Best of 2024 Top Best Products from Amazon By Calldutygames

Best of 2024 Top Best Products from Amazon By Calldutygames
Best of 2024 Top Best Products from Amazon By Calldutygames

Best of 2024 Top Best Products from Amazon By Calldutygames

today I’m counting down my picks for the top 10 best products I ever reviewed in 2023 now I reviewed over 200 products this year and these are my picks for the best of the bunch all the products in this countdown may not be new but they are new to me in 2023 so without further delay let’s get right to my best of 2023 [calldutygames] we start our countdown with a brand that’s bid on several of my best of the year list in the past and that is the Ninja brand this year it’s the ninja thirsty which is a carbonated beverage

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system I found it easy to use I found the results to be very good here are some scenes from my original Ninja thirsty review put the energy peach mango and the splash tart lemon here you can go from no Fizz to three levels of Fizz so four total then you select your size 6 12 18 or 24 o right here you can adjust the strength of either one of these you can go zero one or two for either one you can mix and match however you want choosing a Fizz level I think I’m going to go on the low end of Fizz here we’re going 6 oz flavor strength

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we’re going regular on justy peach mango [calldutygames] and oh here we go here we go we got the start off with just water now we got flavor coming in here it looks pretty nondescript let’s give it a shot here we go oh it t it tastes pretty good the amount of Fizz isn’t really that bad I can’t imagine going a lot fizzier than that first it starts with just water and then it seems to kick over to the flavor very fizzy pull it back snap into place close it up it seems very simple I thought it was going to be more elaborate than it is i

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really isn’t the flavors are easy to put in there and take out whenever you need to and they do close back up for Easy Storage it is very simple to use and the drinks are all quite good everything I tried I liked those who don’t mind the price I think will find a solid offering with effective [calldutygames] results number nine on my list is the tadada chair it can be used as a walking stick or a chair I’ve reviewed other products like this in the past and those left a lot to be desired but the Tada chair does deliver the goods it’s sturdy

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it’s functional I think it definitely deserves a place on this year’s top 10 list here are some scenes from my original review looks like a walking stick or a cane and it is but it’s also a chair this is how it comes it comes comes there’s no assembly required push the lever down you got your chair it feels pretty sturdy but let’s say I’ve been walking for a while it’s it’s hot out here I got to take a rest unlatch it push it down and we’re good to go so you’re supposed to sit on like

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this with a handle up front here all right now Sam done all you got to do is pull it up latchet locked and loaded and ready to go I think it’s about time to take this out for some real world [calldutygames] tests a good place overall I am kind of a fan though I like how fast it it opens up and how fast it closes it’s really convenient for that I can imagine being somewhere like a convention where there’s never anywhere to sit you can just kind of have your seat anywhere so I don’t know I I kind of like it so in

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the end I would say that TCH chair pretty much lives up to its advertising hype it does exactly what it’s supposed to do and I think it does it pretty [calldutygames] well number eight on my list is one of those products that might seem like it’s not very interesting until you use it and that would be the automatic salt and pepper Mills unlike traditional Mills there’s no twisting with these all you do is turn them over and they do the rest plus they kind of have this cool light for the extra geek Factor check

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out some scenes from my original review these are no ordinary salt and pepper Mills they allow for one-handed operation but with these there’s no twisting involved now without anything in there let’s just tip it over and see what happens oh yeah oh yeah it it knows it knows when it’s being tipped over first test oh yeah oh wow oh that must be fine that’s very fine very fine cool I it actually worked so this is all the way over for fine let’s just do like one full turn over to corser and see what
that does that’s that’s more coar I would say I’ll keep going I’ll go in one more turn this was all the way to fine this was one turn and this is two turns I it look pretty good let’s try the uh the pepper now all the way to fine let’s see what we got here and there it go oh you can actually see the blue light on this on this white surface a little better let me do one turn and and keep going one turn all the way around all right here we go one more turn right this was all the way to fine

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that was about one turn that was about two turns I can see the difference it does have this this nice blue light here I’m going to turn the lights off and you can see how it looks yeah oh yeah I never thought I’d really geek out a at a salt and pepper mill but I I kind of like these they’re kind of cool never seen anything quite like this before but I’m definitely kind of a fan of [calldutygames] these number seven marks the reappearance of dream farm in my best of the Year countdown back in April did a

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collection of dream farm gadgets and one stood out Above the Rest and that would be the O great it’s a circular grater that could win a gold medal and speed grading if such a thing existed let’s flash back to my original viiew and see how how that went so this is set up so you can go straight across uh on this side and in circular motion on this side all right is it’s definitely working it is definitely working you have some shredded potato there now one feature I do like about the O great is this little end here it also works as a

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scraper so you can uh scrape everything off when you’re done now on this side they have a ring around here which prevents you from slipping off the edge and you can go in a circle continuously you’re supposed to just kind of go in a circle like this let’s see what we got oh yeah oh that is pretty fast that that is pretty quick that’s pretty fast that is pretty I would have to admit oh yeah all right I’m a fan I’m a f a fan of this one you can speed grate with this thing the normal grater side it’s

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just kind of average but this side this is where the magic happens and I’m a fan number six on my list is a product that I happen to see while mindlessly watching QVC over the summer they were raving about this multi-function Gadget that been around for years and I ordered it without thinking about it but after reviewing it I realized the hype is real it’s the Auto Safety Master opener it does a lot of things and does them pretty well here’s some scenes from my original review it’s a 5-in-1 kitchen

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gadget seems pretty popular so I’m going to try it out for myself and see how it really works it seems like each function is pretty easy to access and big surprise it worked because it’s so big and bulky it actually makes it pretty solid to hold on to when you first put on there it kind of slips but as soon as you apply pressure it seems to grab onto it it’s very smooth I’m not requiring very much effort there it goes oh wow it does feel pretty smooth though and there we go slide it underneath pull back wow

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that’s very smooth I will say I’ve done other ones like this did not work that well all right so I’ve got it hooked onto the jar oh I heard I heard it it was quiet but I heard it oh yeah huh and once again hooking it onto the jar itself give it a pull oh I I heard and felt that release I would say this one is kind of a jack of all trades and a master of [calldutygames] most number five of my list is a product that I’ve been wanting to review for years and I wish I hadn’t waited now that I tried it out because it works so
well and that is The Frigid a countertop ice maker if you’re like me and make a lot of ice this one will certainly fit the bill there’s a lot of ice makers out there like this but this one is a brand name and it’s competitively priced here’s some scenes from my original review all right now I’ve got the water in there right to the max fill line replace the ice Basket close the cover I’m going to press the onoff button and I’m going to leave it on large cubes We have basically like a little waterfall

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going on that’s kind of nice oh yeah we the first batch just over 8 minutes there it goes there we go oh they’re dropping they dropped they dropped it’s pretty cool actually now just going to shove them into the basket all right there we go moving the basket seems like a pretty good amount this is how much we got in an hour and a half so right about one pound of ice in an hour and a half putting my cubes in a Ziploc bag I’m going to put put in the freezer and keep going so I did six batches in about 7

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hours and I got about six lb of ice out of that which seems pretty good to me it’s very simple to use and it’s pretty consistent and it makes a pretty good amount of [calldutygames] ice number four on my list is a product that’s one of the more Innovative ones I’ve seen out there and that is this which is the joogo Brew straw which can literally replace a coffee maker I found the results to be pretty impressive but if you’re still skeptical check out some scenes from my original review and see for yourself I’ve got my coffee in this

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cup I’ve got some loose tea in that one now they say to stir the coffee and then just let it sit for about 4 minutes it’s already it’s already covered in grounds just from stirring it so that’s how many grounds are in there I’ll be curious how this really works and we’re at the 4minute Mark the moment has arrived give one last stir here we go do I think this is going to work if you had told me without looking the reviews I’d say no but after seeing how people like it I’m going to say it might

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oh wow wow there’s actually zero grounds in that oh I got to say I’m kind of impressed I’m I’m very impressed actually let’s try add a little creamer and see what happens wow that’s actually that’s very smooth tasting you can see how much is actually in there wow and that’s all she wrote all the grounds in the bottom I got none in my mouth I think it works but let’s move on to the tea now and see how that works M that that’s perfectly fine there’s a lot of tea I don’t know if you can see

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on the camera or not there’s a lot of tea floating around in there and none are going through the straw none of it as far as the coffee and tea goes I really think it worked surprisingly well so I have nothing really bad to say about [calldutygames] it now when I started doing my best of the Year countdowns in 2017 every product in that list was an assd on TV product well this year there’s only one ASD on TV product on the list number three is the vacue trim I use this product every day and I fact that’s what

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I’ve been using to keep my beard in shape for the last year I love the fact that it has a dial you can adjust the length I like the fact that it has a vacuum that keeps most the whiskers off the counter it’s a solid product I’ve recommended this many times outside of YouTube and here are some scenes from my original review got this dial here that raises it up oh that’s kind of cool to add the attachment all you do is stick it in there and it snaps into place now there’s a dial here you can see there’s
numbers one and 11 one is for the short attachment and 11 for the long one so you can go from one up to 10 or 11 up to 20 it sounds like a vacuum one side’s going to be shaved by the vacuum trim and the other one by the wall trimmer oh I hear a lot going on this time oh yeah so it looks like so far it’s it’s it’s not 100% but it’s it’s certainly better taking a look at the results here on the left side is the wall trimmer and the right size of vacue trim this is with a number two attachment number one
attachment no attachment clearly less whiskers Left Behind from the vacue trim I really like the dial here where you can adjust the level without having to change attachments that’s a nice feature so I’m kind of a fan of the vacuum [calldutygames] trim number two on my countdown as a product I wasn’t sure I was going to use but I’ve actually used it more and more since my review and that is the shocks open run bone conduction headphones now although the quality isn’t the same as regular headphones the fact that you can
hear your surroundings and you don’t have anything over or in your ear to me that’s a complete eye opener and ear opener and here are some scenes from my original review but these don’t go in your ear or over your ear these are bone conduction headphones it transmits the sound directly through the bones of your skull directly to the inner ear it bypasses your eardrum that can be useful to some people with certain hearing problems what’s also nice about it is it leaves your ears open so you can hear
  • the sounds around you but I do like the fact that I can still hear everything in the room I
  • don’t feel like I’m I’m blocked off from everything so it’s kind of a trade off I don’t really
  • like the feeling of walking around not being able to hear cars and bicycles around so this
  • might be better than that I kind of like the fact that I can hear cars around bicyclist
  • coming behind me I won’t get run over but on the other hand maybe you take a little bit
  • of a sacrifice and quality for safety it’s really good for
podcast it’s okay for calldutygames good for safety though and there’s a big truck coming behind me and I can hear it because I have these on instead of my other headphones different experience for for sure but I kind of like it it’s almost like having four ears I can he hear two for the outside and two for the music or the podcast you can use it in bed as long as you’re on your side is it clear is it clearer probably not a clearer it might be nearly as clear and I’m impressed by the fact there’s a
  1. microphone behind your mouth and it still picks it up so I think it’s a pretty good option
  2. for people that want to maybe take some phone calls be active listen to some music in
  3. the background now before I get to my number one pick there’s a couple more products
  4. that I thought deserve to place in this video so here are a few honorable mentions I’ll
  5. start my honorable mention with the wrap buddies these are simple and quite useful all
  6. they really do is hold wrapping paper in place and provide a tape dispenser at the same
  7. time as
Best of 2024 Top Best Products from Amazon By Calldutygames
Best of 2024 Top Best Products from Amazon By Calldutygames
simple as that is it’s been quite useful for me check out some scenes from my original wrap Buddy’s review it’s kind of an unusual looking Gadget when you when you look at it all right so that roll tape is on there so inserting the El Cheapo roll so now we have to just insert in there and clamp all right so we should be good to go how’s it going to roll out but it does seem to fit can I roll it back up I can this is one of my Big Lots rolls and this opening is much larger let’s try that all right I

  1. got both clamps and pl let’s see it it work oh that not bad not bad at all that does not
  2. seem too bad that’s not that’s not too bad either put on the side here you can kind of
  3. use both hands and adjust a little bit here if you need to on this round table so that
  4. doesn’t look too bad I do like the fact the tape is so handy right there and this does a
  5. pretty good job of of holding a dispensing the paper so pretty good job overall the next
  6. honorable mention is a product I found to be unique A Conversation Piece
attractive and a part of my set now which is right back there which is the candle by the hour it’s a self-extinguishing beeswax no drip candle I just think it’s an interesting and unique product and here’s some scenes from my original review I mean look at that it’s a very interesting looking candle it almost has kind of a steampunk look to it although this was supposedly developed way back in the 1600s here we go all right now we’re getting now we’re making progress here all right I think we’re right at about 2
in all right I’m hit the stopwatch and see how long this actually takes 2 in it should be 40 minutes so let’s uh just enjoy this nice soft glow for 40 minutes or less and see how it [calldutygames] goes oh it just went out it just went out technically the last 45 minutes but really the last several minutes of that really wasn’t very much to look at let’s light it one more time and see what happens I get my stopwatch going once again will it last 40 minutes let’s find out [calldutygames] so as far as I’m concerned the candle by
the hour does [calldutygames] work well it comes down to this from my number one pick for 2023 and I use a lot of considerations for picking the top item each year and this year the criteria I use were something that was useful and something that’s relatively inexpensive so my number one pick for this year is inexpensive and quite useful and that is this the easy relase ice cube tray as you can see I just pull out of the freezer because I use it every single day the reason I like this is because the ice stays protected from

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freezer odors it has a container so you can make multiple batches at once the ice is easy to release and it’s hell up with daily use at under 20 bucks I think this is a great buy here are some scenes from my original easy release Ice Cube tray review it’s a double decker you got two layers here it has a built-in container and you have a top that helps push the ice out into the receptacle below all you have to do is fill it with water put it in the freezer turn the ice cube trays over and press to release all right I think I’ve got them
pretty well filled here so let’s stack them up and put them in the freezer and see what happens we got these stacked up it’s been 24 hours let’s put them out of the freezer and see what happens so let’s take one of these trays here nicely Frozen Frozen put it on here face down oh wow we’re getting some falling out already then we take the top here and these are going to push down on the silicone base and push the rest out let’s see and oh yeah that was definitely oddly satisfying for that one the cubes are

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not bad they’re kind of small they’re not they’re not bad looking though in fact what’s weird is they’re not even completely square and Haya and we have kind of a decent amount of ice Haya over here we have the distilled water here is the tap water I guess the distilled water looks a little better this one I think actually lives up to the advertising hype it produces a good amount of ice it’s easy to use the release system seems to work pretty well so as far as I’m concerned this particular ice cube tray actually works
  1. well that’s it for my best of 2023 as within a year there’s a lot of hits and misses
  2. throughout the year and I found this bash should be pretty interesting and speaking of
  3. Misses stay tuned for my worst of the year which is coming up very soon I also want to
  4. say thank you so much to those of you who have watched liked and subscribed
  5. throughout 2023 and I look forward to seeing all of you again in 2024 I appreciate you
  6. watching and I’ll see you next time