Avatar The Last Airbender’s Air Nomads

Avatar The Last Airbender's Air Nomads, Explained
Avatar The Last Airbender's Air Nomads, Explained
Most people think of Air Nomads as loving and caring people,Avatar The Last Airbender’s Air Nomads   with a deep connection to the spirit world and nature… And this is mostly true. Mostly. Because there was one Air Nomad, revealed in Avatar Legends who absolutely hated the Airbender traditions and ways of life, and became a huge criminal… So remember to subscribe and lets break down the air nomad who became a criminal.

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  • What is the origin of the Air Nomads?
  • How does airbending differ from other bending arts?
  • Who is the most famous Air Nomad in Avatar: The Last Airbender?
  • Can non-benders be part of the Air Nomads?
  • What role do the Air Nomads play in the Avatar universe?

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Long before the time of the Fire Nation Slaughter of the Air Nomads, there was a young Airbender girl named Norbu. Unlike most of her friends and classmates, she didn’t really buy anything the Elders and monks were teaching. She found the teachings of the Air nomads to be stifling her creativity and style.
Rather than embrace the creativity and uniquness of young Norbu, the monks who raised her absolutely tore into her, making her life a living hell. As you can imagine, this turned Norbu into a bombastic Rebel who couldn’t follow orders if her life depended on it. She found every trick in the book to upset the monks and rebel, including delving into the Criminal Underworld.
Norbu began running scams, cons and even started stealing from around the Air Temples, all as an act of defiance against the monks. She loved the chaos that she was causing and started to believe that Chaos was the true way of the universe, rather than the Balance that the Monks were teaching… Zaheer would have loved this situation.
Now during a hugely important meeting of the top minds from all four nations, the monks… for some reason sent Norbu as a peacekeeper. That was a horrendous idea. On the way to the Southern Air temple for the conference she bragged that she was going to have as much fun as possible and was incredibly happy that she was free of the Monks.

Avatar The Last Airbender's Air Nomads, Explained
Avatar The Last Airbender’s Air Nomads, Explained
Now at this point, Norbu possibly pulled off her biggest and most illegal action yet… At the conference, there was thousands of gold pieces worth of Metorite Ore, similar to the one Sokka used for his sword, stored around. This Ore happened to go missing somewhere along the line and nobody knows who actually stole the extremely valuable crates of ore.
Whoever it was that stole this value of raw material from the conference would likely be facing a very harsh prison sentence… Especially if the fire nation or Earth Kingdom got a hold of them… And based on everything I’ve told you so far, you can probably have a pretty good guess at who stole the ore