yeah I didn’t really have plans to double upload today but we BLACK OPS 2 SEQUEL IN 2025 just got some of the most insane Call of Duty news now this is just a rumor so you know potentially take this with the grain of salt but the source has gotten a lot of stuff right when it comes to Future Call of Duty predictions and rumors and leaks and stuff like that this is coming from Tom Henderson on Twitter it says exclusive Call of Duty 2025 is a semi- futuristic Black Ops 2 sequel fair warning I have not read the article quite yet I did see some other tweets


from Charlie Intel which we’re going to go over as well but this news just right off of the is insane and it’s mostly because a lot of people are not really putting two and two together a lot of people are just referencing Black Ops 2 and not what it actually could potentially be so it says exclusive Call of Duty Black Ops 2025 is a semi- futuristic Black Ops 2 sequel it says currently known under the code name Saturn Insider gaming has learned from multiple sources that Call of Duty 25 I don’t know if that’s is it really the


25th game anyway it says it’s sets to take players Back to the Future and no I don’t mean we’ll be playing as Marty McFly and the doc but never say never but instead call of Duty 2025 is slated to be set in the very slight future Call of Duty has not had a game set in the future since 2018s Black Ops 4 I don’t know if I’d really consider that overly futuristic really to me the last futuristic game was really infinite Warfare because that’s as futuristic as it got and it had EXO suits but moving


on says Insider gaming understands that Call of Duty 2025 is currently in development as a direct sequel to Black Ops 2 being set around 2030 Black Ops 2 is set in 2025 which that’s where I’m going to step in in a bits to give you guys my thoughts but it says as such fans should expect the return of some fan favorite protagonists as the team faces a new villain following the death of Menendez I think you guys might know where this is going if you’ve played the Black Ops games for a while but yeah


says as previously rumored Black Ops 2 remastered Maps will be coming to the game but recent plans and the scope of the game have changed significantly now that’s where I will add a caveat before we keep reading these are just rumors and even just as recent as last year we thought that Modern Warfare 2 was going to have a you know really big expansion DLC and then it just turned out that they sold us Modern Warfare 3 so just you know take this information with a grain of salt a lot of the stuff could change it could be different it’s still


a couple years out but just I wanted you guys to keep that in mind let’s keep reading it says previously the intention was to have all of the Black Ops 2 remastered Maps released on launch similar to how Modern Warfare 2’s 2009 Maps came back in Modern Warfare 3 however the current plan now is to launch with new maps and remastered maps in conjunction although only one source would comment on the change it was speculated that the game was likely in response to widespread fan criticism that painted Modern Warfare 3 as a


  • glorified DLC to its 2022 predecessor which I can see a lot of people you know did give
  • that kind of feedback or criticism because the game only launched with the original
  • Modern Warfare 2 2009 Maps it’s like I I get it Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer is still
  • really good though I’m just saying we’ve been eating good for the last month or so but
  • reading on it says Modern Warfare 3 had just 16 months of development thanks to a
  • lack of higher up plan planning and internal changes that led Sledgehammer


Games to be under immense pressure and crunch to deliver a premium Call of Duty title on time which again is super unfortunate says the final product resulted in a game with 16 remastered Modern Warfare 2 2009 maps on launch and a campaign that lasted a few hours despite the game’s apparent shortcomings though it’s been said that the game did tremendously well which it has it actually did sell pretty well not as high as last year’s Call of Duty game but it also has extremely good engagement and a lot of people are


really enjoying you know multiplayer and zombies and hopefully war zone as well but reading on it says speaking on other specific details on Call of Duty 2025 which are heavily influx due to the game’s early stage of development it’s 22 months away at the time of the you know Tom Henderson writing the article it’s understood that the game is also slated to have an overhaul to its movement system the return of classic P 10 crat class the gunfight game mode and another year of round Bas zombies it’s


currently unclear if the carry forward from Call of Duty 2024 named Black Ops Gulf War will be incorporated due to the significant time Jump and change to the game’s overall strategy this is a completely new game it was said suggesting that the game may not carry forward anything so that would be interesting you know we could have Black Ops Gulf War in 2024 and then whatever this is going to be for 2025 I don’t really know the exact name of the game although I do have some guesses but there is a pretty good chance that none

of that content from Gulf War could carry forward and I know that this could be potentially a good or bad thing I think it really just depends on what kind of content is in Gulf War and whether or not the community or the players wants to see it move forward I think the big contention there is really skins because they’re going to sell skins and bundles and stuff like that in Black Ops gol War there’s no doubting that whatsoever and I think people are actually kind of happy that stuff from Modern Warfare 2 especially the Skins


has carried forward because if you did buy anything in Modern Warfare 2 now it doesn’t feel like it’s completely going to waste on a game that’s really just not as good compared to Modern Warfare 3 you know what I’m saying but yeah it is definitely way too soon way too early to call whether or not the carry forward system will be coming back to really any Call of Duty game but let’s just finish up here it says with Black Ops 2 being one of the series’s best-selling games today date officially selling just shy


of 30 million units it makes sense that Activision will once again capitalize on Nostalgia while also giving players new and exciting content now obviously I do have some thoughts to share on this as well because a lot of this verbage is heavily focused on Black Ops 2 but I don’t think that’s necessarily where it’s going but real quickly I do want to pull up some Charlie Intel tweets as well so this is the first tweet from Charlie Intel and it’s really just summarizing everything that we read in


the main article so we don’t need to really like read this but I’m just showing you guys this is kind of it started then he put this tweet out saying based on the latest rumors the Call of Duty schedule looks like this Cod 2024 will be the new Treyarch game and it will be a Black Ops title set in the Gulf War era and then for 2025 it’s a sequel to Black Ops 2 set in 2030 and we’ll have a mix of new and remastered Black Ops 2 maps and he has another tweet and it’s just basically summarizing a section of the article and


this is where I want to step in and share my thoughts on all of this because again a lot of this is focused on Black Ops 2 but it’s more sounding like it’s going to be Black Ops 3 just think about it I know that Black Ops 2 originally took place in 2025 but if they’re saying that this is going to be a sequel to Black Ops 2 set in 2030 and it’s going to have a mix of new maps and remastered Black Ops 2 maps this could very well be Black Ops 3 because again it says here sequel to Black Ops 2 not Black Ops 2 so


I don’t think it would necessarily be Black Ops 2 remastered look I’m just going to say I’m fine with either whether it is Black Ops 2 remastered or Black Ops 3 remastered or even just some kind of like potential in between game between the two I really don’t have a problem with any of those necessarily we just have to see how it does turn out but again if we look at this summary tweet from Charlie Intel where he’s saying it’s a direct sequel It’s in the near future of 2030 Now new multiplayer


maps I don’t know if that’s necessarily going to be the Black Ops 3 maps and it does say here that it’s remastered BO2 Maps it doesn’t necessarily hint at Black Ops 3 maps but it does say updates to movements now we don’t know if that’s going to potentially be exom movement coming back like 3D movement with EXO jumps wall running all that kind of stuff we don’t necessarily know if it’s going to be that or if it’s just going to be some of the movement changes that we’ve had recently like tax Sprint slide


cancelling stuff like that but it does say here the pck 10 system which Black Ops 3 did have the Pick 10 system and it also mentions round base zombies so I mean my best guess is that it could be like this Fusion game that’s going to heavily feature content from Black Ops I but I feel like it could also very much have some Black Ops 3 content as well the year 2025 is really a big year for Call of Duty because it’s not only the year that Black Ops 2 took place in as far as goes for the actual time and


setting but it’s also the 10year anniversary of Black Ops 3 so it just feels like the perfect year to kind of have a fusion of Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3 content and I’m really excited for whatever that game’s going to be I might even potentially be more excited than you know Black Ops golf or in 2024 it just depends on how the game’s going to turn out but yeah this is some absolutely massive news for Call of Duty and I really wanted to share it with you guys even if this is just like a quick


little update video I still wanted to make this so that way you guys know what’s potentially coming up for Call of Duty so that way way you know you’re in the loop but again I do want to just mention that these are currently just rumors we don’t know 100% for sure if this is factual if this is really how everything’s going to turn out there is a part of me that thinks that they kind of tease this information and want to share this stuff early so they can gauge interest from the community so I think


you know whether or not it’s actually completely true or false even in the comment section of this video let me know right now what do you guys think about this breaking information what do you guys think about this news the leaks and the rumors I definitely want to hear your thoughts below and with that being said thank you guys very much for watching I really do hope you guys enjoyed this quick little video just sharing this information about Call of Duty 2024 and especially Call of Duty 2025 with you guys if you guys did enjoy

this video and you want to see Black Ops 2 or Black Ops 3 remastered in 2025 make sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later out come hi hi welcome