GTA 5 Best Stocks to buy after lifeinvader

what stock to buy before lifeinvader mission,
what stock to buy before lifeinvader mission,

what stock to buy before lifeinvader mission

good morning boys and girls and this is seventh level gonna tell you about the greatest friggin glitch in GTA 5 Best Stocks to buy after lifeinvader  all of GTA 5 this is gonna be a money glitch and is not going to be anything like all those other videos that you probably have seen where a twelve-year-old sits there and tells you about how you have to buy low and sell high no Sherlock we all know that that is the basis of every stock market in every game ever okay here’s what we got to do first you’re gonna go into the stock market your about I’m about maybe 26% through

should i buy lifeinvader stock after assassination,

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what stock to buy before lifeinvader mission,
what stock to buy before lifeinvader mission,
the game right now you go in you go into the deliberative City exchange and you look at this little doohickey right here look at that isn’t it beautiful current price of life invader $3.66 okay so we’re good we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna spend all the money in the world on this all of it I don’t care if you only have a little I don’t care if you have a lot all of it I’ve got eighty million dollars an hour ago I only had five hundred thousand dollars that was it and then I figured
this out and everything seems a little bit better now so I’ll just take a second okay eighty million dollars confirmed and here’s where we make our magic bring up your phone do a little quick see and reload that game now the trick here is life invader stock is still technically plummeting but for some reason it plummets at different rates depending on where when and whatever the
hell it feels like it doesn’t go down within six days it doesn’t do crazy it never goes back up for the first little while so here’s what we got to do I’m at 26% and every time I reload this thing there is a different bell curve on that stock market so now when I load this up and I go in and I get that Liberty City exchange now all of a sudden what’s going on here life invader is $11.
22 oh my god portfolio we’re gonna sell all look at that oh oh my god that eighty million just became 246 million dollars in less than three minutes thank you very much people and I hope to see again