Games workshop canada

Games workshop canada
Games workshop canada

Games workshop canada

Games workshop canada games workshop are apparently paying really low wages to a lot of their stuff but they also just gave everyone a 5 000 bonus which one of those is true could it be both let’s talk about it and yeah i know i’ve already put out five videos in july and a bonus live stream that’s kind of looking forward to having a couple of days off chilling with the twins and playing room world but i just read a couple of things that to be honest i think really need disgust so if you don’t know who i am i’m lucky enough to

  • be a full-time content creator on youtube although making videos on this channel is my
  • full-time job the thing i make videos about is my hobby and that hobby is mostly
  • warhammer and painting and playing other games workshop models and board games
  • and to be honest i’ve always felt pretty good about doing what i do a lot of my videos
  • are beginner focused i help people pluck up the courage to paint their first models figure
  • out how to play their first tabletop games and join in with what i think is a really fun
  • rewarding hobby i

mean i knew it wasn’t perfect no company is but games workshop kind of always felt like a pretty cool company to support a home-grown british success story manufacturing in the uk creators of fun sci-fi and fantasy settings that are getting more and more popular year after year and then i spotted posts on the warhammer 40k and sigmarxism subreddits about a former member of games workshop staff i won’t go into all the gory details here and obviously i’d always recommend taking claims by former employees of any company with a pinch of

salt but here’s the gist one of game’s workshop’s rule writers was on nineteen thousand pounds a year and then when he was moved to the specialist games team as a game designer he was given a raise to twenty thousand pounds a year that’s about twenty three thousand euro or twenty eight thousand us dollars and just for reference he was part of the team that created rules for warhammer quest silver tower betrayal at calf and the current editions of blood bowl necromunda and adeptus titanicus he

became a dad and was offered a job in another department at games workshop but the specialist games manager offered him a big pay rise to stay in his current role when he came back from paternity leave but that often mysteriously vanished when he actually returned he was told there was no budget for a raise but unlimited budget for overtime outside of work hours exactly what any new dad wants to hear i’m sure back to reddit for a second interestingly the post on the warhammer 40k subreddit was removed by the

moderators but the one on sigmarxism is still there i’m not going to speculate about censorship here but you can probably draw your own conclusions i do my very very best to keep middle midwinter minis positive and hobby focused but sometimes something resonates with me so much i have to get it off my chest you see i have a very similar experience not with games workshop but working in the music retail industry in the same way that many hobbyists will think working at games workshop in any capacity is the ultimate

dream job aspiring musicians think the same way about working at a musical instrument store i mean i did i’ve been making music and playing in bands since i was 14. when i lived in edinburgh i worked as a salesperson and then in the office doing marketing for a really highly respected award-winning musical instrument retailer i worked there full-time 40 hours a week and when i was on the shop floor i was quite often the top performing sales person and when i took charge of the marketing our turnover hit record levels year after

  1. the games workshop rule writer’s boss said there was no budget for a raise i actually
  2. believed my boss because we were a small team we all knew what the situation was and
  3. how tight the money was the music store was turning over about five million pounds a
  4. year but where games workshop’s profits can be counted in the hundreds of millions our
  5. music stores profits were counted in the thousands not tens of thousands just thousands
  6. and it was nothing to do with mismanagement the owner himself was just as passionate

as anyone who worked at the store and he actually took home a salary that was very very modest probably about just double what the lowest paid full-time staff member earned as a team we were always aiming for innovation we were reinvesting in growth and just trying to eek out in existence in one of the busiest and most competitive retail markets there is money was tight i knew it they knew it so rather than just keep asking for a raise reluctantly even though i loved working there loved the work i loved the people that i worked

with i handed in my notice and i found a new job in the music industry who’d have thought that five years later i’d be a full-time hobby nerd on youtube how the hell did that happen anyway i think we’ve got the same kind of situation here people are willing to accept comparatively low salaries for what is actually pretty important intense specialist and high value work because literally if you don’t want the job there are hundreds thousands of people who will happily replace you i mean you get to play with toys for a

living sign me up for reference jobs that pay about twenty thousand pounds in the uk are stuff like call center customer service operatives supermarket floor staff and retail assistants and while i’m not downplaying the importance of those jobs i’ve worked as two out of three of those a rule writer for a game that tens of thousands of people will play is simply a different kind of job and requires a much more specialist set of skills creativity writing talent and attention to detail i’m not afraid to

say it that’s a 30 000 pound a year job at least to be honest for a company the size and financial shape of games workshop i don’t really understand why this is an issue in the first place your staff shouldn’t just be paid enough maybe not even competitively but generously if you’re a company owner director manager it’s the absolute best way to ensure that all of your staff are bringing their a-game to their jobs value and enjoy their time at work appreciate their employers and actually have the resources to enjoy their time

off when they actually have it and this attitude will also let games workshop now one of the biggest companies in the uk bigger than marks and spencer’s set a positive example for the rest of the industry i know it might just be as effective as tossing a coin into a wishing well but i kind of really hope this video inspires a little bit of change for games workshop because i think their staff do an amazing job i really value what they do and i think they should be paid for it and paid well now here’s a bit of weird timing for you

just as this story was doing the rounds on social media the uk news corporation the guardian shared a story about how games workshop were rewarding all of their employees with a one-off profit share to the value of 5 000 pounds per staff member in games workshop shares now obviously that’s an incredibly generous move but this kind of payment is a bonus not something you should rely on when planning your monthly or yearly finances especially when you’ve just become a dad like the guy who shared his story you might assume that the 5k bonus

Games workshop canada
Games workshop canada

was only given after the former employee’s tweets blew up but it was actually announced to the staff and in press releases a few months ago maybe the timing of the article in the guardian was just a coincidence picked up with games workshop’s latest shareholder report who knows if you agree with the points i’ve made here i would encourage you to share this video if it gains a bit of traction it might encourage games workshop to pay their staff a respectable justified wage and if they end up doing that then sure i’d

probably just cost them quite a lot of money but to be honest i think i’ve made them plenty of money too in the last year my warhammer related videos have been viewed 15 million times now if you guess conservatively and say that for every 10 views someone was inspired enough to buy one part of citadel paint i’ve made them four million pounds keep in mind that yearly bonus that games workshop just gave all of their staff is worth about 12 million and they don’t even speak to me amazing the more stories are here like this underpaying