FREE FIRE MAX HEADSHOT HACK 2024 @calldutygames

FREE FIRE MAX HEADSHOT HACK 2024 @calldutygames
FREE FIRE MAX HEADSHOT HACK 2024 @calldutygames


FREE FIRE MAX HEADSHOT HACK @calldutygames  Some of your mistakes due to which one type headshot is not taken and 90 99 not 100% everyone makes those mistakes due to which your one type headshot is not taken and then you get worried, you do not even realize that I am making a mistake. If I am, please watch the video till the end and do not miss your mistakes at all. Let us move towards our point number one which is the mechanism. Now this is us and this is our gun, this is standing in front of us, if we are this anime. We will fire this shot on the body and we will call it one tap body shot but right here


 If it hits his head, then we will call it one tap head shot. You all know this, but what you don’t know is that when I hit him for the first time, it hit him for a body shot, but when I hit him for the second time, it hit him for the head. Have you ever wondered why the shot was fired? Because the reason behind it is drag. This is the whole mechanism behind One Tap. If we pick any other battleground game other than Fee F, then there is no drag there. There is no system, there is no system of full aim, if we fire at the enemy’s head then it will directly hit the enemy’s head.


 If we place it on the body then it will hit the body but here we get an option if we drag M even after placing it on the body then the bullet coming out of your gun will hit the enemy’s head but behind it there will be an There is a small time period of 0.00 few seconds within which you have to drag. Now this is a limit of the drag. Let’s understand all this together. As you can see in front of your screen, this is me and this is in front. Now since it is in our very close range, what we have to do is move our enemy a little away from it.


We will have to keep it, meaning our own M will remain white and will not be connected to the enemy. Now the enemy’s head is here and our own M is very far away from it, so the gap in between is very big, so we have to cover this gap with our drag speed. You will have to do this, if you drag slowly, your M can stop here, meaning then that body shot will be taken. If you drag at full speed, your M will go upwards at full speed and because it is a default M, it will It will connect directly to the head like a magnet and your one tap headshot will be clicked easily, guys.


 Now friends, let’s talk about long range, so what you have to do in long range is your enemy and your M is this. Yes, you have to keep M very close to the enemy because if you keep M away from the enemy, what will happen? If he is too far away, your M will move here and there. If you drag up, your M will be dragged somewhere else. It cannot connect to the enemy, so you have to keep the M completely connected to the enemy. And now your M is very close. From the head of the enemy, you have to drag just a little bit because if you drag too much here, then

FREE FIRE MAX HEADSHOT HACK 2024 @calldutygames
FREE FIRE MAX HEADSHOT HACK 2024 @calldutygames


except the head of the enemy  that is, the work that the default M does is limited to a limit. If you drag too hard then your aim will go into the sky. I am in the heights of the sky, so you have to drag lightly within a limit and you will be able to hit the enemy’s head very easily. What is the matter sir, what I just told you. So I have explained to you the entire mechanism of one tape headshot, how one tape headshot works. Now what I have explained to you is going to be useful to you in every type of one tough headshot whether you are shooting a flying anime.


 Whether it is you, kill the running enemy, yes, your point number was two, how to kill the running enemy with one tap headshot, this is what is called the hardest task in FF, it takes a lot to learn it. It takes practice plus hard work, you have to keep one thing in mind here as I explained the mechanism to you, drag, drag is what makes the one tap headshot happen, meaning the red numbers you see are visible because of drag. Now if the enemy is running, in which direction is he running? You have to see this thing and your M is M.

 And drag, these two things are useful, in one tape headshot you just don’t have to do anything, keep your aim according to the distance of the enemy, meaning if he is in close range then you have to keep your aim a little away, if he is very long. So what you have to do is to take M a little closer, you just have to drag it in the direction in which the enemy is going, now here the same thing comes to rotate around the same mechanism, that is, the limit of drag. What will happen is just according to its distance, if it is in very long range then drag a little less and it will be very close.


So you have to press and drag exactly in his direction and the direction in which he is running. Just perfect drag is equal to one tap head shot. You have to understand this thing very well and there is a lot of meaning in it. You will have to practice a lot, you will have to experiment a lot with this thing inside the training ground, a lot, how much you have to drag, according to your phone, according to the sensitivity of your phone, many other things matter, but there are some mistakes here. I will tell you that also now but now I have a request from you.


I want it friend, it takes a lot of hard work, I am telling you the truth, so please like the video, if you are new to the channel then subscribe, if you don’t do it even after so much hard work, then I am going to make such mistakes which you yourself do not know that. I am making this mistake but you are doing it. In order to get a headshot on the enemy, you fire the enemy first, so what happens is that whenever you fire the enemy, you stand completely stable at the zero point for a few seconds only. If you become an anime and any other anime then it stands completely still, you are an anime for the person in front of you if you


 If you stand up, it will be very easy for him to hit one tap headshot and because he is already in movement, you will not be able to hit him with one tap headshot, what you have to do here is you have to let the enemy fire first so that what That zero point will be there, it will stand completely stable for a few seconds and at that time you have to fire at it at full speed, that is, do not delay, otherwise it will go into movement again, put a wall or run away from there. You can do anything by taking advantage of that 0 point, few seconds of time.


 Give him a headshot and never fire first. There are so many enemies roaming around in the open. So what do you do? You fire here. Firing means getting one shot from the enemy in front, so this is the mistake you will make from now on. Let’s move towards our mistake number two which is the use of joystick. Yes, whenever you fire to hit the opponent in front, you do not have to use your joystick at all. If you keep moving the joystick, then If you want to tap, you will remain in movement and if you remain in movement, then the person in front will be able to hit one tap.


The chances are very less because if you remain in movement, your bullet will also remain in movement, it will also recoil and go here and there. You have to become absolutely stable for a few seconds, for 0.001 seconds, then you have to hit one tap. After that, show the movement again. As much movement as you want to show, but when you fire, you have to remain absolutely stable, do not use the joystick. Now let’s look at our mistake number three. When F’s launch any gun skin, they do so so that they can Be able to sell that gun skin if someone in front is selling something else or

  • He is giving something for free. There will be a difference between the two. If the other
  • person is selling something, there will be some special thing in it. Similarly, there are
  • gun skins inside F, which increase in the ability to shoot a little if you fire in short range.
  • You have M1887 and it has double range in the battery, easily you will be able to hit any
  • enemy head on even after maintaining some distance, easily you will be able to hit him
  • head on, similarly if you use Dragon of SBD, both are same gun. What if you are using it
  • or you are using any similar gun then if it has Accuracy Plus then it is easy?

 If there is a connection on the head, then in the same way the guy’s gun skins also matter but we do not have diamonds to get the gun skins and the enemy in front takes the gun skin and goes away killing us, we keep holding on to this black skin. But how can this happen and being me, my subscribers and my viewers should not face any problem, that is why in this video I have told you a complete step by step trick by which you can get more than a thousand diamonds daily for absolutely free. And with that diamond you can go and get Gun Skins Bundles.

 You can buy whatever you want but what you have to do is you have to click on this video and go and watch this video completely and follow whatever I told you step by step. Go press on it and do it in your account. rain of diamonds bye