. Now I have come to search again, so he is not visible here, it means that he has definitely gone to some safe place or the other, where has he gone from here, only when the fog clears will I know where to search in the fog, I do one thing. Yes, I am leaving Human Labs quickly, brother. Yes, I am leaving Human Labs quickly. Let’s talk to the scientist of Human Labs again, brother.
There must be some way to remove this snow from Los Antos. For now, look brother, last time I went to the scientist of Human Labs and he told me that brother, we do not have any way. Now we can just wait for the effect of the chemical which causes so much cold to end and everything becomes normal again, but who knows when the effect of this chemical will end, it may take several months. Before the effect of this chemical wears off, I will have to find another way as soon as possible and save Los Santos because

Look brother, the people of Los Santos are not only facing the cold, let’s face the cold somehow, but what about the Los Gang people? They are breaking into people’s homes and looting, the police will come. No, because of so much fog, because of so much snowfall and they are looting the people by forming a whole gang, we have to save the people of Los Antos from them, then brother, this fog and this snow have to end as soon as possible. Come on. Finally we leave towards the labs, we have reached the main highway, we have to go straight on this highway.

  • Then a factory will come, from there I have to take a right cut and simply we will reach towards Human Laps and drive the car with a little care because who knows who is crossing the road in this fog, who has come out, who knows who is under pressure. It may go under the car, so drive with a little care, brother, you can’t even see the road, you guys see for yourself once, brother, how difficult it is to drive in such weather, you can’t see anything clearly in front and you don’t even know this. We are wondering how far away the factory is. Okay, the boards have started coming, perhaps we are nearing the factory.
  • It’s very close brother, but where is the factory visible and the road is turning O O O rest, rest, haven’t the factory left behind, no no, here it is, here it is the factory, let’s take a right cut from here and let’s go Human Laps Okay nice, from here this path goes. I guess for human laps, definitely yes, this is the path, follow this path straight and then take a left cut. I am working, I will meet you guys directly. What else after reaching Han Lapps Welcome to Human Labs and Research

    Brother, why are these people not solving this ice problem of Los Santos? Let’s meet and talk to the scientist. Hey, why is the gate not opening? Okay, it has opened. Nice a scientist from Human Labs. Brother, it is very cold. This is awesome, wait outside brother, let’s cook a little fire here and there and then let’s go. I guess that’s enough. Let’s go scientist. Hello brothers. Listen to me. Hey, where are these people? Let’s go a little further. Let’s go quickly. How far will we have to go, brother, since when. I am leaving, I am not a scientist, let’s go a little further here.

    How much further should I go? Okay, hello, this is the last time I talked to him. Hey, you are still busy talking. Sir, I wanted to ask you a question. Tell me, what happened? You have come again, sir. Ask me this. I thought, is there no other way to end the ice in Los Santos? No, is there no other way, sir, think once, sir, in this way, I have thought of every way, man, look, eliminate the ice in Los Santos. There was only one way to do this, that chemical which has now been exhausted from Perico and to make that chemical.

    It will take a lot of time, by then the effect of this snow will end on its own, so we can’t do anything friend, just wait for all this to end. Hey sir, don’t you know who has spread this snow, the people of Los Gang. And the Los Gang people have started stealing, they have also started looting people’s houses, so look brother, what can we do now? This problem could have been solved with that chemical, we have that chemical otherwise it would have come. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, hey man, brother, then how can I find the pinchan and chop, how will the problem be solved, wait, just wait, wait.

    Who said, come here, do I have a method, Sir, do you have a method, absolutely good, what, what, what, what is the method, look, we have some friends where inside North Anton, well, they are also scientists, there they have their own separate research. Well, it is actually a research center in North Anton. Okay, get it, you know what the weather is like in North Anton. Yes, it always snows there, that’s why they have created a different center. This type of machine has been made which can reduce cold to a great extent, fog can be eliminated and also

    Also snow can be eliminated. What are you talking about sir? Wow, you must have always noticed that whenever you go to North Anton, there is always snow there but there is never fog. Yes, all this is because of that machine. It’s okay, if you want, you can bring that machine, maybe it will work on the weather in Los Santos, maybe it won’t, why wouldn’t it work? If that machine is working in North Anton, then it will work here too. Hey look North. The cold weather in Ton is natural weather, the weather here is human made, it is due to chemicals.

    If it has been made then perhaps the machine may work or not. Never mind, tell me where to find this machine. You will actually find it if you go to North England and if you ask anyone where is the research center of Scientist James’s friend. So you will know James, your name is James, absolutely okay, thank you, thank you, sir, thank you, let’s go guys, let’s go, finally, when the fog and fog will end, brother, the problem will start getting solved. Brother, accept it even if the snow does not end completely. If the fog also ends, many problems will be solved. First of all, sprinkle

    And I will find out Chop, where are those people? After that, look brother, once Kora is over, it will not be possible for Los Gang members to steal from someone’s house. Now even the police will be able to catch them easily, so there will be a lot of people. The problems will be solved and the people who are stuck inside the snow will also be able to ask for help because when the fog ends, people keep roaming in the North Angle anyway. People of Los Santos will also go out for their work. The problem will be solved guys once they bring the machine and anyway the scientist said that only

    No, brother, that machine eliminates cold as well as snow and the people of North Anton have had this machine for a long time, brother, that’s why whenever you go to North Anton, you get only snow, where is such an environment there, okay brother, let’s bring it. Where am I going from James Scientist’s friend’s research center? Hey, the road was just there, where did I come from? One, because of the fog, I cannot understand the shape of the road and where the route is going. The road suddenly turns right. A road suddenly turns left. It seems like all the trains in Los Santos have been stopped. Brother, yes, it definitely has to be Los Santos.

    All the trains have stopped, guys, not even a single train is running on the train tracks. Otherwise, two-three trains would have passed by this time. Look, not even a single train is running, which means that the government of Los Angeles has definitely stopped the trains. The traffic has also been stopped and they are taking advantage of this. Those people of Los Gang are busy in committing thefts. Well, enough now, let’s quickly go to North Anton and the guys will bring the machine from there which will destroy Los Santos. The fog will end like this, the scientists there are so smart, they have made such a machine. What’s the matter, it’s night at the moment.

    Brother, it’s like night, what a night it is going to be almost and look at the fog here, even the lights of the airport are not shining properly from a distance, whatever it is, we have reached towards the airport and my car is slipping on the snow, okay nice. Come, open the gate, there won’t even be a guard here today, there is no guard, there is nothing brother, today is everyone’s holiday, then I think there will be no planes running here for North Ton, so I will have to take someone’s plane. I will have to take that plane and such a plane under which I can attach the machine and bring it.

    So I will have to find such a plane, I will not take such a big passenger plane, I will not take a cargo plane also because as far as I think the machine is not very big, so this is another passenger plane which obviously I will not take. Let’s try to find another passenger plane. I won’t go with another passenger plane. I won’t go with another passenger plane. Not another passenger plane. Not a stunt plane. One second. Maybe this can work. Wait, it has some system of attach and attach on the bottom. So here it is, things can definitely be attached inside the plane.

    It came from below that I should take this plane, brother, let’s quickly sit inside this plane and go towards North Ton, I should ask any person there to get that machine from there. Brother, J. Scientist, where is my friend’s research center, I just have to find out and we will know about that machine. Let’s go, I will meet you guys directly after reaching North Ton. Bye bye. Welcome to North Ton and here too the weather is snowy but look here you guys look far and wide

    It is clearly visible brother, the scene of fog is visible. You guys are seeing a little snowfall anywhere. Apart from this, the fog will not be visible anywhere. Brother, this is the specialty of that machine. Look how clearly it is visible. Brother, I can even see the trees from far away places, tell me, and look at the condition of your Los Santos, how bad the condition is because of that chemical, they loot cars very quickly, and then they come out to loot someone’s car. We are at James’s friend’s research lab, but even if someone takes a car, he should go out in a car.

    No, brother, this is hello hello, a jeep is coming from the front, hello madam sir, whoever it is, sir, you are hello, excuse me sir, you are not able to see much in the half sweater, you are roaming around wearing a half sweater, excuse me. Me sir, oh brother, oh yours, oh yours, oh brother, I used to consider the people of North India to be simple, brother, this one has come to fight, your nickname is gone, I am taking a car from here, take this from you, now tell me, let’s go. Brother, I got the car, Madam, you are feeling very cold, I wanted to ask you a question, Hello Madam, Hey Madam, I ran away brother, Hello, excuse me.

    Me madam, yes, now get out of here, there is another vehicle here, hello excuse me sir, I wanted to ask a question, where is the research lab of James Scientist’s friend, it is ahead, ahead exactly where, please tell me sir, hello hello sir please. He will come to a house in the future. Well, after that he will come to a house. Ask there. Hey friend, why are people not telling me properly? Hello sir, where is the search lab of JM scientist’s friend, it is in the future. Hey, in the future, me too. I know but how far ahead and where ahead, there is a red colored house ahead, friend, it has a nice red colored house, okay let’s reach there.
    There is no problem, let’s go, let’s go. I first asked this madam, no, no, no, it is someone else. Leave it brother, let’s go quickly. Let’s find the red colored house. Let’s find the research lab of James Scientist’s friend. What happened, friend, my car went somewhere else, I went somewhere else, who did I collide with, this stop sign is so powerful that it threw me out of the car, what is the matter with this stop sign, brother, okay, okay, nice, let’s go here, brother. Back to the red colored house, there is no house here, forget about the red colored one.

    Brother, by the way, where are these people going, there are so many of them in North Angle, there are so many people in the North Angle, the number of vehicles are moving, I can’t understand it, friend, hello hello, is it someone’s red colored house? Yes, I have come here brother, the locality has a red colored house. This is a red colored house, yes definitely, he said near the red colored house, this house is near the red colored house, this is a London Draft Shipping Company, this is not a shipping company, no, no, no, so what was it brother? He had a research lab, even on lawn draft wood supply, it is not visible in some way, what is the thing, he does one thing, he raided.

    He must have said next to the colored house, let’s go inside the red colored house, let’s see if that gem scientist’s friend has a research lab here or not, let’s go inside quickly, let’s go, I have come inside the garage, okay. Lab, yes, it is a lab, but why does it look more like a garage than a lab? This is what a lab is like. Oh man, why am I going here to someone’s room? Hello, excuse me sir, I can talk to you for two minutes. Who are you and me? Actually, you must know James the scientist from Human Labs. Yes, my friend is very good. Yes, so he told me.

    Have sent and you must know what kind of atmosphere is going on in Los Santas. It has become very cold at the moment because of chemicals. A tsunami of snow has arrived. Yes, yes, absolutely correct. You guessed it, so which machine do you use? Here, to eliminate all the smoke, fog, cold etc., I need the same machine from North Ton. Ok, where is this zucchini, it is so big, yes, this is it, oh man, this machine is very big, the plane which I have brought. It seems like a plane will do the work for me. Let’s try it. Sir, I will definitely take the machine. Absolutely obviously. What are you talking about, my friend?

    James, you have come from a friend, you take it cool, what have you brought, not a car, a truck, I have brought a car, I have a jeep, yes, it will come easily, it looks heavy, otherwise it is light, ok, thank you sir, let’s go quickly, guys, let’s go out and This machine is placed on the top of the car, so this is the machine right here. The brothers of the nets have come out, how is the research lab, I mean, it is a fine research lab, but it was very hot inside, brother, you are looking outside, it is getting so dark and It is not empty, it means it is cold and snow is falling, but inside his research lab.

    It was fine in the summer, what’s the matter, brother, this scientist can make anything if he wants, for now I will leave with this jeep, Guy, oh yours, the accidents here are like this, the man is out of the car and many kilometers away, no problem. How does this happen, friend, I have fallen completely out of the car twice, once I don’t know where else, he hit a stop sign, once I hit just the left side of the car, he hit the left side of my car, and that’s it. There is something happening just outside the car when I collide with it. Here, the guy can’t drive fast at all, it’s slow.

    Well, whatever the case may be, now the guys will take this machine towards their stunt plane. They will take this machine through the stunt plane to Los Santos and by using this machine, they will eliminate all the fog and fog inside Los Santos. It is also getting cold, there is snow etc. and after that we will save our shins and chops. There is no need to save those people, I mean definitely brother, they must have found a house somewhere here and there, found a corner and hid themselves, but just where to find us. So let’s go to find the same, here is my plane on the side, let’s chill comfortably.

    GTA 5 Franklin Found Lost Shinchan Pinchan In Snow Tsunami
    GTA 5 Franklin Found Lost Shinchan Pinchan In Snow Tsunami

    It’s just that this is our stunt plane, bear the weight of this machine. For now, our jeep has taken the weight. Let’s see what happens to the plane. Let’s quickly sit down and attach this machine to the plane. Let’s go, let’s do. Come on brother, ok ok ok ok, I have attached the machine very well, just take off the plane smoothly, ok ok, there is nothing wrong, I don’t know why smoke is coming out from inside the plane. Ok everything is alright, just go to the lost station, hurry up brother, it will be done, let’s do our work.

    Guys, the plane is fine, let’s quickly take the plane and leave towards Los Santos. I will meet you guys directly in Los Santos. Let’s go. It’s already morning brother, I have reached in the morning, let me tell you all about the condition of your North Anton. Look, okay, now look at the condition of Los Santos, how much snow is falling, just look at the snow, brother, the runway is not clearly visible, one more second, hey my plane, why is my plane bouncing like this, hey, I want to land peacefully, dear. Okay brother, smoke is coming out from inside the plane, is it going to explode soon?

    Go, before the blast happens, I will leave from here with the machine. Where had I kept my car, I had kept my car on the other side, let’s take this plane there, guys, I will not land here and there, I will land near my car so that the car By placing this machine on top of the plane and then the human pilots will operate this machine. I don’t know how to operate it. Okay, let’s see how much it helps and how much the cold of Los Santos is reduced. And this plane is nice, nice, nice, where is my car? Where are you brother? Have I lined up at the wrong place? I can’t see the car. Where have I got this plane?

    I had picked up the plane from here. I guess I can’t see my car. I had come by car. Who had I come from? As far as I remember, I had come by car only. Okay, the car will be here, right? Well, let’s go by plane. De-attach this machine and keep it on the car, the fire is still burning brother, one whole day has passed, I went yesterday evening, I have come this morning, still the fire is burning on your car, what is the fire? I will have to remove the gas otherwise I will not be able to keep this machine. Come on brother, I have kept the machine. Leave the fire on top of the car and let it burn behind it. Let’s go with this machine, humans.

    Labs or I was thinking of trying it myself, I don’t feel like taking the risk but I also feel like let’s try it once and see if it doesn’t work then we will take it to the scientist, I don’t understand brother. What am I thinking, friend, let’s try it ourselves. Let’s go with this machine. We will go to our house and I will use this machine there brother. Let’s try it myself. If I don’t understand anything. If it doesn’t come then after that they will take it to the scientist but before that you try it yourself and anyway that scientist had said that brother.

    You bring this machine to solve the problem. He had just said that bring the machine directly to me, the vehicles are moving one by one, brother, towards the airport, I am about to reach towards my home, the fog here is a little fine, brother, the situation here is fine. That eye gas is fine compared to other places, look where the dust is so much, that is why we had set out to help the people, brother, let’s go, it is clearly visible everywhere, wherever someone will be seen buried in snow. We will help him but after that we reached a place where it was very dark and very cold.

    Now let’s operate this machine, keep it here, let’s go, let’s use this machine, how is this machine going to work and how long is it going to work and in what way is it going to work, I have no idea but let’s use it here But a button is visible. Let’s press it. After pressing the button, what kind of smoke is coming out from inside. I don’t know what will happen with this smoke. Let’s let this machine run for a while and I will take some rest. Then after that guys will leave. At the same location where Shin Chan Pinchon and Chop got separated from me and then we will go there and try to find the guys.

    So maybe the fog will end. Let’s let this machine run for an hour. After an hour, we will wake up and see what happened to Los Santos. Anyway, I haven’t slept properly. I kept flying the plane all night. Let’s go to sleep, little by little. So it becomes gold, what does good night mean? Good morning, so almost an hour has passed and it’s time to search for Shinchan Pin Chan and Chop. Let’s go, okay, just once. You guys look at the weather, brother, what’s the matter? This is a big change. Hello, this is a big change literally. Earlier, when I had come with this machine, then now.

    Those buildings were not visible at all. Brother, you guys go and rewind yourselves and see how far away they were visible when I brought this machine and now look brother, they appear very far away. The machine is working, guys. So let’s go again I guess this fog problem must have been solved there too and the cold is also feeling a little less, the plan of Los Gang people is going to flop, you guys keep watching, for now I went to take revenge from them yesterday, I met them. No, all of them had set out to steal, one thing should be done, go early in the morning to take revenge from them because at night
    They will not be committing thefts. They will be going early in the morning. Go and knock them out before that. Wait and see tomorrow. For now, I am leaving to search for Shinjan Pinchon and Chop. Let’s go and see if the guys are found anywhere. At present, the atmosphere is It has become completely normal, still why is no one visible? Yes, people must be still thinking that it will be empty outside, no problem, no problem, wow brother, this weather is looking so lovely, oh literally, I am feeling so fine now. Oh brother, since yesterday there has been only fog and mist, this cold and cold everywhere, but right now everything is looking so cute.

    It’s been a lovely weather, it’s been fun, brother, the sun has already come out, brother, it’s a little cloudy but the sun is out, it’s fun, it’s fun, brother, it’s fun, let’s go, let’s do one thing, let’s leave quickly. And Shin Chan looks for Pin Chan and Chop. Brother, there is so much snow on my car. Leave the snow everywhere. So which place was it? It was this place, brother, there was the train track above here. Maybe I had hit it somewhere else. After that they separated, Chin Chan went away, Pin Chan went away and Chop went away and I didn’t even know all this brother, that’s why I took the car.

    I went out of the car and when I look at the car, there is no one there, where will they be at the moment, let’s try to find out here, ok, there are many grooms here, now we can go to the house and find out, now it is clearly visible, brother, all. Something is clearly visible, hello hello, excuse me, okay, no one is visible here, hello oh, there is a fat man, hello sir, I wanted to ask you a question, yes brother, ask, is this a small child in blue-violet clothes or another child or Then you saw a dog, yes yes yes I saw whom, I saw a dog, where where did you see her, she here bud

    When did you see it going towards this side? It was getting very foggy at that time. That dog collided with me and then kept running here and there. Yes, yes towards this side. Ok chop, it seems that it has gone here, but where did it go here? Let’s search for them, hello Chop brother, Chop Chop is not visible, brother, he is not sleeping, maybe he is here, brother, he must have gone to a place where he can escape from the cold, so let’s check out behind these bushes once. No chop, it is not here, the next bush is not chop, hello chop, oh one second of yours, this is still covered with snow, brother, where did you find it?

    O chop’s children, what are you sleeping? Hey, who are you? Hey, let me sleep. Hey, I was feeling very cold. Now go and get some peace. Hey, you are here, come out. Hey, you found me, how did you find me? Hey, come out, you are here. How did you find me, please tell me how long have you been here, I have been lying here since yesterday, I was feeling very cold, now the atmosphere has become a bit normal. Okay, tell me, where is Shinchan Pinchan, do I know, no one is with you. No brother, I came here alone, all of you left me and ran away. Hey, no one left me and ran away.

    All three of you got separated and I also got separated. Well come on, you are found, now let’s look for Shinchan and Pinchan together, you will find them guys, they will also be found, I will bring the car, Chop, you stay here, here is your car. Let’s make Chop sit on the car and let’s search for Shinchan and Pinchan. Let’s go brother. Chop, let’s go, ok back. I don’t know where these people would have gone. Stop and search. Who knows, they too are hiding in these bushes like you. Find, find. Brother. No no, you are not hiding here, did you bump into a fat person yesterday? Yes, if you bumped into a fat person, it was good.

    That’s why I was telling about you brother Chinchan Pinchan, only these two are left, these people too are definitely guys here and there, they must have either gone to someone’s house, Hello brothers, did any of you guys wear two small clothes? Had seen their purple colored children. Hello, they are not saying anything. Let’s go here. Hey, let’s go here for a second. There is no house here, so they did not get washed away in the water today. There is a river nearby too, brother. If If they get washed away, then I don’t know where they will be found, but why would they go into the water and anyway, as cold as it was yesterday, I feel that tomorrow this water will also freeze.

    Ok Pincher and Pynchon, hey brother, look at this, now the deer have also started appearing, these people were also hiding somewhere, now one by one people are visible, brother, they are silent far and wide, yes, yes friend, that’s right. He is saying, what kind of a house is this, it is a broken house, we have a good location to hide, definitely one of the Pinchan Pinchans can be found here, hey it is Pinchan, I am saying that definitely someone or the other can be found here. Look, I have found Pinchan. Oye Pinchan, Bhai is sleeping. Get up happily brother. Hello brother, wake up. Is Pinchan around? Is the gate not opening?

    Wake up brother, you are sleeping, what happened, man, get up, I have come brother, I was looking for you guys, oh man, finally you have come, I was waiting for so long, I tell you where Shinchan is, I don’t know, I came separately and I saw a house and I was feeling cold, so I came here. Okay, by the way, how did this cold end? Man, the effect of that chemical did not end, didn’t the effect of that chemical end, it is a long story, I will tell you but seriously. I am a guy, what work has been done brother, look at that machine has removed all the dust and the clouds were already normal, the weather has become completely sunny.

    What a wonderful feeling, their entire plan has been ruined brother. Now come brother, the pin chain of the Los gang members is inside, you have come out, here is your car, now only the chain is left, hey, have you got the chop too? Yes brother, chop too. Only Shinchan has been found, that too must be there somewhere. There is a need to find the guy. If there is any person here, please ask him. Yes, there is a brother here, so yes, hello fat brother, please tell me if you saw any Shinchan here. This is what he is, hey, is he sleeping in the dump truck, no problem, wake him up immediately, Oye Shinchan Bhai, Hello, get up brother, Oye Mote.

    Fat brother, you are like this, O o o mo, fat brother is coming to fight, I am playing with you, what has happened to you, how, how, how, how, how are you going to fight, you are like this, so brother, he has removed my cap now. I will not leave it at all. Hey, let’s wash it completely, let’s wash it completely, brother, absolutely absolutely, take this thick nickel and take it, take this, sorry Pinchon, take this, take this, speak nonsense, my friend, I have removed my tobi, I have removed the glasses. Wait brother, let me wear the glasses cap. Come on brother, put the tobi glasses back on. Shinchan has arrived brother, hello world, how long will you sleep brother, by the way, whatever you have got is this.