Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Review Calldutygames

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Review Calldutygames
Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Review Calldutygames

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Review Calldutygames

hey and we’re back with another episode of before you buy that show we give you some straight up gameplay and our first impressions of the latest games releasing as usual it’s me Jake and today we’re talking about Avatar frontiers of Pandora yes the busy fall holiday gaming season isn’t done yet squeaking out at the end of the year it’s this the world of Avatar finally has a new game it’s been a long time and uh this one sets out to really recreate the experience of feeling like a jake

Sully like running around and spearing and gunning as a big blue person flying around riding around in a lush strange alien world and uh ladies and gentlemen I think they kind of nailed it it’s a flawed game with some things I didn’t like and uh it is very reliant on the Far Cry formula this is a Ubisoft game through and through with the ups and downs but if you’re not sick of Far Cry style open world games you can forgive some things and maybe if you really love the Avatar movies I think you’ll have a

good time messing around in this world I wouldn’t write this off and just so you know we’ve been playing a review copy from Ubisoft and we’ve been playing on the PC version so console performance is still to be determined also of course this video is spoiler free any of the cut scenes you see here are pretty early on so this game takes place on Pandora after the events of the first movie you and a group of na’vi children are basically taken away from their Homeland and raised in captivity by humans like humans like being taught

human things for science or whatever but once you come of age stuff starts to fall apart because of the hell that Jake Sully and his company brought upon some of the humans in the world so the corporations on the planet start to get a bit skittish and basically you’re kicked to the curb and end up escaping out into the world of Pandora and from there even though you are a natural born navi you know the bare minimum about the world and the culture so you kind of learn about these new regions. and subcultures through the character’s eyes

uh you create your own kind of male or female na’vi character there’s not a lot of options and a lot of them look pretty similar but it’s still appreciated I guess it’s it’s nice to have a character creator and kind of pick your patterns and your hair hairstyle it’s really all about the gear you get in the game now your character is pretty simple storywise and kind of acts as just a vessel to you learning this world they have some charm here there but ultimately a lot of the story is just


characters standing there and saying a bunch of stuff to you it throws a lot of characters at you and some of them kind of just fall to the Wayside or you forget about them but some of them are significant it tries for some emotional beats but most of it didn’t land for me except for a few big moments uh that’s one of my big negatives here but it’s just my personal reaction I didn’t find the through line of the story very interesting but I did enjoy seeing and learning about new regions and different

na’vi tribes that have their own distinct roles and characteristics it was kind of cool but I also like the movies so I was going into it kind of hoping to see some fun new additions to the lur uh they also tweak some things and kind of handwave or explain away some things uh maybe out of convenience’s sake I I think the hardcore fan base is really going to be the decider of that still some of the significance of the different na’vi tribes here are very cool specifically your character having their own kind of


unique spin on one of the tribes in this world it was just interesting where the game makes up for some of that lacking story stuff is the game play and the world this rendition of Pandora is awesome like it has tons of details weird plants little interactions everywhere the world reacts to you tons of stuff to hunt for to better your character all meaning like you’re always stumbling upon a new place like a weird tree or a waterfall or some new biome with creepy looking plants it has the river Rivers the sky islands all the

stuff you’d expect from James Cameron’s movie as well as just some more Lush jungles and forests and plains and biome variety all of it looks and feels exactly like the movies I’m amazed how they actually nailed it the density is something else and the game looks gorgeous pretty and in a rare brief before you buy shout out I have been capturing all of this footage on a falcon Northwest Talon PC now I usually build my own PCS but I went with a pre-built here and just saying they did a really good job


  • it’s Flawless and the customer service was awesome Falcon Northwest worked with me
  • to make a PC that reminded me of like a DeLorean or Robocop and uh they delivered
  • we’re bad at photography but here are some of the official shots this is going to be like
  • the before you buy capture Beast for me thanks guys and now the game ran well on a
  • high-end PC but I was surprised how well it’s scaled when I ran the settings down to low
  • I still found a game to be surprisingly goodlooking and uh still had a lot of

that density there on most settings I did have some noticeable pop in from higher up like the high views uh and also the occasional open world Ubisoft glitch like an NPC clipping or disappearing but for me in my experience that was few and far between at least I would say nothing disastrous yet uh again I don’t know how the console situation will be I only had access to PC so be vigilant and and keep your eyes peeled upon launch but what impressed me with the world detail and density was how it kept up with everything you’re


avatar: frontiers of pandora steam

doing in it like essentially to boil it down it’s kind of like Far Cry but if you could run much faster and kind of jump and climb with the speed and fluidity of Mirror’s Edge now this isn’t like a full-on Parkour game but you control your jumps by holding down the button which feels really nice and just like the distance and the happiness to it feels great and reminded me of Mirror’s Edge uh and then along with that you’re also bouncing on mushrooms and flinging yourself with giant leaves


and catching vines in midair that zip you up to Higher Ground and all of it feels really nice and like generous making it easy and fun and fluid to get around like it’s just a blast and plus when you get access to mounts it makes it that much more enjoyable because there is a point where running around aimlessly did start to feel a bit tedious and just when I started to feel that I got access to the aerial Mount and that’s where I thought like flying around or using animals would be pretty limited just because of how wacky the

avatar: frontiers of pandora

map is but you can fly up really high dive down do barrel rolls relatively land wherever you want there’s a surprising amount of freedom and you can fire a weapon while flying so like you’re shooting arrows into helicopter rotors to take them down and you can feel like an avatar badass when it’s all popping off that’s what I think Avatar fans are coming for here you know that Avatar power fantasy and it absolutely works in between that though it’s a lot of your typical video game crafting and

hunting and harvesting and loot stuff we’ve seen a million times before if you play a lot of games you might feel a little B there done that in certain aspects at the very least it feels a bit fresh here because your equipment is just so different and the stuff you’re harvesting it’s like often weird bits of fruit or things that you have to manually pull through a mini game it feels fresh at first but becomes the same tiresome repetitive stuff after the first few hours and the most stuff is introduced there. there is plenty to do and


keep busy though there’s a lot of side quests I didn’t jump into too many of them to be completely honest uh but the ones I did check out were mildly interesting mostly simple but had some writing and dialogue and many stories to them the other kind of issue is the combat it’s not bad but I’m just not as much of a fan of the actual encounters themselves the main thing is your bow of different varieties and ammo types it feels decent not as strong as far cry but it works well enough because you’re


so big you’re basically shooting javelins at little men and you can feel the impact with like the sound of these arrows just slamming through a poor little six foot tall guy and uh the guns feel pretty solid too with like a good heavy duty like chunka chunka to them some some real heft kind of really just fits kind of works in that James Cameron sci-fi Vibe uh the battles themselves though are a bit chaotic and not as engaging as I’d like they just feel kind of messy and weird I loved upgrading my character to like rip dudes out of mech

avatar frontiers of pandora metacritic

that is extremely satisfying and I liked putting Skil Tre points into being uh less detectable in stealth but unfortunately I found the stealth way too limiting and the enemies far too eagle-eyed for it to be much of a satisfying option like there’s just not much of. a stealth system even though the game is filled with those Ubisoft Far Cry style bases begging to be taken out it just didn’t feel quite balanced right and taking out bases I never really could stealth them it usually devolves into messy chaos where you attack some

enemies uh you get almost blown to bits so you Retreat to recover some health and you run back in it works but I I just wish there was a bit more to it you get more tools as it goes and you can lay traps and stuff and again there is a skill tree that gets you a couple nice benefits but the momentto moment meat of it just didn’t thrill me as much as I was hoping again it works it’s playable some people might find it more fun than me I just wish it was as fun as like running around and riding on beasts and

avatar: frontiers of pandora worth it

discovering weird glowing caves and stuff just living in the world of Avatar might be enough for some folks that’s where the game nails the feeling the repetition and the combat issues I have don’t completely tank the game but your tolerance level may vary I mean the last avatar game that came out in 2009 did not get like the greatest reviews or anything the game had plenty of problems but it made some fans of the movie really happy and they had fun fun I think this time around it’s a much better go so that’s going to be good


news to some people what’s not cool is that there’s also like a microtransaction store on a full-priced $70 Us game I’m not a fan it it’s mostly cosmetic stuff and little trinkets for a single player game but still it’s there and worth mentioning they have expansion content apparently planned that’s something I’d be more interested in paying for in a store but to get skins and stuff in a completely single player game I just had to bring it up otherwise this is very much I guess the definitive

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Review Calldutygames
Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Review Calldutygames

avatar game there’s not really a lot out there but massive does a good job here massive the developers really play to their strength specifically in the world detail and the density and I love flying around and jumping off my Acron and Diving down and you know dodging it it’s so much to it that is really cool despite my complaints I think it’s just really going to depend on like you know your tolerance level for certain types of video game flaws or repetition uh and how much you like James Cameron’s

Avatar I know there are plenty of people out there I know there’s an audience for this and I’m just glad they didn’t completely screw it up if you love the movies and you like some of the big moments of the movie this game delivers. there’s a couple of things that really made me smile when the music kicked in and a big scene happened I got the feel they nailed that but again this is a before you buy you know how this goes by now I give you some pros some cons and a bunch of personal opinion so let me know

in the comments what you think have you been looking forward to this game are you one of the people that just doesn’t really care about Avatar or are you one of the people that are absolutely in love with those big blue freaks let’s talk anything Avatar frontiers of Pandora and really the series in general down in the comments I want to hear from you guys if you like this video and you like what we’re doing here just talking games and and showing you gameplay and stuff clicking the like button helps us


out we really appreciate that and if you’re new consider subscribing clicking the notification Bell checking out the description hanging out because we put out videos every single day but as always thanks for watching and we’ll see you guys next time [Music] might need some dapper fit pods



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