Best Wireless Earbuds of 2024 boAt Atom Review

Best Wireless Earbuds of 2024 boAt Atom Review
Best Wireless Earbuds of 2024 boAt Atom Review


Best Wireless Earbuds of 2024 boAt Atom Review

Best Wireless Earbuds of 2024 boAt Atom Review hey there so a few of you may have checked out my roundup of the best wireless noise cancelling headphones of 2023 those are all over models but this video is all about my top earbuds of the year all of these are true wireless models and just to be clear in order to qualify they had to be released in 2023 sure buds like the sony wf1000x markv or beats fit pro are great but they were not released in 2023 so they’re not eligible but i’ve got five new ones that came out in 2023 that are and i’m also


throwing in a couple of bonus picks one is a value option and the other is a new set of gaming earbuds that have just hit the market so let’s get right to the picks i’ve ordered them from highest to lowest price and i’ve tested all of them and fully reviewed many of them first up is the $300 sony wf1000x mark 5 and sony’s wf1000x markv earbuds came out in 2021 we awarded them a cet editor choice and while they’re excellent we had some quibbles they’re on the large side and aren’t a good match for certain years


clearly sony took those gripes to heart when it set out to design its next generation xm5 flagship noise cancelling earbuds not only are the xm5 smaller but they also offer improved performance pretty much across the board with better noise cancelling sound and voice calling are the xm 5s perfect not quite and at $300 $20 more than their predecessor they’re costly too but overall they’re really impressive easily among the very top earbuds on the market next we have the $299 bose quiet comfort ultra earbuds while the qc ultra earbuds


aren’t a major upgrade over b’s excellent qc earbuds 2 that were released in 2022 they’re definitely a little bit better they should fit most ears very well and they feature superb noise cancelling are the best out there and a natural sounding transparency mode with a new active sense feature that kicks in some a anc should the sound get too loud around you it’s sort of similar to the airpod pro 2’s adaptive audio feature they also sound slightly better overall with a touch more clarity and


their new immersive audio feat feature opens up the sound a bit we’re still waiting for them to get multi-point bluetooth pairing so you can pair them with two devices simultaneously but that’s really their only weakness at this point moving on to number three the airpods pro 2 usbc which lists for 250 but often sell for less than 200 on amazon okay so they’re nearly identical to their lightning predecessor delivering the same excellent sound noise cancelling and voice calling performance that said they offer some



other small upgrades beyond the switch to usbc charging they include additional dust resistance and a new acoustic architecture that allows for lossless audio with the vision pro apple’s upcoming wearable headset that’s set to be released in early 2024 and cost $3,499 is it possible that the new acoustic architecture makes the bud sound subtly different with current devices like the iphone i think they do either way the usbc airpods pro 2 are easy to recommend to apple users despite their high price at number four we have



techniques flagship eah a80 buds which retail for 300 but have recently been selling for closer to $225 overall panasonic has done a nice job of creating an all-around top performing set of buds that offer an improved fit with terrific sound very good noise cancelling and a robust feature set i initially didn’t think their voice calling capabilities quite lived up to their billing it launch but the buds did get a firm more upgrade that seems to have slightly improved performance across the board they’re tad on the big


side but as long as they fit your ears well the techniques a80s are right up there with the best wireless earbuds on the market right now especially for sound quality so for my fifth pick i’m going with the beach studio buds plus they list for 170 but often sell for less than 150 compared to the original beach studio buds this plus version is significantly improved with better sound noise cancelling and battery life additionally they now deliver very good voice calling performance the transparent version received a lot of


  1. attention who doesn’t like transparent electronics but the big changes are on the inside
  2. beat says 95% of the components are new and improved and the buds acoustic
  3. architecture has been revised the speaker drivers remain the same but the studio buds
  4. plus are powered by a new more powerful custom chipset and have three new
  5. microphones in each bud which are three times larger and more sensitive than the ones
  6. found in the beat studio buds now before i get into my bonus picks i’m going to throw in
  7. some honorable mentions because there


were so many great wireless earbuds this year and i did have a hard time boiling my picks down and i’m sure i missed a few i was also considering the $400 master dynamic mw9 the $250 jobra elite 10 and the status between three a and c buds which list for 2 but are selling for less than 150 right now they’re all worth checking out and you can find them on our various best earbuds lists at cnet.


com as promised i’ll end with a couple bonus picks first up is my budget pick the sound core by anchor liberty 4 nc buds which lists for $100 but regularly get discounted to $80 compared to last year’s liberty 4 buds yes you heard right that’s liberty 4 without the nc at the end why a company would name its products like this as beomi but this newer less expensive model has improved noise cancelling and better sound quality along with support for the lde audio codec for devices that support it the liberty 4 nc buds have single drivers compared to liberty 4’s dynamic


dual drivers and a completely different case design but i thought they delivered more pleasant sound than the liberty 4s their treble is a little smoother and they feature strong bass performance they came across as fairly open with a reasonably wide sound stage and with decent voice calling performance a strong feature set including ear detection sensors and wireless charging they’re an allaround good performing set of buds for the money last but not not least for my second bonus pick i have an intriguing entry from sony out of its

playstation division the new $200 pulse explorer earbuds they’re a bit weird but in a surprisingly good way the buds are extensively low latency gaming earbuds somewhat bulky and a little bit strange looking in your ears designed to be used with sony’s ps5 gaming console and its new playstation portable remote player as well as windows and mac computers and they can also be paired with your smartphone via bluetooth that they’re good gaming earbuds isn’t surprising however that they’re as good as as they

are for music listening is a revelation in fact i think they send clearer and more articulate than sony’s flagship wf1000x mark 5 earbuds they have tight powerful bass that doesn’t necessarily mean they sound better than the xm fs which sound a little fuller but i wasn’t expecting them to compete at all with the xm fs for music listening the reason for that sound seems largely due to the buds planner magnetic drivers which are typically found in high and over ear audile headphones and rarely in earbuds

Best Wireless Earbuds of 2024 boAt Atom Review
Best Wireless Earbuds of 2024 boAt Atom Review

was also impressed with their voice calling capabilities told me they did a very good job suppressing background noise while my voice came through relatively clearly even on the noisy streets of new york alas they’re pretty lacking in features there’s no active noise cancelling or ear detection sensors for example but the pulse explorer buds do nail the earbuds basics namely fit sound quality and voice calling performance and make a strong case to be your everyday earbuds despite their slim feature set and that’s my


list as i said if you’re looking for even more top earbuds picks we’ve got plenty of earbuds and headphones best list on cet that i up regularly but i want to hear from you did you get a new pair of earbuds in 2023 and should they be on this list let me know what you think in the comments section you found this video informative at all hit the like button and subscribe if you haven’t already i’m david caroy thanks for watching