Dive into the Past this Christmas: 12 Free Assassin’s Creed Games to Play

Dive into the Past this Christmas 12 Free Assassin's Creed Games to Play
Dive into the Past this Christmas 12 Free Assassin's Creed Games to Play

Dive into the Past this Christmas: 12 Free Assassin’s Creed Games to Play

12 free Assassin’s Creed games you can play over Christmas Christmas is a time for family, feasting, and…diving headfirst into centuries-old conflicts with hidden blades and parkour skills? That’s right, Assassin’s Creed fans, because Ubisoft has gifted us a treasure trove of free games to explore this holiday season. So grab your hot cocoa, settle in by the fire, and prepare to leap into these 12 free Assassin’s Creed adventures:

1. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (PlayStation Plus Extra): Set sail with the charismatic pirate Edward Kenway in the golden age of piracy. Explore the Caribbean’s sun-drenched islands, plunder galleons, and assassinate Templars from the crow’s nest of your own ship. Ahoy, mateys!


2. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China (PlayStation Plus Extra): Experience the forbidden city through the eyes of Shao Jun, the last remaining Assassin in China. Master deadly acrobatics and chain assassinations as you weave through stunning Imperial architecture and hunt down the Templars responsible for your downfall.


3. Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry (PlayStation Plus Extra): A standalone expansion to Black Flag, Freedom Cry puts you in the shoes of Adewale, a former slave turned pirate turned Assassin. Fight for freedom in Haiti’s lush jungles and murky swamps, and witness the brutal realities of the slave trade firsthand.


4. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (PC via Ubisoft Connect): Journey to ancient Greece as Alexios or Kassandra, a Spartan warrior with a mysterious past. Unravel the secrets of your lineage, battle mythical beasts, and choose your own destiny in a sprawling open world overflowing with gods, heroes, and epic adventures.

Dive into the Past this Christmas 12 Free Assassin's Creed Games to Play
Dive into the Past this Christmas 12 Free Assassin’s Creed Games to Play


5. Assassin’s Creed Origins (PC via Ubisoft Connect): Witness the birth of the Assassin Brotherhood in Ancient Egypt. Bayek, a Medjay protector, seeks vengeance for the death of his son, embarking on a journey that will set the stage for centuries of conflict between Assassins and Templars. Explore pyramids, unravel the mysteries of Egyptian mythology, and face legendary creatures in this sun-drenched sandbox.


6. Assassin’s Creed Rogue (PC via Ubisoft Connect): Walk the line between Assassin and Templar as Shay Cormac, a disillusioned Brotherhood member turned hunter. Experience the story from the other side, witness the fall of the Colonial Brotherhood, and wield devastating new weaponry like the grenade launcher and swivel gun.


7. Assassin’s Creed Unity (PC via Ubisoft Connect): Dive into the heart of the French Revolution as Arno Dorian, a young Assassin seeking justice for his father’s murder. Climb the towering Notre Dame, explore a meticulously recreated Paris, and join the fight for liberty alongside iconic figures like Robespierre and Napoleon.


8. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (PC via Ubisoft Connect): Swing through Victorian London as Jacob and Evie Frye, twin Assassins fighting to liberate the city from the oppressive Templar rule. Utilize grappling hooks and steam-powered carriages for fast-paced traversal, and unleash devastating combos with your cane-swords and brass knuckles.


9. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India (PC via Ubisoft Connect): Embark on a stealthy adventure through 19th-century India as Arbaaz Mir, a master of disguise and silent takedowns. Infiltrate opulent palaces, navigate bustling bazaars, and utilize traditional Indian weapons like the Katar dagger and Chakri throwing rings to eliminate your targets.


10. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia (PC via Ubisoft Connect): Take on the role of Nikolai Orelov, a cunning Assassin operating in the frozen wastes of Tsarist Russia. Utilize parkour across icy rooftops, blend in with crowds during vibrant celebrations, and eliminate your targets with brutal efficiency using hidden blades and throwing axes.


11. Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD (PC via Ubisoft Connect): Experience the American Revolution through the eyes of Aveline de Grandpré, a fearless Assassin fighting for freedom in colonial Louisiana. Utilize voodoo spells and swamp acrobatics to navigate the bayou, hunt down Templar slavers, and liberate oppressed slaves.