Dauntless chain blades build beginner 2024 solo

Dauntless chain blades build beginner 2024 solo
Dauntless chain blades build beginner 2024 solo
okay what up ladies and gents your favorite Dauntless chain blades build beginner 2024 solo  Asian robot right here this is today I stayed inside and played video games alright and today I stayed inside and played Thomas okay so people have been asking me to do the easy chain blade build again right now with the recycle cells and the ReUse cells and all that okay I’m gonna show you guys how to modify the easy chain blade build into its current form okay savates pincers are your ideal choice for new chain blades why because they come with the UE that as you dodge
  • attacks you cool it down and it deals a lot of damage as well it also has pulse Baseline
  • which is very good for chain blades because pulse a red can be used to time your chain
  • blade slam alright this is very important I’m gonna remove my camera so you guys can
  • see everything in detail you will want to start off with the pulse cell and recycle cell
  • inside your savates pincers as your weapon okay keep in mind that this build contains no
  • trial cells and no legendaries why because that is basically how we do this we do have
  • an
exotic helmet but you don’t need to power surge it you can actually leave it on power surge because you’re only going to be able to power surge it if I recall correctly for the skull Forge after you start doing escalations however if you can power surge it it’s great all right so like I said this build is for newer players because no trial cells no um legendaries involved okay hurricane blades will be your mod of choice here but you can literally use any modern and it won’t make you any less efficient but
ideally get hurricane blades okay um for your special Reapers dance which is the default okay and then for your Omni cell you’ve got a choice if you’re gonna use the Tempest omnicell which is for even more raw power in this build right change your Lantern to the koshy’s bloom okay and the cell will remain the same you’re going to use reuse but if you’re gonna use iceborn all right where you already have lifesteal and damage reduction right what you’re gonna do here is you’ll use the pangar shine to
slow down non-ice behemoths it’s not going to work against ice behemoths but you’ll be fine anyway and same cell reuse right here okay for your helmet you’ve got the skull Forge with a parasitic cell this is your survival you’ve got a scrave wing jacket with an endurance cell you’ve got the fiery gauntlets with a recycle cell and you have the scrapering boots with a reused cell basically what you’re going to have in this build is adrenaline 6 and during six now how do you use adrenaline
Dauntless chain blades build beginner 2024 solo
Dauntless chain blades build beginner 2024 solo
together with the skull Forge this is a technique that you have to learn the skull Forge basically generates a stamina Shield whenever you use it whenever you’re dealing damage this allows you to do an infinite chain blade spin since you basically will never lose stamina all right but you have to use your dashes first to set the stamina level where you want before attacking okay so you will never get the full benefit like you’re never going to hit zero stamina for the full 63 damage but you usually get around 50 and this 50 is
not gonna disappear even if you take a hit even if you get whacked you can you can always set your damage level which is so important with this build pulse will give you a guaranteed Critical Strike on every fifth hit all right and this means you can time the chain blade slam to always be critical okay recycle as long as you’re hitting the same part you will deal up to 60 bonus damage it’s very awesome re plus six is well okay you’ve got a choice here as well because the skull Forge comes Baseline with

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