GTA 6 : Grand Theft Auto 6 is set in Vice City @calldutygames

Grand Theft Auto 6 is set in Vice City
Grand Theft Auto 6 is set in Vice City
in this episode of trying to get hired GTA 6 : Grand Theft Auto 6 is set in Vice City @calldutygames by Rockstar the GTA 6 trailer finally got released and it was insane but it brought up two big questions what does gameplay in Vice City actually look like who wao hey hey hey hey and the hardest question to answer what would the first intro mission of GTA 6 look like I mean every single GTA has an iconic intro Mission so I’m going to answer both of these questions and I’m not taking any shortcuts because I literally paid $200 for a voice actor so the first thing on our list to create
  1. is Vice City currently the closest thing we have to actually walking around in Vice City is
  2. this the 2021 Vice City remaster by Grove Street games now we already went into this
  3. with the San Andreas version but they somehow managed to do the exact same thing so
  4. let’s take a look to see what I’m up against we got random hotel signs that are just
  5. floating that that’s all right that’s this is uh what we call a door handle apparently and
  6. then it goes all out the window freaking twoot Oompa Loompa ghost
riding a vesa this chick identifies as Sonic the Hedgehog and guys I cannot make this up legit AI upscale textures they really just ran through chat GPT and called it a day bro I mean even the NPC like dang yeah we might have messed up on this one like what my player build is this bro personally I wouldn’t take this level of disrespect you know it’s a complete mess and I need our version to look like this so I’ve got a lot to make better starting with the buildings I grabbed six buildings I wanted to recreate and
got to work and that was no understatment bringing all six buildings to life as realistic as possible took over 1 hour per building now I’m not the fastest modeler so that’s probably why it took so long but I mean I turned a cube into this so that that’s pretty cool but 12th uh why do it be white well because it took another full day just to do the text extras I think I know why GTA 6 is taking so long Grove Street games on the other hand y’all got some explaining to do because look at the difference y’all losing me man here’s
the problem though I only made six and there are countless in Vice City there was absolutely no way I could recreate the whole map I decided to save my sanity by just recreating this long strip along the beach and this way all my effort can be focused into one location so while I try to compete against a whole team of people that made this let me think today’s sponsor hanon Kai star rail hanon Kai star rail is a brand new space fantasy RPG made by the developers of ginin impact so you know it’s good it’s free to play on PC PS5
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Clip I completely overhauled this whole portion of Vice City and the cherry on top that just made the scene are [Music] buildings we’ve got the 2021 Vice City remaster then we’ve got our realistic version I just love all the the detail I added that really helped bring it to life mainly the buildings those to straight carry I mean just look at the difference so we don’t have the capacity but there’s so much that goes into making an image realistic like the dirt and grime the cars parked and even small
little details like the street signs and that is one thing that Rockstar did perfectly in the official trailer it just feels so alive which brings up a question I get asked a lot now lot see a lot of people would be asking why do you even want to get hired by Rockstar you don’t make games but someone’s got to make the environment that you play in I want to work on GTA 6 and I want to make an environment bro I want to make a building I want to make something even if it’s a blade of grass I want to make
something bro they don’t want us to win [Music] now sorry I kind of lost the plot a little bit there but our VI city was looking great I mean I even animated this goofy looking vesa clip as a little throwback I ain’t going to lie I’m getting cooked but there was one problem with our vice city the people this procedural crowd plug plug in that I’m using makes my life way easier but all the models are wearing winter clothes which makes no sense which technically means Grove Street games got me there

Grand Theft Auto 6 is set in Vice City
Grand Theft Auto 6 is set in Vice CityGTA 5 Franklin Shinchan Pinchan Open Secret Bunker 
and I mean come on come on we can’t have that so I had to take one for the team guys this is not my proudest moment I took the female character from our concept trailer and then I paid uh I paid $15 for a virtual bikini and then it gets worse all I’m saying is the suit didn’t fit I mean not even close so I had to sculpt it was probably the weirdest 15 minutes I’ve ever spent on my PC and to answer the question you’re thinking yes everything is textured okay man down man down someone had a field day when they made