10 Best Gaming Surprises Of 2024

10 Best Gaming Surprises Of 2024
there’s been a lot of really nasty or outright boring news 10 Best Gaming Surprises Of 2024 in the gaming sphere in 2023 from the anti-consumer to the dull inevitability of gaming Trends it’s easy to get jaded thankfully there have been a lot of good things too and the best kind are those that catch you completely off guard it’s always nice to have a pleasant surprise come our Collective way so with that in mind I’m SCI for whatculture.
  • com and here are the 10 best gaming surprises of 2023 number 10 high-fi rushes
  • Shadow drop seeing a trailer for an awesome game didn’t know existed before and then
  • being immediately told it’s available is such an awesome feeling and a brilliant marketing
  • tactic there is of course tried and tested stats in slowly building hype but there’s also
  • something to be said for that thing you just saw it’s available immediately and in Hi-Fi
  • Russia’s case for free much has been said all year about the state of Xbox game pass
  • and Microsoft being embroiled
court cases over their acquisition of Activision Blizzard a move designed to increase the worth of their Subscription Service largely Game Pass has been a library of of quantity which means quality can get lost high-fi Rush improved game pass’s value if for just a moment with its stylish and satisfying Rhythm combat and Slick art style it cut through the durge of many modern releases by being bright colorful joyful and best of all confident in all of these things it was very much outside the usual style of Tango game works and
Xbox and it was a refreshing way to start the year it just goes to show that sometimes doing something unexpected can pay off number nine movie tie-in successes Once Upon a Time video game movies could often be worthy six out of 10 contributions to your collection if not outright great games however the Temptation for companies to slap an existing trusted IP on a half finished product for a quick Buck has always been there in fact movie tyeing as a phrase may have just made all of our wonderful subscribers winse and I can only
apologize for that but on the plus side things have been heading in more of a positive direction in the last few years 2023 has kept this momentum going with several revivals of properties that by All rights could have gone horribly wrong The Texas Chainsaw Massacre adding another game to the glut of horror 4v1 experiences seemed ill advised but aside from the microtransaction controversy the title was warmly received by players who felt it perfectly suited the movie’s inherent chaos RoboCop Rogue City also
seemed like it might struggle especially considering the franchise’s poor attempts at films and video games since the turn of the century however players found the game to be a surprisingly enjoyable uncomplicated little romp even 2022 Evil Dead Hail to the King continued to receive praise with its re-release this year its unfortunate end of support does tell the sad tale of online games and their short lifespans in today’s climate but that just means all the more reason to enjoy them when they’re worth it number eight Mario’s
RPG remakes 2023 was a low-key very good year for Mario just speaking in terms of video games for now he’s done a decent job as Nintendo’s leading man in terms of new releases Mario Wonder has proven to be the necessary refresh for the Plumber’s 2D Adventures adding in all kinds of charming lunacy and a much needed change of visuals Nintendo has continued to roll out the second half of Mario Kart 8 DLC waves making it the most thorough carting experience available the franchise is also grown with new entries released or announced
for Side characters like Wario and Peach but the best of the bunch was the onew punch from one Nintendo Direct to the next the rumors of SNES classic Super Mario RPG getting a remake turned out to be true in the June live stream and following this in September Nintendo revealed an enhanced Port of the Beloved Paper Mario the Thousand-Year Door the Mario RPG formula has absolutely gotten stale in the last decade becoming a watered down version of its former self so to see both the game that started it all and the title routinely called the
Mushroom Kingdom Heroes best RPG Adventure return was extremely exciting it just goes to show that Nintendo does still listen to its fans number seven Robo quest surprise yes I know I’m not sigh and yes I know I have blue hair now maybe I’m just losing my mind maybe it’s a midlife crisis of 28 I don’t know that’s beside the point but I’m here today to talk to you about a little game that’s just released on Xbox that came out of nowhere and I can’t stop playing so there I was the other day Game Pass
gar over here just browsing the news section and I came across Robo Quest and I was like this sounds interesting so I watched the trailer it looked good it looked promising so I downloaded it and oh my God from minute one I was hooked and the way I’ve been describing it to everyone I’ve been like trying to turn on to the game is it’s like Doom meets Borderlands meets Hades and it’s like Doom in the aspect where it’s very fastpaced running gun you can’t stop moving otherwise you’ll end up dead so
you’re running around these Arena style Maps jumping shooting getting power ups it’s like it’s very doomes in that sense and it’s like Borderlands in art style obviously it’s like cartoony but also the the the amount of weapons you can get in this game just reminds us of Borderlands it has this Rog like element to it where every run is kind of randomized because the enemy placement could be different the guns you get could be different the upgrades you could get could be different the bottom
line is Robo Quest is super satisfying to play and it surprised me because it came out of nowhere like it was just one of those games that I had never heard of before and I saw it on game p pass I just thought you know what I’ll give it a try and those are the best type of games the games that just come out of nowhere and just surprise you with how good they are so yeah this is me telling you to play Robo Quest give it go cuz it’s such such a good game number six Alan Wake 2 revives Max Payne in the
10 Best Gaming Surprises Of 2024
10 Best Gaming Surprises Of 2024
leadup to the long awaited Alan Wake 2 it felt like this could be a real moment of coming together for the remedy Universe Not only was it clearly jumping off on the setup of controls awe DLC but it was shown that the developers had reached even further back into their history Alam wake 2 just happens to feature a surly detective by the name of Alex Casey who shares his name with a character from wakes in World novels he sounds a lot like and in fact shares a face with remedy’s original hero Max Payne more than just seeing Sam Lake’s
face back gning on our screens however it’s paired with a voice of pain actor James mcaffrey both lak’s face and McCaffrey’s Voice have appeared in multiple remedy games over the years but this was the first time they’ve been properly paired together since the original max pain and in Alan Wake 2’s Twisted world of the dark place it was just like watching the grizzle detective back in Action again best of all it wasn’t done for Nostalgia it was completely sincere if you weren’t already excited for remedy upcoming
remakes of the first two pain games seeing Casey skullking around dark wet Alleyways and waxing lyrical about crime ought to do it number five Metroid Prime remastered the Metroid series is definitely in a healthier place than it has been in quite some time but it’s also still quite a nebulous thing we’ve had samas returns for 3DS and Metroid dread for switch in the six years between the announcements of Metroid Prime 4 and now and we’re still seemingly no closer to knowing what’s going on with that project outside of a
development restart in 2019 however things must surely be taking shape as it seems that Nintendo are gearing up fans to get back to speed in February 20123 they Shadow dropped Metroid Prime remastered out of absolutely nowhere it was a wonderful surprise allowing both existing fans and new players to enjoy a Fresh coat of paint on Talon 4 it carefully added new features and controls without other wise altering the core experience of one of Nintendo’s critical Darlings Reports say that the second and third entries are also
apparently on their way and remastered or not it points to Nintendo building towards Metroid Prime 4 moreover with Mario 3D allstar’s artificial scarcity debacle in the rear view it paints an overall more positive picture of Nintendo’s treatment of beloved titles and the consumers that love them moving forwards number four the classic collections continue a study released this year said that nearly 90% of retro games are quote critically endangered fixing that problem is a dedicated Herculean task that should be taken
seriously especially for the rarer and weirder games that have faded Into Obscurity unnoticed that said this isn’t necessarily an issue that the big franchises aren’t in Jeopardy of as well thankfully there’s been a trend in recent years for license holders to group old games together and sell them as a collection obviously this isn’t done purely out of the goodness of a Publisher’s heart it’s praying on Nostalgia somewhat that said it is still a net positive the old games are being brought forwards 2023 saw collections of
all kinds some of which were pleasantly unexpected choices Mega Man got its Fifth and most surprising bundle with the Battle Network Collection oddly the Jurassic Park franchise got a selection of seven retro games packaged together there were also collections released for the likes of Wonder Boy Double Dragon and Duke Nukem and the announcement for L’s first three adventures coming to Nintendo switch next year the most obvious is the Metal Gear Solid Master collection ction volume 1 which even with its performance issues and the fact