A Decade Later, GTA Online Finally Has Animals Running Around

A Decade Later, GTA Online Finally Has Animals Running Around
A Decade Later, GTA Online Finally Has Animals Running Around
good morning from GTA 5 online A Decade Later, GTA Online Finally Has Animals Running Around today we’re going to be going hunting in the wilderness to find ourselves some animals they’ve finally been added to GTA online and let’s see how we can actually interact with them we’re just going to be going around the outskirts of the map trying to find ourselves some animals and let’s see what we can actually find and we’ve already found our first one so we found ourself a deer if I get too close oh they start running there’s actually two of them I feel like
that’s going to be people’s new favorite activity to just keep on chasing animals and deers around town I just barely scraped them with oppressor Mark 2 and somehow it killed them already it’s cool cuz as you guys can see there’s different colors this one is much lighter than that one that’s a tan looking deer and we got a lot of them holy crap so right next to the military base in this area of the map during daytime we can confirm a lot of deers spawn in here and let’s see what other
type of animals we can find so we do have some birds as you guys can see it does make the map feel a lot more immersive so can we actually hit them what happens if I crash into them I think birds are invincible or maybe I’m just missing them completely yeah the birds are invincible I mean you can go right through them unlike the deers so that’s good to know oh that’s a new animal right there oh that might be a puma actually so here’s yet another one I don’t even think I touched him he’s
just falling down the mountain so we do have some Pumas or Jaguars I don’t even know what you call those ones on this mountain also close to the military base it’s not mount Chad this is Mount Chiliad and there’s probably the same animals on there let’s see what else we can find though let’s go towards Sandy Shores and see if we can find anything we found another deer also on the mountain so we found another Puma I’m guessing this is next to Sandy Shore’s Airfield oh my goodness so as soon as
  1. you touch one of them they just instantly die I don’t think there’s any hostile animals so
  2. far like they just run away from you oh that’s actually a fox or like a wolf or something
  3. so here is another one we found the new animal it’s not a puma I thought it was a puma
  4. at first but it’s not he’s falling again yeah the movement of these animals while they’re
  5. on the mountain are not the swiftest like look at him like where’s he going he’s going to
  6. fall again how is he not dead from
these Falls by the way no he’s dead I thought they couldn’t die from these Falls no guys we just witnessed something heartbreaking let’s go more to the right side of the map and see if we can find any animals like over here or something maybe in this area we should be able ble to find some cows what is this oh this is not a cow all right cool finally we found cows so if you’re looking for cows this is the exact location or exact area I should say where you’re going to find them spawning at least during daytime technically none
of this could apply for nighttime maybe there’s like no animals or just different animals during night time but during daytime this is the area you’re going to find some cows basically the right side of grape seed and surprisingly unlike all the other animals besides Birds they don’t really care that you’re next to them like they don’t really run away that’s actually pretty realistic so when you run at them or like next to them they get scared but when you calmly walk they’re calm as
well we found four different types of animals so far I wonder if we have anything like bears in the game I would have thought there would be horses and I can’t believe there’s no horses here this is like the perfect area for horses but what we do have is actually pigs okay so instead of horses we got some pigs over here this is the ex location right next to the deers and foxes which are like right here and this little farm right next to the highway we got some pigs so that is animal number five see there should be horses in these rooms I
A Decade Later, GTA Online Finally Has Animals Running Around
A Decade Later, GTA Online Finally Has Animals Running Around
don’t know why there isn’t we do have another one of those right next to the casino though I can’t believe they didn’t put horses inside of these little rooms hey we found yet another animal we found a cute little doggy not to be mean but that dog’s face kind of looks like a pig’s face I don’t know what’s going on there okay so dogs are stronger apparently than deers and all these guys cuz they don’t immediately go down once you touch them the area of dogs is going to be in these suburbs on the top right
side of the city and there’s another dog they’re just going for a walk in the park I guess so those are the animals we manag to find in this video I’m not sure if they’re all the species of animals we have in the game but if there’s any other ones then let me know Down Below in the comments meanwhile click the video on screen now if you want to see the brand new police cruiser in GTA online I hope you all enjoy that video and peace