Collecting Rare Zombie cars in GTA 5 Story Mode

Collecting Rare Zombie cars in GTA 5 Story Mode
Collecting Rare Zombie cars in GTA 5 Story Mode

 zombies have taken over the world Collecting Rare Zombie cars in GTA 5 Story Mode and I got to collect a bunch of cars in the apocalypse I haven’t got a choice because my house isn’t safe anymore and Simeon has the only building in Los Santos which is actually reinforced you bring me Vehicles you get to stay and that’s his rules so I got to go around Los Santos and collect a bunch of vehicles in a zombie apocalypse I got to admit guys I am terrifi if we get bid in Franklin we’re going to become one of them and we better make sure that doesn’t happen luckily for us this first

Collecting Rare Zombie cars in GTA 5 Story Mode

vehicle isn’t actually that far away it’s over in the construction yard I just got to be careful about all these zombies because they could come out of nowhere and take me down let’s go Franklin go go go go go there’s a gap in the fence we’ll jump over here this is just around the corner so this one is the easiest car we’re collecting today but what are we going to find is it going to be a really nice super car or is it going to be something crazy hey okay I found the car that’s it looks

interesting interesting it looks like somebody’s crashed the car better be careful there could be someone inside there’s fuel in the back that’s perfect Simeon needs that it’s highly flammable is there anyone in yes no one’s in this car is all mine all right jump in Franklin this looks nice it’s a little bit Rusty it’s probably been exposed the elements a little bit the Albany hermus ooh check it out we got a spare tire on the top a rope to toe things armor on the wind screen this is fantastic and there’s
even a spiky Bumper in case anyone tries to get in my way we can push them aside this is the ideal vehicle you want in a zombie apocalypse and it’s a shame whoever owned this before had to crash the car into a crane hey Simeon I got the next ride what do you think and are you okay what happened when I was gone you don’t need to know this is perfect get me next car yes sir Simeon just please don’t kick me out and at the end of this can I borrow one of those cars maybe I could leave you and go somewhere

safer you know I could go exploring maybe maybe it’s good enough for me let’s go is that a ladder oh that would be amazing if I can climb the ladder we’ll be able to get a bird’s ey view on this next vehicle and hopefully there won’t be any zombies up there and then jump on this roof oh man it’s really cold out here but that’s the police station I’m seeing some bikes and what is that is that a wait that’s not a bin L guys that looks like an actual zombie vehicle let me take a look that’s the

one it looks so weird it’s it’s very blocky actually okay I got to find a way down maybe there’s another ladder I can take there’s a couple of zombies down there better be a little bit careful let’s just take those guys out this person and that one as well all right now’s my chance get him and go down go go go pretty sure I took them all out oh no there were even more of them they were police officers and they were hiding really close to the building how did I not see you guys all right that’s

t I’m using a rocket launcher say hello to my friend by boom let’s go to ass sort of them right yep all right they’re finally down oh my days that guy is getting up they’re all getting up this is freaking me out all right you know what guys you just carry on doing you being a zombie Etc I’m going to go and get into my brand new vehicle which looks terrifying I would not want to be run over by this it looks so cool I don’t even know what vehicle this is it’s got six different Wheels some

propane tanks on the back this is crazy jump in Frank jump in let’s see how the zombies get along with this machine no they’re actually pretty strong but not strong enough let’s go so I already know what to call this thing but I love it I love the wind screen at the front the extra reinforce screen the design as well it just looks terrifying if I was a survivor in an apocalypse and I saw this come down the street I would be so scared I would run for my life whoever designed this definitely knew how to build strong cars it’s just
unfortunate that whoever did probably did not survive it was in the middle of the road yo Sim Oh my days there’s even more zombies than before Simeon can you help me out here buddy I just got to try and get this in the store actually you know what buddy I’m just going to park this outside I don’t think it even fits in the store so uh yeah I hope you don’t mind a little bit of rain why does it have to rain today come on and now we got zombies right outside fire zombies too this is too crazy this is too crazy

get back inside oh jeez you really don’t look good Simeon and where’s the other car gun what do you do to it I like that right it’s in storage get me another all right suon no need to get angry at me and that’s pretty impressive how you washed up very quickly that was almost instant guess it was the power of editing all right Simeon so oh my days have you got another door I can use I mean I’m already fancy going through that one Franklin we are not going to be bitten today all right mark my words

you’re with the best Zombie Slayer in the world hello are there any survivors nobody I’m downtown Los Santos and there’s no one here that was a coffee shop that did the best coffee in Los Santos pretty sure she probably works in Maze Bank now she’s just a zombie pretty sure ma’am do not step another foot towards me if you’re not a zombie n she’s a zombie all right she got to go got to take out the zombies before they take me out oh my days they are literally Invincible another zombie there she’s

got headphones on that’s crazy she must have been wearing them when the apocalypse began anyway I’m look looking for a garage because that’s where the next vehicle is simeon’s actually got a tracker on this one don’t understand how he’s done there but he said it’s probably around here deliveries perfect there it is it’s got some supplies Merryweather security maybe that’s how he was able to track it there’s a bike on the back it’s got an Axe and a shovel a spare tire an

ice cooler this is perfect it’s exactly what you need in a zombie apocalypse and it’s a bod and it’s got even more supplies in the back from gasoline tanks to water barrels into plenty of boxes of plenty of things all right let’s get this thing out of here by driving over this nice do the lights work oh fantastic the lights work too it’s nothing too crazy it’s not like a giant machine that looks terrifying as you drive it down the road but in a zombie apocalypse this is going to keep you

pretty well supplied I bet there’s some food in this thing too I would love something different all I’ve eaten for the past 5 days is beans LS and of beans you don’t want to smell my FS Simeon I have the next ride for you congratulations we have supplies please open the box I want to get something nice like some chicken or maybe some beef literally anything other than beans anyway whil you go and check that I’m going to go and grab you another ride so we got to keep moving remember this is a

zombie apocalypse just please tell me if you find chocolate cake ooh chocolate cake I would love a slice of that we got to venture even further into Los Santos because at the medical center is a fire engine cool look at the spikes on the front no way all right bear with me ma’am I just got to jump into the Los Santos fire department truck oh my goodness hey does the hose work it works it works this is amazing I now have water we could use it to spray zombies or we could use it to actually drink with this is perfect we lost Water

Supplies like 3 days ago so there’s got to be a lot of water stored on this fire truck hey we better preserve it for now last thing I want to do is drain all the reserves there’s spare tires a bit more reinforcement with the piping there’s some miniguns on the side which I’ve only just seen hey do they actually work yeah they work all right and they’re pretty powerful let’s find a zombie to mess with hello all the already zombies around why have you got to be so quiet all of a sudden where did they go oh

seriously where did they go there’s like no zombies around I mean I’m not going to complain but I would love to find one oh here we go I found three boom say hello to the Min guns of the fire truck I just annihilated that guy that was easy and with the spikes out front I’ll be able to take out the zombies in no time go get them Simeon should at least be happy with that and the riot shields on the front are going to make sure nothing damages the front of this fire truck all right let’s get this in the

store or not this looks a little bit too big maybe I’ll block the entrance with it that’s a pretty good idea hey Simeon I got the next zombie vehicle it’s got rotating blades I even realize it’s got those okay this vehicle just keeps on giving I am so glad to have found this we’re far from home now right down there is the beach and between me and that is the car we’re collecting and a couple of zombies but not too many this isn’t too bad actually I want to use something a little bit more powerful like this

actually have I got something all my days we could go like this Frankl oh jeez one right behind us did not see you lady that was close right take it down take that one as well okay we better be uh a little bit more careful now buddy they’re actually closing in on us and if they get too close you know the drill we become a zombie all right that’s a couple of them down let’s keep looking so Simeon sent me to this hotel he said in the C bag of the visero hotel is the next zombie car and just like that his

words are made of magic because the next zombie car is here doesn’t this look amazing I’m pretty sure that’s the Juke of death except it’s on like monster wheels there a little bit of storage on the back there’s a few crates in there two snipers by the looks on the front and the engine of course is sticking out of the hood let’s jump in though and see how this thing runs so okay I think we need to kickart this thing come on there we go W that was close I thought it wasn’t going to run there might not be

enough fuel in this vehicle at least we managed to get the engine running I just got to be very careful when I get this back to simeons if we encounter a horde of zombies they are definitely going to stop us in our tracks now Simeon store is left straight over this hill and it’s just down the other side nice looks like we did get there just in time if I had to pick any Vehicles so far it’s probably going to be this one it just looks perfect for what you need in an apocalypse it’s pretty fast it’s got

plenty of ammunition it’s elevated from the ground so it won’t get stuck if you encounter any stupid zombies and it’s got room for plenty of supplies this is a masterpiece I love it Simeon but you know what else I love collecting more zombie Vehicles because these zombies ain’t got nothing on me find me more cars and I let you keep one oh yes he finally has agreed to letting me keep one and there’s two in the store he didn’t get rid of this one then well I don’t want to get that Simeon it’s cool

and all but that’s way cooler but I wonder what else we’re going to find and I want you to tell me which one’s your favorite as well because I want to pick the best one and if the best one is your favorite then we’re going to come out of this just all right but for the first time we’re going more than 3 miles away from simeon’s store we’re going to West Vinwood the graveyard oh man there’s the next ride but there’s a couple of zombies guarding it all right we can sort them out 1 2 3 come on guys give me

your worse that’s right I said your worse good luck biting me cuz these arms are mine not yours this is the one place I did not want to go to it’s a graveyard and it’s a zombie apocalypse get in Franklin get in so this is the next ride it looks like a rusty tractor which has been totally modified probably more than the vehicle had on in the first place there’s Min guns at the front which actually worked that’s cool I just took that zombie out pretty easily hey go on stand back up I dare you joking you got

to sit back down buddy how is he still standing up these zombies are invincible are you kidding me ah now you don’t want to move exactly so ladies and gentlemen welcome to my masterpiece good luck trying to take me out in this I’m protected by a dozen riot shields I have six different Wheels riding this machine two Min guns at the front a huge engine two more Min guns at the back a spoiler and some knives sticking out the front of this thing protected by another rot shield and that’s only the beginning

there’s so many more things about this vehicle which make it the best in a zombie apocalypse except it’s not very fast and because the wheels different sizes you can get stuck incredibly easily just like I’ve done right now come on dude anyway luckily for us I’m out of the graveyard I’ve got the tractor what’s it like in first person oh this is pretty cool I got all these miniature Windows to look out of hey there’s a zombie over there sorry buddy I’m leaving you goodbye can I shoot

through these I’m pretty sure I can that’s even cooler we got a zombie right over there okay let’s see if I can get him through the riot shield all right stop right there I got him no way this is so cool let’s go this vehicle is actually really fun I take everything back I love it it’s probably worth the least but who cares even the wheels are spitting like they’re about to fall off that does not look good to me they’re moving around all over the place all right get into the store and let’s get

the next ride which happens to be just off the highway leaving Los Santos the Pacific Bluffs Country Club all right this isn’t too bad I’m only seeing like five zombies I might just let them roam around you know I don’t want to take them all out let’s get the next vehicle shall we right I’m pretty sure if we jump on here we’re going to do a little bit of Parkour get on the roof and then jump on this roof as well hey Franklin don’t trip over man come on you clumsy or something now which vehicle am I

supposed to get that’s a normal bike so it’s definitely not that should I do some target practice have I got like something worthy of target practice let’s see I mean this is this is pretty good vintage 3 two 1 BP BP a I didn’t get the head got him head shot Bingo b stay down my guy all right what have we got over here oh wo wo check it out guys in the middle of the tenis ten Court well I got myself my next ride it’s pretty small but who cares it’s another zombie apocalypse vehicle how do I get

that out of the tennis court though is it even going to fit through here I mean if it got in then it’s going to get out right I mean that’s logic so this is a three-wheeler bike with some snipers on the front a giant Tire uh that thing whatever that is is that a huge battery or an engine honestly I got no idea this is new to me it says it’s the Nagasaki camra I go around the tennis court now the question is can I get through the door see 3 2 1 go go go yes it did get through the door all right maybe if we

go out this way and then pull it back all right perfect well done Franklin we’re out of here I think I’ll stick to the beach on the way home it seems pretty empty down here and this is a really fast bike I wasn’t expecting it to go this fast I don’t exactly know why the wheel on the back is that big I mean the wheels which we’re actually using are like a third of the size I’m just not going to ask any questions it looks cool and this is probably the best bike you can have in a zombie of apocalypse

and I just did a front flip guys you got to smash like for that especially now I’m stuck are there any cool features yeah apart from the snipers there’s not many other cool features on the front I mean I got a little headlight at the front which you can barely see switching on and off but it does work and because it’s raining this thing is skidding all over the place hey let’s get this back to simeons Frank because I’m sure we can do better than this it’s nice don’t get me wrong but I want to get a super car

or like something huge so maybe this place could turn it around I’m pretty far away from simeons if anything goes wrong then there’s no backup it’s going to take him ages to get out here and that’s the next car oh no we got a couple of zombies okay fellas this is what we’re going to do all right I’m using the rocket launcher again want to make sure you guys aren’t going to bother me let’s use it on those fellas as well looks like uh they were at the vineyard maybe they’re running the place

who knows they’re dressed up pretty nicely though jeez all my days no they’re running towards the car get away from the car get away from it this is mine and what a beast it is it’s got an electric fence at the front no way and it actually works hey maybe this will help Simeon power his actual store so this is my apocalypse vehicle I’m looking at some pretty amazing miniguns at the front and oh my goodness I got rocket launchers check it out I am firing grenades as we speak kinetic grenades I can use all of my guns yeah I

don’t want to use those I just want to see what else we can do kinetic grenades all right that’s fine I’ll happily use those things bring it on zombies there’s nothing you can do wait are these the that’s the fire brigade hey look at that fire truck you honestly think that’s going to survive a zombie apocalypse Hey listen to me guys I came across a way better fire truck than that thing hey what do you think actually happens if I use the electric fence on some of these zombies I kind of want to see hey come

on guys walk in oh my they’re actually being electrocuted yo I don’t need to do anything again all they going to do is go near near the vehicle and they Get Zapped come here zombies say hello to the electric fence this is the best invention for any zombie vehicle ever they just get slammed to the ground I love it anyway let’s get out of here it might be reinforced it might have everything we need to survive the apocalypse and it might just be my favorite car so far is this going to be the one I take from Simeon I guess we’ll

 have to find out but would it be the one you decide to take I mean I’m pretty confident I’ll survive quite a long time in this machine it just looks too good whilst I was driving home I discovered another feature you can jump how cool is that didn’t even realize you could do that until I got back home so uh Simeon can I park this on your rooftop I just want to make sure I got this vehicle reserved for another time you know just in case I do want to take this thing ah man I don’t think it’s going to make it to the roof I’m

going to try one more time here goes nothing zombie move out the way this is serious business jump on the Roof oh come on dude yeah that’s going to be tricky I’ll just leave this here for Simon I love the light at the top as well that thing is bright welcome to Sandy Shores we’re in the desert and just like you would expect I don’t see many zombies in the desert I don’t see anyone it’s deserted because it’s a desert of course oh man I’m so funny I know I’ll stop with the jokes for now

though anyway we’re looking for the next vehicle and it’s meant to be in one of these houses Gardens it’s either in that one on the right or that one on the left but I’m pretty sure I can see part of the vehicle right there what we about to find OOH guys this looks pretty good speaking of super cars this might be our first one I don’t know what it is but I love it it’s got two Min guns a protected piece of metal on the roof it’s the ocelot it’s got some very wide tires it’s not as reinforced or Ked out

like the other vehicles we found but it’s still pretty good it can drive super fast it’s definitely the fastest so if you want to get somewhere pretty quickly this is going to be the car for you let’s check out the inside yeah it’s still not very protected on the actual wind screen but who cares I’m not going to be driving into zombies with this I’ll be driving around them in fact I won’t even be seeing any because I’ll be going so fast that they will never even see me and because it’s zombie

apocalypse there’s no one driving around me and Simeon are basically the only survivors I haven’t exactly found anyone else alive yet today the lights still work that’s great the horn works all right this is fantastic with Min guns on the front we should be a okay okay to get back home and what did I say home sweet home and barely a scrp Simeon I’m going to need two vehicles at the end of this I found so many for you so far whatever I don’t care keep bringing me gas are not going to come out of your

office Simon no okay fine whatever you say buddy I’ll go get the next one on the bright side I found some animals which aren’t zombies hey do you want to come back to simeons I promise he’ll look after you and then you’ll look after I come on guys come on you want to come back to simeons I’m pretty sure they’re not zombies they’re not all right I’m going to tell Simeon about these we found some f oh boy I’ve also found some zombies all right guys are you hiding the next vehicle from me I’m pretty sure you are

let me see what you’re hiding under that bridge because that’s where the next vehicle is and I can see it already it looks like a pile of metal are you sure you want me to get this s this doesn’t look interesting I mean then again okay no it looks all right it looks okay it’s a zombie vehicle someone made this for the apocalypse clearly they don’t need this anymore maybe it was the farmer who worked on this Farm it looks like that kind of vehicle you know it’s got thick tires they’ve doubled them up it’s got

this really strong bumper with Liberty City on the front Oh my days how many exhaust do you need okay this is awesome let’s get this back from the back end of this vehicle it looks incredibly beefy and strong I’m pretty sure if you want a reliable vehicle then this one’s going to keep you safe on the road with tires like these it’s not breaking down if it does you got an extra tire and I’m sure there’s a couple of tools and stuff to use but unlike the other ones it hasn’t got any like guns or anything it’s

  •  really really slippery come on stop slipping around there we go now it’s talk and I’m
  • getting some speed all right we’ll be back in Los Sandos in no time I think we just got to
  • build up a little bit of speed to get this vehicle really rock and rolling and voila here is
  • your next vehicle Simon come on I’ve got so many for you already Simeon can you just
  • tell me where you’re putting these vehicles I want to see the collection what why are
  • you calling me I’m in the warehouse Franklin he get to

me next vehicle where’s the warehouse uh secret confidential bring me next vehicle now I want to know where the warehouse is Simon I want to see all the vehicles keep arguing with me and I don’t you into zombie bring me next vehicle fine fine Simon’s really not budging on that we haven’t got a choice Franklin let’s go I’m near polio Bay and I found quite a big hord of zombies and the rain just hasn’t stopped we’re really far away from simeons now this is the other side of the map look but I can

see the next vehicle and I just want to quickly use this to take a look at what it is ooh that looks nice and there’s a minigun pointing backwards all right do you reckon I can get two in one B I missed B come on dude jeez this is so tricky 3 2 one a man lining them up so difficult okay I give up instead I’m going to use this to take him down say hello to my friend and with just a couple of zombies Left that’s basically put all of this to rest you guys have got to get some better tactics you think

you scary you wait till you see Franklin so let’s take a look at this it actually seems like a really nice ride it’s a rally car from Karen we got plenty of guns on this that’s a grenade launcher Min guns more Min guns some fuel on the side better not shoot that I reckon this car goes pretty fast who would have thought I would be finding a vehicle like this there’s shovels on the roof which I’ve only just noticed and I love the vent on the front too and it’s even got meat Cleavers at both sides that is

a fantastic addition if I go across any zombies we’re going to make sure to cut it either side of them to make sure we take him down I mean if we get their legs how else are they going to run after us they’ll be crawling instead which is perfect they’ll never catch up with us it’s a pretty fast ride but not as fast as the orange car the ocelot is it my favorite one it’s definitely up there in the top five but for zombie apocalypse I got no complaints it’s got everything you need including Oh my days

a plane just crashed oh jeez that was close that almost landed on me this zombie apocalypse is spreading everywhere even to pilots in the sky that’s the only Survivor I’ve seen and even then I’m pretty sure he was a zombie yo come on let’s get back to simeon’s I want to get this over with you won’t believe what just happened to me Simeon a plane almost crashed into us don’t care keep working oh man you’re just going to stay in the office all day jeez fine at least this one’s easy to

get I don’t see any zombies I must have scared them away that’s what you get guys so we got ourselves a shuttle bus except someone has decided to modify this just for a zombie apocalypse maybe they thought they could do like shuttle bus services in a zombie apocalypse I mean that would make sense we got like a thing to Flap down in the back to wheel you know wheelchairs up there’s also fences around the side to make sure zombies can’t get in apart from their fingers of course but that’ll be fine just stay

Collecting Rare Zombie cars in GTA 5 Story Mode
Collecting Rare Zombie cars in GTA 5 Story Mode

away from the fence there’s also some reinforcement at the front some fog lights which are very bright and water on the top yeah this is fantastic I mean you could probably carry a lot of people in here I’m thinking Michael’s family Trevor Denise maybe even Lamar who knows it’s not very fast but you don’t need speed if you got a vehicle big enough to carry all your friends safely there you go Simeon your next ride what do you think it only just fit in this store but now I’ve been sent to the scrapyard if

we’re going to find anything cool it’s going to be from the scrapyard the amount of resources they have I can’t wait to see what they build is that it what have they done to that vehicle what have they done all right let me just sort out a couple of these zombies I don’t want to take them all down last thing I want to do is draw any more attention to myself I need to see the front of that thing all right come on guys there’s plenty of space for all of you just be patient I will get around to you guys Franklin’s got a

special offer it’s one zombie another one free all right let’s keep going go go go go go go go get inside check it out oh my days I got my own shovel right jump in check it out it’s just called a liberator what are those things around the side I’m pretty sure that’s to stop people climbing up maybe I mean this is very strange from the front it looks really scary from the side and any other angle I don’t really know what to say let’s just go my days I did a flip this is such a weird vehicle wow


but at least it’s super powerful and I don’t think any zombies are going to be able to climb up this I could probably chill in here I could sleep in here I could call this my brand new home I doubt any zombes is going to get anywhere near me and if I need to move anything I got this huge shovel at the front which is going to move whatever I want I think I’ll just leave this one in your car park buddy you can come out into the rain to grab it if you want well done that’s every vehicle what would you like we’re done okay now I get

to do the fun parts we get to pick a vehicle our favorite one but which one was it it’s quite hard to remember when all of them aren’t even here but I’m pretty confident about which one was my favorite Simeon I’ll take the Juke of death please excellent choice it’s not the most expensive oh isn’t it well can I pick again no okay cool I’ll just take the I’ll take the Juke then who cares if it’s not the most expensive I still like this car and it’s going to keep me well